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Started by Clockwerk Wolf, December 31, 2008, 11:57:02 AM

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Methinks that I have found a group of like minded folk practicing in the Arts. I would be honored to join in this Coven!

We practice the White Arts - and have been known to dance under the full moon in the Circle at the top of the hill.

BTW - the dragonflys are out and about ... and the crows have been circling in greater numbers than usual.

Onward ho!


We have been seeing some very odd creatures this Autumn, things we don't normally see, like hares, birds of prey, huge fish and exotic insects. I wonder what they are trying to tell us.....
Every time you say "cog" when you mean "gear" or "sprocket", Cthulu kills a kitten.

Khem Caigan

Let the Mystic Circumambulation take
place in the Path of Darkness, with the
Light of Occult Science to guide the Way!

< circumambulates the temple with
steampumpkin and thurible >

Inheritor of a Dying World, We call Thee
to the Living Beauty.

Wanderer in the Wild Darkness, We call
Thee to the Gentle Light.

Child of Earth, long hast Thou dwelt in
Darkness - quit the Night and seek the

Welcome, Frater Birdnest, to the Order
of the Brazen Dawn
"Let us create vessels and sails fashioned for the heavenly Æther, for there
will be plenty of people who do not shrink from the vastness of space."
~ Johannes Kepler, letter to Galileo Galilei, 1609.

Lord Nicholas Horsethorn

Fra Caigan, What are the criteria for acquiring 2°=9°?

I could do with deeper knowledge to further my research in combining occult and modern galvanic science through the mystic use of crystals.

Fra Nick

PS the Philosophical Rendezvous at Lincoln went well - we even persuaded a few people away from the Ball! A couple of Theology graduates, an atheist and some undecideds made for a stimulating evening.

Khem Caigan

Quote from: Lord Nicholas Horsethorn on September 21, 2010, 08:38:40 AM
Fra Caigan, What are the criteria for acquiring 2°=9□?
I recollect some discussion along those lines awhile
back, and we are still awaiting further instruction
from the Inner Order in that regard.

As for your Galvanic researches, please see :

Physico-Physiological Researches
on the Dynamics of Magnetism,
Electricity, Heat, Light,
Crystallization, and Chemism,
in their Relations to Vital Force

by Karl Reichenbach, 1851.
(Read/Download @GoogleBooks)

Researches of Baron Reichenbach
on the "Mesmeric," Now Called
the Odic Force
, pages 485-501.
~ in ~
The American Whig Review
Volume 15, Issue 90,
June 1852.

Somnambulism and Cramp
by Karl Reichenbach, 1860.
(Read/Download @GoogleBooks)

Sommeil Electrique
by Louise G. Robinovitch
(Read/Download @GoogleBooks)

Sleep and Wakefulness
by Nathaniel Kleitman
(Preview @GoogleBooks)

Camera Lucida: A Three-Dimensional
Sonochemical Observatory

by Evelina Domnitch
and Dmitry Gelfand (.PDF)

by John Uri Lloyd, 1897.
(Read/Download @GoogleBooks)
"Let us create vessels and sails fashioned for the heavenly Æther, for there
will be plenty of people who do not shrink from the vastness of space."
~ Johannes Kepler, letter to Galileo Galilei, 1609.


Quote from: darkshines on September 21, 2010, 06:34:31 AM
We have been seeing some very odd creatures this Autumn, things we don't normally see, like hares, birds of prey, huge fish and exotic insects. I wonder what they are trying to tell us.....

The Crows, Ravens, Hummingbirds and Dragonflies are messengers of the Spirit World.  Crows pretty much are around year 'round, and the Dragonflies replace the Hummers in September.  We've had some interesting experiences with both the Hummers and the Dragons.  What is really important to note is when they seek you out and hover right in your face - it happens quite often.

We currently have three distinct groups of Dragons (huge blue, medium gold and red), and the last of what was 6 breeding pairs of Hummers just left for the south.

The same (more or less) holds true for the prime raptors such as Eagle, Hawk and Owl.

We have noticed Great Horned Owl in the cottonwoods just below the house. Several weeks ago while driving to work, a Golden Eagle setting on a fence post spread his wings to full out just as I drove by and closed them after I passed - obviously wanted to get my attention.

