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List of steampunk websites

Started by Ottens, November 11, 2008, 04:48:46 PM

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  • Dieselpunk Encyclopedia - Seeks to become the definitive guide on all things dieselpunk
  • Dieselpunk - Larry Amyett's blog, emphasis on dieselpunk culture and theory
  • Dieselpunks - Dieselpunk community online with blogs and forums
  • Never Was - Formerly The Gatehouse, steam-, diesel- and atomicpunk magazine
  • Flying Fortress - Dieselpunk blog with focus on genre theory (Defunct)




NEVER WAS MAGAZINE: Steampunk, dieselpunk, retro-futurism and alternate history.


Stickyed as its a d*mn good idea!


JMARS Design

Might I also add Steampunk prop makers for film and art. Not sure where you might fit it in, but we are a an actual business.


~Doctor Grymm


Thanks for sticky-ing this, Pheobsky!

Added "Steam Gear Lab" to the DIY/PROJECTS section!

Quote from: Druid on November 13, 2008, 04:10:58 AM
Nifty, but I'm reluctant to add it to the list because it's not actually a steampunk website.
NEVER WAS MAGAZINE: Steampunk, dieselpunk, retro-futurism and alternate history.


it's a good resource though... for interweb punkery.


NEVER WAS MAGAZINE: Steampunk, dieselpunk, retro-futurism and alternate history.

Cornelius Sagan

If you accept pages in Spanish, I would suggest.
Alrededor del mundo Steampunk. The first Blog in Spanish about steampunk that is updated every 5-7 days ....

Steampunk SP. Steampunk Forum in Spanish ... young, but with very good intentions ...

We are making an effort to spread the steampunk in Spanish-speaking places.


Added the blog. Thanks suggesting it!
NEVER WAS MAGAZINE: Steampunk, dieselpunk, retro-futurism and alternate history.

Pat Regan

Pat Regan's VULCANIA SUBMARINE builds and operates functional replicas of the Victorian underwater technologies seen in Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; and the website VulcaniaSubmarine.Com tells all about it.


Neverwas Haul Times , Past and future adventures of the Academy of Unnatural Sciences, and it's exploratory vehicle  , Neverwas Haul :

#7 Saville Row is the public blog of La Legion Fantastique,"La Legion Fantastique" focuses on the literary works of Mr. Jules Verne in a totally immersive theatrical envrionment, where visitors may explore our halls and hob-nob with characters like Captain Nemo and Phileas Fogg .


We have a danish forum, unfortunately not the most active one, but it´s there

Gears and Goggles
-Mostly a lurker


Lloyd Wondergue

I'd be happy if you could include my steampunk adventure RPG "Machina Obscura" to your list!
Its a pen & paper / tabletop RPG, all with flying airships and the better part of all the steampunk flare :D

Spoiler: ShowHide

I shall go and work my way through all that steampunk goodness you've already collected *joy*

Julian Van de Kamp

I'm trying to spread awareness of this site, as I think it's a great idea and can turn into a huge resource for steampunks if enough people become aware of it:


hi, i think on ebay uk should be added to the list, they have awesome clothes, drool, drool!!

Renquist Von Reik

Fantastic resource!  Thanks for this   :)

I'd like to add another blog to the list!


Steampunk Jewelry website !!

New site need help getting the word out !!

~ Verbana

Fraulein Flieger

I would like to add our blog:
It being a blog of steampunk events we host in Southern California and to which anyone reading the blog is welcome to attend. We also have interviews (more on the way), wonderful photos of our events, and is a resource for Steampunk news article links. We welcome new readers, and attendees even more!
Join us on SoCalSteam for steampunk events in Southern California

Angharad V. Setherwood

I don't know if anyone has appended Curious Expeditions to this august list, but they even have a steampunk category.

Curious Expeditions is by turns quirky, disturbing and fascinating - an exploration of curious relicta of the past - taxidermy, architecture, and other weird and wonderful impedimenta.
Angharad V. Setherwood
The Bluestocking
Steampunk feminism (with witticisms, and explorers, and pirates, and geeks)



Folks in or near Massachusetts really ought to join

My own attempt at a forum, not strictly Steampunk (it tries to transcend such labels) is
... it's not very busy, and I really need to do more to encourage posting, but *sigh* just futilely attempting to keep up with Brassgoggles takes up so much time ...
Another Entirely Reasonable Opinion from
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