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The Steam Gallery Volume 1

Started by TheRedMax, February 26, 2007, 03:38:17 AM

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Hikaro Takayama

Quote from: morriganslayde on August 18, 2007, 04:46:58 AM
Someone needs to make a 'talk about your guns!' thread.  'cause I ain't seeing no hot steamy boys anymore!! WHERE'S MY HOT MEN?!

Well, I'll be the first to admit that I don't fit ANYONE's idea of "hot" but here you go:

I'm the gent on the right with the goggles.  This picture was taken eariler today at the Orbisonia/Rockhill Furnace Bicentenial celebration, where the Rockhill Trolley museum and the East Broadtop RR were holding a full-out extravaganza (including not just rides on their old Trolleys and the Narrow Guage steam train, but also had the handcar and track speeders out as well), pictures of which I'll be posting in geographical fairly soon.
"It is by steam alone that I set my contraptions in motion.
It is by combustion of coal and boiling water that the engines acquire speed.
For protection, the eyes acquire goggles,
The goggles become a warning.
It is by steam alone that I set my contraptions in motion."


Sorry, I just can't get over this:

The first two are me, the next to are other forum members, whose identities shall remain undivulged. -_Q
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This is my first message to all you fine lady's and Gentlemen after reading these messages for so long, gathering ideas, and scheming world takeover.

For my first introduction to this community I felt the best way was through a picture.

Yesterday was Batsday at that most fun of parks, Disneyland.  I was fortunate to have had the company of a fine artist of the photographic skill render this image of my persona.  I must admit that this is a rather wilted image of myself due to the mid-afternoon insufferable heat, for this I must apologize.

I highly thrilled to have introduced myself and plan not to be a stranger lurking in the dark alleys.


I just noticed that for some peculiar reason, my last post of my pictures had been missing three of them! Silly me...Well, here the other three are anyway. Like I said, they're not great due to me taking them myself, but there you have it!

Someone tell me if they're not showing up. :)

Doctor When

More Wild West than Steampunk, I thought I'd inflict the mutton-chops on you again... Nurse When & I from the Candy Box Burlesque "Yankee Doodle Candy" show:

I didn't wear my jangly spurs, as they have terribly sharp rondels and I feared for delicate Burlesuqe ladies toes when dancing... and a brace of 45's would have been lovely, but not in public, and definitely not in public in Birmingham.

Which reminds me, I must get a brace of replica Navy Colts* before our government decides to ban them, as they've been making noises about recently. However, this will mainly cover semi-automatic replicas, and with a bit of luck is unlikely to affect historical weapons.

*I have specified elsewhere I don't actually like using guns, but they really do set off a Wild West outfit...!
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My turn!

Steam Pirate

The cravat I made:

I now have the urge to wear it every day. You have no idea how often I think about this cravat. I always assumed I was just a sucker for a guy in a cravat, but it turns out I'm just a sucker for a cravat in general!

"Monocle Sasha is not amused."

I will hopefully have a bunch of full body shots after Dragon Con this weekend. If anyone is going and sees me, feel free to come up and say hi.
Her Majesty, the King


I haven't got any photos of myself in Steam regalia, but here's a decent one of me in Victorian garb, for a garden party:

The hat gave me rather unflattering dark shadows under the eyes... but otherwise it's decent..  :-\


Definitely more neo-victorian than steampunk, but I think you shall all enjoy it anyways.

Photography and editing by my dear friend Rachel... and yes it was on her command that I was being overly dramatic
Captain C.B. Quinn, of the Airship Eudora.

the Hat

Quote from: IvanDrugostrov on September 01, 2007, 11:17:39 AM
Neo-victorian IS steampunk. I think people get too tangled up in the word "punk". It's just a word play on cyberpunk.

I couldn't have put it better!
Here are some pictures of me:

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I got a new hat! I just need a hat box so I can take it to the UK in October!
SCHLAMPE! ... Ich liebe dich!


Hello all! I haven't posted here in some time. Just wanted to pop in and share some photos from Dragon*Con this weekend. Vincent M. Dantes and I were in attendance with our crew of steampunk mercenary pirates, the Outlanders.


Laura Vaughn
Events Coordinator, Webmistress and Seamstress; Outland Armour

Laurilye Hutchinson - Explosives Technician and Bombadier; HMS Amaranth


I can't believe I never got to see the arm! Guh, where did you wander off to when I showed up?

