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Dragon Tamers - A room for those of us with anxiety / depression / etc

Started by Alexis Voltaire, December 16, 2013, 09:05:07 AM

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trying out a new routine for better mental and physical health.
get up a bit earlier than I usually do, and immediately go for a 20 min walk in the sun.
get back and start hourly stretching and flexibility training routine (just a short 2-5 minute series of stretches)
load up some udemy/domestika/other online class, usually 2-3 hours.
cold shower (not a huge fan)
learning some memory skills, this week is a custom Peg system.
some quick maths tricks each day. todays was multiply and divide by 4 (and 8) rapidly by doubling and redoubling (and again).
allow myself some social media time to not feel disconnected and isolated.
financial management (bills needing paid, canceling unnecesary recurring costs, accounting), later inclusions will be appointments and errands.
daily planning session.
more lighthearted side hustle play, ei try selling used books online, try to sell my dirty socks to people into that sort of thing. not expecting to actually make anything but should at least not cost me anything either.
script some youtube videos,
some gap space for wiggle room around the middle of my day for between 4-8 hours.
an hour or so of artsy stuff
shoot some youtube content
then stop electronics use after dinner,
warm shower,
reading, journaling
and the try some sleep hacks to get better sleep.

I'm only a couple days into it, so no idea how it'll do over time. I've already moved some things around to make things work better. might do the cold shower after the walk, I was really drowsey for online class.

My classes the last two days on ways to turn creative work into income. The first one was a great guide to making a business plan (which I hope to draft a few of in order to take to the SBA and get some advice on).

I'm not sure my snafu with the benefits is actually resolved and getting info to be able to manage my accounts online is being held up by waiting for the mailed passcodes. Even then my anxiety won't trust things for a while.

And I still have to wait 22 days for my appointment with the neurologist for follow up on why I have hand tremors, clumbsiness as I walk, face spasms when I smile. and watery eyes. It could be like my half sister has recently been diagnosed with thyroid issues, it could be Chronic fatigue Syndrome, long covid from either of the infections I got. Or even just PTSD from my health issues, or the homelessness and slum that I'm trapped in for now (cogs know these people actively were making it worse when they found out about the benefits Snafu). But I can't expect any real answers this month if even this year.

It seems like an invitation to problems to even be so hopeful as to plan things ahead and take classes with ideas of starting a creative based business. Because everything tells me I'm about to get hit again by some new crisis for being so bold as to imagine I have a future. But ... well ... I gotten do something with myself to ward off the madness.

When an explosion explodes hard enough, the dust wakes up and thinks about itself.


1.5 trazodone, 1 benedryl black out dark room, soothing music, i still couldn't fall asleep for over 5 hours of trying. this prevented me from making a trip that was important to me, and set my mental health recovery back by a huge step.
When an explosion explodes hard enough, the dust wakes up and thinks about itself.

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If you live in Canada, and your dragon starts to get the better of you, we now have a single national suicide prevention hotline. The number is 988, and it's available 24/7 via voice or text.
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By the power of caffeine do I set my mind in motion
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