The cats have also been on a mission of attention as well instead of the usual antipathy.

Also, the deer have been missing, and we seemed to have gained a bear.

somethings afoot!
Onward ho!

Dr Pieter Pietre

Here in the old UK the spiders are not yet climbing into my bath
Purveyor of Amazing Herbal Inhalations. And Bookbinder.

The Squire

"You don't mind breaking the law?"
        "Not in the least."
"Nor running a chance of arrest?"
        "Not in a good cause."
"Oh, the cause is excellent!"
         "Then I am your man."


Quote from: Birdnest on September 22, 2010, 06:32:32 PM

I have no idea where I first read it, but from somewhere I got the idea that when a digital display shows 11:11 unexpectedly, it is a calling-card of the Midway Creatures.
pro / con
Join me in exploring the music of time!


Hello all.  I've been doing little more than lurking for a while now, but thought I might join.  I was born on a Friday the 13th, under a full moon, and have always been drawn to the occult.  I know how to scry and dowse.  I am currently working on a scrying apparatus consisting of a pendulum suspended over a plate of sand.  When swung the tip of the pendulum draws in the sand.  With a little engineering I've been able to cause it to draw a pentagram about 40% of the time.  All that is left of the build is the suspension for the pendulum.  I was involved in a bigfoot sighting, I was the bigfoot sighted. (it was a drunken escapade involving a stolen bearskin rug)  And I am working on a steampunk voodoo necromancer costume for Halloween, so any ideas for paraphernalia for such a costume would be welcomed.

Dr Pieter Pietre

Quote from: The Squire on September 22, 2010, 07:45:09 PM
Quote from: Birdnest on September 22, 2010, 06:32:32 PM

In a few weeks, we will have 10:10 at 10-10-2010, and next year 11:11, 11-11-2011.
Unfortunately these dates are only accurate if you use the currently popular but symbolically suspect Gregorian Calendar, and the timings are either UT (universal time) or a local time zone based on the same. In practice, the Sideral Time of the location should be noted.
Purveyor of Amazing Herbal Inhalations. And Bookbinder.

Dr Pieter Pietre

Quote from: Dr Pieter Pietre on September 23, 2010, 12:29:06 AM
Quote from: The Squire on September 22, 2010, 07:45:09 PM
Quote from: Birdnest on September 22, 2010, 06:32:32 PM

In a few weeks, we will have 10:10 at 10-10-2010, and next year 11:11, 11-11-2011.
Unfortunately these dates are only accurate if you use the currently popular but symbolically suspect revised Gregorian Calendar, and the timings are either UT (universal time) or a local time zone based on the same. In practice, the Sideral Time of the location should be noted.
Purveyor of Amazing Herbal Inhalations. And Bookbinder.

Lord Nicholas Horsethorn

Quote from: Khem Caigan on September 21, 2010, 06:05:10 PM
As for your Galvanic researches, please see :

Physico-Physiological Researches
on the Dynamics of Magnetism,
Electricity, Heat, Light,
Crystallization, and Chemism,
in their Relations to Vital Force

by Karl Reichenbach, 1851.
(Read/Download @GoogleBooks)

Researches of Baron Reichenbach
on the "Mesmeric," Now Called
the Odic Force
, pages 485-501.
~ in ~
The American Whig Review
Volume 15, Issue 90,
June 1852.

These were exactly what I was looking for - the first is particularly fascinating as I am also a second-generation dowser.

Now I just have to build an Odic-driven Crystallic Force weapon. Hmm. Shape of weapon what will it be, young Jedi?

Many thanks
Lord Nick

Khem Caigan

Quote from: Lord Nicholas Horsethorn on September 23, 2010, 07:26:57 PM
Now I just have to build an Odic-driven Crystallic Force weapon. Hmm. Shape of weapon what will it be, young Jedi?
The schematics for some of Allan Bennett's devices
are currently stored in the Aleister Crowley Collection
at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
in Austin, Texas.

Frater Bennett, as you may recall, was the inventor
of a "blasting rod" that he assembled from some odds
and ends.
"Let us create vessels and sails fashioned for the heavenly Æther, for there
will be plenty of people who do not shrink from the vastness of space."
~ Johannes Kepler, letter to Galileo Galilei, 1609.

