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List of steampunk websites

Started by Ottens, November 11, 2008, 04:48:46 PM

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there good some really helpfull sites there


This one is updated regularly with all kinds of wonderful steampunkery  :)


Not sure if there's any transformer fans here but there is an alternate universe comic series of it like DCs Elseworlds , called Evolution with Hearts of Steel being steampunk orientated.



My website is undergoing a major change.  I once shared the site with a good friend.  He now has his own site

Just my creations will now be on the Steam Emporium.  I am a little behind in posting the things I have made in the last few months.  Hope to correct that soon.  Any comments or input is welcomed. 



Quote from: 4_0_4 on May 19, 2012, 03:52:35 PM
Not sure if there's any transformer fans here but there is an alternate universe comic series of it like DCs Elseworlds , called Evolution with Hearts of Steel being steampunk orientated.


Yes! HOS is probably my favorite comic series now! Preorder Mastermind's Cyclops, hunting down a Knight Morpher Annihilator.  ;D


I am a Steampunk Jeweler and did a rather extensive MA Thesis on the Steampunk genre. My website shares more of my ideas on Steampunk as well as a link to my thesis. Thanks, I'll have to add a few of these sites to my link page.
Steampunk Jeweler that combines contemporary jewelry technique, Victorian era design and mechanical elements. Please visit and like my Facebook page:


Shameless self promotion! I just finally got on Etsy, so im trying to spread the word.  We create Steampunk jewelery clothing and more!


And there is my site too, that many will already be familiar with, which is a Joomla CMS website, steampunked. Best viewed in Firefox, Opera or Chrome as IE won't run the javascript orrery properly, I recommend avoid IE at all costs in any case.

That's linking to a particular page that has the most steampunk look and feel to it (the site does other stuff so it isn't all steampunk).

Steampunk Widgets and Icons of Some Worldwide Repute


I know about one site . It's all about steampunk costumes and fashion. we can also see huge information about steampunk culture and era in blog section.

Boffins Bunker

May I add for consideration a personal steampunk meandering perspective blog in Cornwall, the UK

(A casual reader of the blog to date may note I'm happy to blog about more or less any steampunk-ish issue for/about/in Cornwall & in the UK, even beyond if the fancy takes me)

As a youth I voraciously consumed pulp Science fiction books, but being Dyslexic, I tend to learn & absorb information less by reading than I do by sight of a visual image.  Therefore pictures are most important to me.  It is images which have drawn me personally to SP and why I run several pinterest boards of images.

These are just a few:-

My own personal Boffin creations:
Steampunk Art & Sculpture:    
Steampunk Women's Apparel: 
Steampunk Men's Apparel:      

Being partially disabled & living as I do in virtual isolation (as so many SP adherents appear to do) I'm personally far less interested in the fashion of cloths (where would I get to wear such wonderful of outfits?).  Therefore it is more about SP in my own home habitation...and since I collect things (restricted by budget ) I have a fascination of the (primarily) Victorian gentleman's 'Cabinets of Curiosities'.

Cabinets of Curiosities:

So I was delighted to find on BG a thread on 'Things in Jars' since I am in seventh heaven when in an Old fashion museum

Wet & Pickled (not for the sensitive or faint of heart):

As one on the very fringe of the fringes of SP, I just thought I'd add my one penny worth.

Kind regards
Boffins Bunker Laboratory in Cornwall, UK

Boffins Bunker

NB: After I written & posted the above, I found a BG sticky by Mr S Sprocket Re :-"Where is my post promoting my blog".

In the spirit of quid pro quo, I duly posted this blog article.
Kind regards
Boffins Bunker Laboratory in Cornwall, UK


Updated the list! Sorry it took me a while. I'm not very active here anymore.

Combed through all of your suggestions. I didn't add every single link that was suggested. Some don't even work anymore, others hadn't been updated in a long time. Which was also true for some of the links in the opening post, so I removed those. As for sites that are up-to-date and weren't added -- my thinking was: "Would this link be helpful to someone who is new to steampunk and wants to learn more?" As mentioned in the opening post, the aim here isn't to create an exhaustive link of all steampunk websites, rather a helpful guide.

I also didn't include self-promotions for shops or personal blogs that are maybe steampunk-styled but aren't really about steampunk -- another condition I set out. I hope you understand. It's a bit arbitrary, perhaps, but when we're devising a list for new steampunks of sites they can go to and learn more about the genre and movement, someone's Etsy shop for steampunk jewelry probably isn't the first thing they're looking for.
NEVER WAS MAGAZINE: Steampunk, dieselpunk, retro-futurism and alternate history.


I'm not sure if this should go here, or in the Meta-clubs forum, but I thought some people might be interested and find this post helpful.

I'm one of the founders of

The website started as a personal project between friends, but it became way too large for just three people to enjoy!

At the core, Citizens of Antiford is a collaborative fiction project focusing on world creation. Sort of like a large roleplay site, we have created an entire fictional world for people to base their stories in. We have a large encyclopedia to aid writing and an atlas to help place your characters and their travels. Our members are encouraged to write with one another, making a large interconnected community. Members are also encouraged to come up with new things that can round out the world, and be added to the encyclopedia for other members to use. We even hold contests!

Occasionally the "founders"  also host a youtube show Antiford on Air, which covers topics like character creation, steampunk media, and promotion of local (currently only New England) steampunk events.

We hope a few of you decide to join the adventure!


Are these still being updated? Would it be worth adding to this conversation?

You see what I did there? I got my website on the page as a conversation and not simply a shameless plug (Please disregard this epilogue).

Captain Lyerly

Should we begin to cull those that have fallen by the wayside?

Steampunk Home, for instance, hasn't posted in two years.  While there is some great reference work in there, there isn't anything current.

On the other hand, if anybody knows the blogger and could jiggle an elbow, it would be nice to see more. 


Captain Sir Charles A. Lyerly, O.B.T.
Soldier of Fortune and Gentleman Adventurer
wire: captain_lyerly, at wire office "Yahoo dot Qom"

"You'd think he'd learn."
"Heh! De best minions neffer do!"


Whoops! I had posted this as a new thread elsewhere.

Blog that covers steampunk, especially steampunk events in Texas. Covers crafting, film, and most often--writing. Various authors. I like it.

Renderking Fisk

Typical newbee question - I want o include an avatar/banner on The Fedora Chronicles to link back here. Where can I find it?


I write "The Mostly Steampunk Blog" on my website, which you can find here:!blog/c1bqk

I've interviewed a variety of interesting steampunk cosplayers, feature steampunk art, and sometimes talk about the development of my upcoming steampunk western novel. I will be interviewing several prominent steampunk makers soon, too.


For your consideration - I would like to add my Studio to the list of Steampunk websites

We make functional steampunk art.
Distinguished Handcrafted Wares - Functional Steampunk Art

Warmest Regards,
Sir Reginald Wickles
Proud Gentleman of Leisure


This list is AWESOME!  I appreciate your doing the work on this. Cheers!

Peachy Carnehan

May I submit my website for consideration. Perhaps a bit self promoting but the site is free to one and all and while not exactly Steampunk it is an excellent resource for Victorian era military uniforms...




I'd to like to suggest a new steampunk subreddit that I'm a part of on

A place to post and discuss all things steampunk!