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The Steam Gallery Volume 1

Started by TheRedMax, February 26, 2007, 03:38:17 AM

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Myself and My assistant, I think this is the "it makes a pink flame? how interesting... no replicate it." look.


Johnny Payphone

Steampunk life in the living world:

Honky-Tonk Dragon

Has anybody seen this collection of photos?
They are just titled Steampunk Party 2007, but I suspect they are from the steampunk party at this years SXSW convention.
Some cool stuff.
Even a baby steampunk... (insert fawning noises here.)
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Ah, that would do it I suppose since there really arn't that many thin people here.

Didn't someone mention a steampunk baby earlier?

Yep, and he's adorable to boot!
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I come bearing little photographic presents!

Lol, I got bored tonight and did a silly little photoshoot of sorts on myself.

What the hell is THAT?


Phew, looks like it's safe to investigate now...

Laurilye is being a good upstanding citizen and doing her taxes...

...and only fudging a *few* minor details concerning her annual income. That smuggling job she did for the French navy, passing along a bit of British "surplus" explosives doesn't exactly have an allotted space here... so she'll just leave that unmentioned.

Haha, I like making silly faces for the camera. Good times.

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Vincent M. Dantes Esq.


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Johnny Payphone

Quote from: Vincent Théière on April 01, 2007, 01:16:00 AM
Mr Payphone, I am seriously liking these photos, is there perhaps a link to the whole shoot?

Unfortunately I only have a few more scans:

These images are huge and I don't know how to resize images in a post:

Steampunk life in the living world:


I'm just rather proud of this picture...


Here's my first outfit attempt. This is deffinately a work in progress, and you can expect further pictures in the future as I add to my wardrobe and develope my style more, but I thought I'd just post this to let all of you examine it at your leisure.

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The Infernal Mr Adams

Quote from: Vincent M. Dantes Esq. on April 03, 2007, 08:04:15 AM
A picture of my fiancée and myself taken this weekend.

You guys look great! This pic was taken a few years ago at Knott's Scary Farm...

I'm the one in the coffin ;)
Mr. M___ E_____ Adams
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The Infernal Mr Adams

30? You look like you're about 17 there, Clym......HA! :D

Anyway I just re-hooked up my old web cam and took pics...because like Morluna, I'm bored...though my pics aren't as expansive :)



Mr. M___ E_____ Adams
Tinkerer, Adventurer, Man of Leisure, Weird Westerner, and Cad

Johnny Payphone

Daily getup:

P.S. I can't tell you how much I love those amusement park wild-west dressup booths.  I'm so jealous that the Scary Farm has a funeral scene.  It's sooooo Victorian to be photographed with the dead!
Steampunk life in the living world:


Johnny Payphone

I wear that wool vintage Belgian police officer's uniform whenever I can get away with it.  It has many features such as snow cuffs, boot blousing buckles, and backpack straps- it is a suit made to be worked in, every day.  And I have a rather... active lifestyle.

However, when the weather is warm I tend towards knickerbockers and knee-socks as I am a wheelman.  I wear a vest most of the time too, and those aforementioned striped socks:

Here is a candid shot with my other hat, the rail conductor style:

As for the bike, instructions will be in the next issue of Steampunk.  You can see the handlebars under the seat, pointing forwards... not that you need them most of the time.

Seeing as this is a thread for discussion of outfits I invite you to examine these pictures from the Personal Protection thread:

You can see how I banded the collar and hand-stitched the vest out of inner tube (look for the nozzles).  I actually found a wolf pelt in the dumpster and stitched some to my vest thinking the animal deserves a more respectful destiny than as a footrug.  My jewelry includes a large machine chain link in my ear, a wrench necklace, "victualic gaskets" on my wrist (you can actually read those words), skull (SCUL) ring, and a fake bling bling ring (a funny oxymoron, of course, but bling actually protects you from cobras in the bush because they will spit their venom towards the shiny thinking it is your eyes).  The hat is from Camden market and the goggles are from an old Rat rodder in PA.  Cane and gun are a bit theatrical, the gun is a ball and cap gun.  I also have some kind of Navy mechanic's patch on my arm, I wish I knew what it stood for.