The Squire

Quote from: Khem Caigan on September 24, 2010, 04:49:12 AM

Frater Bennett, as you may recall, was the inventor
of a "blasting rod" that he assembled from some odds
and ends.

"You don't mind breaking the law?"
        "Not in the least."
"Nor running a chance of arrest?"
        "Not in a good cause."
"Oh, the cause is excellent!"
         "Then I am your man."

Khem Caigan

Quote from: The Squire on September 24, 2010, 02:10:10 PM
The December issue of Alarm will carry an article
by David Metcalfe that touches on Bennett's
work in the area of Visual Music.
"Let us create vessels and sails fashioned for the heavenly Æther, for there
will be plenty of people who do not shrink from the vastness of space."
~ Johannes Kepler, letter to Galileo Galilei, 1609.


Greetings all!
Having just found this thread, allow me to introduce myself,

I am Papa Doc Legba
Dédié Cheval, Bokor
And Capitaine De Vaisseau of the Liberté Alliance Aéronef Nouvelle Orleans
Plaisions à font votre connaissance!

May the Loa keep with you!

Liberté Pour Toutes
Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!

Khem Caigan

"Let us create vessels and sails fashioned for the heavenly Æther, for there
will be plenty of people who do not shrink from the vastness of space."
~ Johannes Kepler, letter to Galileo Galilei, 1609.


you gotta love livin babe, cause dyin is a pain in the ass -----
frank sinatra

Khem Caigan

Paschal Beverly Randolph's Magic Mirrors

If you want to use a magic mirror, don't forget the
following rules:

Continued...: ShowHide

1.) The mirror must only be handled by its owner, in order
to avoid any admixture of strange magnetism. Other persons
may look at it, but they must not touch the frame or the
surface of the mirror.

2.  If the surface of the mirror is tarnished, remove the
dirt with soap. Then wash it with alcohol and, when the
mirror is dry, polish it again with some 'oxygen fluorine';
and wipe it with a rag of smooth silk or a chamois. [note:
'oxygen fluorine' = glass cleaner. See: ]

3.  Every day, for five minutes, magnetize the mirror with
your right hand.

4.  Following that, refine the action of the surface of the
mirror by means of magnetic passes made with your left hand.

S.  The more often and the longer that you use the magnetic
mirror, the better it is, for your actions upon the mirror
augment its use.

6.  To sleep with the aid of the magnetic mirror, fix your
attention in the center, calmly and without the least
preoccupation of the spirit. Visions will appear to you
then, while you dream.

7.  It is necessary that the rays of the Sun, which paralyze
its magical action, should not strike the brilliant surface
of the mirror. When you use the mirror, present its back to
the window.

8.  The magic mirror must be as clear as a book.

9.  If several persons wish to look at the same time, hang
the mirror on the wall - and let no person touch it.

10. The best position for vision in the magic mirror is one
where no one's reflection can be seen. You can find this
position by inclining the mirror in all ways, until the
surface shows as a lone sheet of deep water, smooth and
limpid. When the magnetism coming from your eyes has
been accumulated above the mirror (a few millimeters above
its surface), the limpid water will be replaced by the
desired vision.

11. At first you will see clouds of various colors. These
clouds appear to form in the material of the mirror, but
this is only an optical illusion. In reality, it is the
greatly concentrated magnetism.

12. Dark, Brunette persons, with black eyes and magnetic
temperaments, can charge the mirror more rapidly, but not as
powerfully as blond persons of an electric temperament. In
general, you can tell which men will not easily see and
which women, when they see, will distinguish much and be
troubled little.

13. In this fashion, it has been proven that young boys and
girls who have not attained the age of puberty, see more
palpably and clearly because their magnetism is pure and
non-sexual. Purity is a co-efficient for all action,
magnetic and occult.

14. White clouds, seen in the magic mirror, are of a good
foreboding. The response that they give to a question has a
positive value.