Here's the group I wandered off with on Friday night:
Her Majesty, the King


Oh, and here's two full shots of my steampirate outfit:

Me and the adorable Emiko

And I believe this one was taken right after someone yelled for me to have their children...
Her Majesty, the King



With a stolen hat and one of my new guns (customized by Guyver) :P

This group was awesome. They came all the way from Calgary, Canada

They were the crew of the airship Vertigo.

Her Majesty, the King

Duncan Hawthorne

Here's one of my daytime Burning Man outfits.  I will post more when I get a chance. 

I know it's quite scandalous to go without sleeves, but at least I remembered my arm garters.
"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world." - Oscar Wilde


Late to the party but wanted to post this pic I took of Autoclave at Comic-Con.
Certainly a great outfit.
<img src="">

The Infernal Mr Adams

We took these photos a last year, My friend and his wife, and me with my ex. As you can see things started quite civil

However during the photo, he whispered that my mother was a red-necked cow, and then I returned that his wife was a Blue-Bellied harlot who serviced the troops (the REBEL troops I should add ;)).....then I mocked his impotence due to his Opium addiction and he made light of my bastard children and their alcoholic father(s)....but when he made an ungentlemanly comment about General Lee I could hold back no further....and it only devolved from you can see:

The Camera Man, his Camera, and a sweet old lady buying flowers from a 12 year old Street Urchin were all caught up in the, alas, no photos of the aftermath were possible in all the confusion....but needless to say, we skedaddled out of town right after, with a posse on our tails.........only losing them South of Texarkana...
Mr. M___ E_____ Adams
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Dr Mathis

Experimentation with personal illumination orb.
Forgive the shabby clothing, fellows. The workshop is not the place for finery.


This has been posted elsewhere on this forum, but it remains the most recent photograph taken of me.

Since then my hair's been hacked at and a white chunk has been added, but those have yet to be captured on film.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Here's an old picture, but I suppose I look more "normal" here (read: not dressed up to go out).
Spoiler: ShowHide

The Infernal Mr Adams

Im bored tonight, and can't sleep, so......I took some pictures! Alas, with my crappy webcam, but pictures none the less!

An attempt at a portrait:


This is an attempt to be regal, OR Portrait with Goggles:

An attempt at...Adventurous!

Sort of......

But then I started feeling Villainous...and things took a turn for the worse...

Sorry :D
Mr. M___ E_____ Adams
Tinkerer, Adventurer, Man of Leisure, Weird Westerner, and Cad


Finally I have finished my skirt!
The outfit is nearly complete!

The boots are a cheap fill-in piece. I am waiting for my leather lace-up boots off the web. They should be mailed shortly! The hat is a new find. An antique store here in Alexandria had it for $25! The goggles and gloves were also thrift store finds! The skirt pieces are parts from leather belts I destroyed! They are a great way to get the hiked up skirt look!

Any suggestions on making this even better?
SCHLAMPE! ... Ich liebe dich!

Markus Stratus

Oi! Rokkitgirl, I can imagine... black tight pants, not tights, like denim or something, under the skirt and inside the boots... spaking of which, what do the ones you ordered look like? would you be able to post a link or something seeing as how you don't have them yet? I'm a sucker for boots you know.

Aight! well I suppose it's time I get my Steampunk costume up here eh? ;D There's alot more I want to do, like a leather jacket, suspenders, belts, etc.

This is my craftsman/tinkerer/adventurer costume. The hat I made yesterday (monday) and I'm working on a mustache and chin stuff. That's my army belt with: Keys (out of sight), nuts (brass pecan and silver cashew), Brass gear, Black coin purse, pocket watch, belt purse (with everything from files to pens to scissors to tape measurer's), a pill case full of cheyanne powder (that stuff has MANY uses!), and 10 metal spikes on back. Yup! gotto have the belt :D

As Above, So below.

Stefan Freestate

"We are ladies!"

It's official: Thread derailed ;D
Relinquo vos liberos.


Now the thread's gone all silly, I can just as well post these :)

Spoiler: ShowHide

Me in full penguin regalia at the première dinner for our play Bloody Mary in february.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Posing while fitting Lord Dudley's costume for said play.
Whoever after due and proper warning shall be heard to utter the abominable word "Frisco", which has no linguistic or other warrant, shall be deemed guilty of a High Misdemeanor, and shall pay into the Imperial Treasury as penalty the sum of twenty-five dollars. (Emperor Norton I of the US, 1872)

Arthur S. Rowan

Here is some of my costumes...

In the last picture I'm wearing my everyday clothing, like I dress-up almost every autumn day when I go out...
"I think Victorian fantasies are going to be the next big thing..."