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Old Fashioned Painting Techniques....quick guide.

Started by HoratioHolzbein, August 14, 2008, 10:04:38 AM

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Guys, seriously. Read this book:

Yes, I'm aware "Fantasy" is in the title. However, this artist is incredible, and there are airships GALORE in this book, if you want to see how gorgeous airships can be in oil paintings, take a look. I borrowed it on a lark from my local library and now I'm seriously considering buying a copy for reference for when I do serious work soon.

edit: Oh, and Tom Kidd also has a website, sells prints of his gorgeous work. Look up "Piranesi" and "McCay City". If that doesn't change your life, I don't know...
I hope you all enjoyed Air Kraken Day


This is great stuff, I'm 26 and I've been drawing for 20 years. I've been wanting to change my medium to traditional painting! This is awesome stuff, thank you.


I'm still relearning everything I used to use  to paint back before I started doing it on computers (a mistake, in my opinion and hindsight).

I've been reading this thread recently and I've found that I already use some of the techniques (underpaininting with glazes on top to achieve certain effects, etc.), but I'm rediscovering some things I'd forgotten, and am learning some things that the Commercial Art school (yeah, I know, I know) never taught me. I wish I'd found this thread about a year ago...
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Burgess Shale

Hello, everyone,

I've been lurking about for a few days and after reading this thread in particular, I felt that it was time to join up. For those interested in drawing and painting, I have found to be full of well-conveyed information. James Gurney is the fellow that brought us the Dinotopia books. And, as they say, he knows which end of the brush goes into the paint.

Reading this has been tremedously insightful and inspiring. And I cannot wait until this week-end, when I shall have the time to hit the easel again  and apply what I have learned here.

Thank you,
Burgess Shale
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Mr.Odium Pravus

Count me in!!!! I really like steampunk and steam punk inspired things and I also draw and paint but i just cant get the hang of painting like in the olden days!

Crescat Scientia

I trained in classical Renaissance techniques before learning what the Victorians distilled from them.

This is a very interesting thread.
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