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The Steam Gallery Volume 1

Started by TheRedMax, February 26, 2007, 03:38:17 AM

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Von Effenger

well, i guess that somebody needs to go next after Johnny Payphone  beyond wonderful photos, and that person shall be me.

Radio Saturday

Oh, Ms. Von Effenger, I love the short jacket with the chain. Lovely.

And to those who questioned my sister's sex a few pages back, I submit this:

The jacket, incidentally, is knee length and looks, to me, as if needs a long bustle skirt under it.
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I should be studying for my finals & writing a paper... but well I thought I'd take a picture of my jodphurs (the outfit may be more dieselpunk or something...never quite sure, I just know what I like...still hope it somewhat fits)

Dr Veleck Madlove

So since I am lazy and don't want to dress up for a picture I have found on of the many look alikes of me out there.  This is King Ludwig II of Bavaria and well it goes without argument that he is almost identical looking to me. 

He is a little more chubby than me here and he has a mustache.

Vaughn Voom

You know, I normally don't post pictures on forums but I really like this place, so here goes:

Here's me at a University of Notre Dame Football game last season, in my Irish American tartan kilt.  The sporran was specially made by Freelander Sporrans in Norway.  I normally go kilted when I'm not at work, whether formally or informally. 

Here's a really BAD picture of me at a Columbus Crew soccer game with two friends... luckily I photograph better than they do.  Heh...  I'm the one on the right in the black jersey.  That kilt is my Chocolate Brown Workman from Utilikilts.  The thing is indestructible.   

I don't really HAVE a Steampunk persona-type picture... perhaps I'll come up with something later. 


On a recent outing, I transformed my children into 19th century farm workers. The result:

My son and daughter

My daughter (my son's head is present, as well)

My daughter again:

(pay no mind to the sandals...)
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I'm still really new here and am still learning my way around, too shy to really start contributing to the many awesome conversations here... but I can post pictures easy! :D

I'm the lady in these pictures...

So you can see, I'm not all that steampunky at the moment. I'm really... not anything. XD I dress really random so now it's time to incorporate steampunk! And my friend there, my top hat buddy, has been dressing in a rather steampunk manner for awhile, but never knew it had a name until very recently when I was talking to him about it. Heee, I thought that was cute :3
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Here I am, J. H.  The ghost in the machine.

When I was Office Manager at Blue Table Painting.

During an October some years ago.

And a repeat from another thread as well as the newest of the pictures:
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for Sciolist ... a better view of my cap:

Kirix you do look like a steampunk pixie, quite cute!

Mr. Fats- adorable children

& Gearworks... like the pipe, what is the carving?... I can't quite make it out

So many snazzy outfits! (if I've missed anyones please forgive)

Doctor When

Not poems and rubbish - SCIENCE!

Dr Cepalopoda

New and throwing my hat in.

The cane has a hidden flask for my Absinthe.

pondering in the garden

Rosalind Fairchild


Took both of those today in a little photoshoot, due to outside looking beautiful right after a thunderstorm.


Since it's officially summer, and I feel we could all use a bit of a reminder of more colder times, one of my personal favs for playing dress-up:
<img src="">
Taken in the middle of a snowstorm while it was -2 degrees out....
<img src="">
"Hi, yes, are we done now?"
Oh, and hi. New here.
Blame Dr Cepalopoda for my being here. He's a downright rotten influence on my fine sensibilities.

Ari Covington

This is what I look like at the moment, wearing just what I can cull from my closet:

<img src="">

A proto-steampunk look.  I have a bit of thrifting and sewing to do before I can really rock out.  Dig the newsboy cap, though... it's my first steampunk-specific find and I adore it with all my heart, even though I have to sacrifice my mohawk to wear it.

Er, this is my first post.  Hi, all. *waves*


You and that quivery need more wax ;D
And yes, thank you all for your kind words......
here's another picture.....I have dozens (my apologies for the watermark I can't currently find the un-watermarked one in the mess that is known as my files)
<img src="">

Johnny Payphone

I have half of the sokolov/steamball shoot.  We were just hanging out in the Lampreys' "Tetanus Garden" (note all the rust) and started goofing around with some of the crap (I am sure you understand what it's like to live/party/work in the same jumbled pile of equipment and scrap).

The Sokolov Maxim style belt-fed machine gun dates to around 1883.  Early models were quite pretty, note the water cooling tubes:

By the time this one was made around WWII, the Finns were making them with snow-pack caps.  This thing weighs a ton, making it more useful as a machine gun than as a prop.

Note also my 'rat and cross wrenches' brass belt buckle, forged from mud and beeswax in the jungles of Ghana.

This is my noble, propaganda-poster call-to-arms shot.  I want YOU to join Her Majesty's Royal Ninja Brigade!

The fur on my vest is from a wolf pelt that I found in the trash.  I thought its spirit deserved a more fitting end than as a footrug, and I ask it for its strength.

I am not sure what the artistic director had in mind when he composed this shot:

Steampunk life in the living world:


I just took out the razor and gave myself a trim.  Here's how it turned out:

There is a place for us out there, we need only pick the spot.  Rise up out of mediocrity and let us bring about our own Golden Age.


I just received this from the "house photographer" at the birthday party I helped cater last weekend. I thought the white chef's coat added a rather "mad scientist" air :)

I should edit out the rather incongruous modern spectacles, though .. :)
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Stefan Freestate

Relinquo vos liberos.


I just have one photo to share; a picture of Vincent M. Dantes and myself taken at the Sci Fi Summer convention in Atlanta last month.

It was rather amusing for me, because I had just come from work and was wearing my regular attire, not intending to be in costume... he also just tossed one of his everyday outfits together that afternoon... but despite this, people were coming up to us and wanting to take pictures! Heehee. Good times.

Laura Vaughn
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Managed to get pics of my self dressed up.
I am testing out my flint.

I worre this into town, but not a peep from the populace.


Here is an updated photo... note the pencil-thin moustache. It gives off more of an "evil" vibe than the handlebar moustache I had previously. I'm quite pleased with it.


Greetings and salutations all.
I just found this forum and have been enjoying this thread. It is a great source of inspiration.
Allow me to present my costume, it is very much a work in progress. I started out thinking of going for a western themed costume somehow it morphed into a rogue airship pilot look. So I figure I will go with it.  All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Radio Saturday

Here's my new cardigan. It's more Edwardian in design, but I think it works.

This is completely my own design. I plan on making an 1890s-style walking skirt to go with it.

I'm proud of myself.  ;D
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This, of course, isn't me, but I just HAD to add it, because the dude is very pleasing to the eye.