A question for the costumers- What are the costumes for?  I am having trouble understanding the distinction between, say, dressing steampunk and going to a steampunk bar as an expression of your lifestyle versus assuming a character and putting on a costume to...  do what?  Are these costumes from plays?
Steampunk life in the living world:


I greeting you.
During a theme has wished to add:


Heres a decent picture of what I wore out today:

Sans hat, which is as such:

Which give you the idea and has my Freshman in the background.

Sadly, I only have one vest, and my pocket watch dosn't keep time nearly well enough to wear without reason, so I'm missing several pieces of kit I would like. Im looking into building/purchasing a cane and a top hat, as well as some other, more daily wear type vests.


Here you go, one of me with the T.O.P. cannon.
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The Infernal Mr Adams

Quote from: Johnny Payphone on April 16, 2007, 03:36:52 PM
Mr. Adams, the revolver is indeed real, as was discussed on the Personal Protection thread the U.S. Government does not consider a weapon that shoots a .44 caliber lead ball a serious firearm, and so these and other working replicas can be purchased with just an I.D.

Good Show! It's a most lovely firearm. Mine on the other hand is NOT real

However, I love it just the same :) Its an M1860 Army Revolver and Ive learned that if I put a red plastic cup cap onto each of the end nipples where the hammer contacts I can use it as the worlds coolest cap gun ;D Ive been thinking of using real percussion caps, but I'm afraid of both noise and damage to my pistol....
Mr. M___ E_____ Adams
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Johnny Payphone

Thank you for answering my question, I've always wondered what cosplayers do.

Personally I don't agree that there is anything you can't do or be all the time because of the pesky real world.  That is why I was confused as to the difference between dressing how you would like to present yourself to hang out with friends, and plain ole real life.  However, it took me a long time to figure out how to live my own life on my terms.  It requires sacrifice.  Tell me the truth:  What feels more natural, more you:  Your cosplay outfits or the clothes your job requires you to wear?

Imagine my surprise when this forum opened up and there were a bunch of people whose vision of steampunk didn't actually involve the real world!  Ah, well, I guess that's what Ben Reitman was getting at:  A bum drinks, a tramp dreams, but a hobo works.  Dreams are welcome here, of course.  But work is better, and life is better than the internet or books.  Isn't it odd that this forum ranks users on the basis of number of posts?  Seems like that would be inversely proportionate to how much cool steampunk stuff they do.


I was able to scan more from the circus shoot.  Take a look at the coat:  It's black on one side and white on the other.  It zips down the middle and becomes the twins' outfit...

Steampunk life in the living world:


I recently had the opportunity to dress up in all the goods I've found in the last month or so.

I made the goggle strap, the pouch and the vest, bought the shirt and the pants at a local thrift store and grew the beard about 3 months ago.   I'm also wearing my "kickass" boots, but I don't think I have any pictures of that...

An unfortunate picture of mi amante, but its one of very few of myself.

I really want to start wearing things like this on a regular basis, however I would feel silly wearing the same things over and over I think I will wait until I can at least wear something different two days in a row.

On a side note, I really prefer band or Mandarin collars, but they are in scarce supply in my region, any tips of modifying a regular collared shirt into that style?


I suppose it's time to toss my picture into the fray, and of course an introduction. I suppose I'm one of those people who has always been into the whole steampunk lifestyle without knowing the label for it.

I have always been fascinated with older aesthetic sensibilities. I love the sense of clothing and the technology. I have several walking sticks (thankfully it's fairly easy to obtain one in my country), I started shaving with a straight razor, I learned how to duel with sword and defend myself with a walking stick. I learned to smoke with cigarillios and I now own a small collection of pipes. I love making stuff with my hands and understanding technology (generally simpler ones with none of this electronic nonsense that has been forced upon us). It's so nice to find this community and know that there are other like minded people out there

Baron Verndorf

Right, my first attempt at steampunk, pre-shopping day, with just what i have laying around in the house (hense the fact that my vest dosent match my trousers and such).

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I'm at the back, on the right.  The others invented the Aethernet, or something like that.

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