15. Black clouds are a sign of alarm. Their sense is negation.

16. Violet, Green and Blue clouds are good.

17. Red-Carmine, Bright Orange, and Yellow clouds announce
bad influences.

18. If you operate with the magic mirror in order to
influence an absent person, evoke their image with the force
of your will. When it is before you in the mirror, fix it
firmly and concentrate all your imagination on it. Your
influence will strike it infallibly, at whatever point of
the earth where they may be found. But don't forget that you
must submit to any backlash that you have incurred: the evil
you must pay in evil, the good you must pay in good.

19. Have patience when you consult the magic mirror. Certain
persons see easily, others must wait longer.

20. The surface of the mirror must be submitted to no
chemical or optical influence, and you should carefully
protect it from the light of the Sun, for it is as sensitive
as a photographic plate. The Lunar light is, on the
contrary, beneficial. Cold and warm extremes are harmful;
any extreme temperatures cancel the force.

21. All visions appearing in the magic mirror to the left of
the observer are the image of a concrete truth.

22. That which manifests to the right is symbolic. It must
be interpreted according to the traditional significance of
the symbols.

23. The clouds or shadows which move upwards in magical
visions are the affirmative responses to the questions posed.

24. The clouds or shadows that descend are negative responses.

25. Shadows that move to the left or right signal the
presence of an occult intelligence.

26. Clouds moving to the right or left signify that a séance
should be raised.

27. If, after much patience, the willed result has still not
been achieved, it is permissible to use the stimulant
powder, which we will speak of later in a special chapter.
But this powder is dangerous for many men; it must be used
with prudence and as infrequently as possible. When the
stimulant powder has made its effect, it is necessary to
continue the work without it.

The Stimulant Powder

The stimulant powder that we use in our magical experiments
is not new. It is found in many receipts of the middle ages.
The sorcerers of that era used it for traveling to the
festivals of the Sabbat, among other things. Accordingly, we
have made some modifications, for the following reasons:

The stimulant powder was prepared in the middle ages by the
maceration of plants in human fat. This bizarre procedure
was motivated by the knowledge that various substances will
more effectively penetrate the pores of the operator if the
conductor that is on his skin is identical with that which
is found under his skin. Good results can be obtained,
however, with the fat extracted from the sweat of the
experimenter. But in the face of the numerous difficulties
of this preparation, we have replaced human fat with animal
fat. First of all, we leave it in heavy cooking salt and
then we wash it in cold, running water. We repeat this
process and bath five times and then we plunge the fat into
a hot bath. This bath must last for six hours.

To the fat thus previously treated, we add the following:

For 100 grams of fat:

40 g. of Hashish
50 g. of Henbane
80 g. of Pommes d'epis
['teste de spica/ "witness of the ear": this is wheat bran]
20 g. of Belladonna
260 g. of Hemp
50 g. of Garlic
30 g. of Sunflower Seeds
60 g. of Calamus
[ Acorus Calamus: ]
250 g. of Poppy Flowers
100 g. of Flakes of Wheat

When this mixture is completely dry, we sift it in order to
obtain a very fine powder, which we keep in a well-sealed
flask. We apply the stimulant powder thus prepared one or
two minutes before the experiment. We rub some of this
powder on the solar plexus, the hollow of the throat, the
armpits and behind the knees, the soles of the feet, and the
palms of the hands. When the magical operation is terminated
we wash ourselves immediately with hot water and rub
ourselves with some essence of alum or petroleum jelly.
[note: the idea being to close the pores - thankfully, we
have other options BESIDES alum and petroleum jelly these days]

Different Models of Magic Mirrors

We distinguish four types of magic mirrors:

1. Little ordinary mirrors, which are only vulgar imitations
of the true operating mirror.

2. Feminine magic mirrors.

3. Masculine magic mirrors.

4. Scientific mirrors, prepared to conform to all the laws
that we have revealed elsewhere in this book.

Little Mirrors

These are philosophical playthings rather than real
operating instruments. They possess one or two centers of
focus, but you can only see smoke, fire, many symbols and
some shadows, for their magnetic surface is very weak and
their centers of focus are rarely situated with mathematical
precision. They are employed by the Gypsies, who cannot
procure a more precise mirror.

A little mirror that is easily constructed is that of
Claude-Lorraine. You shape a piece of glass, six inches in
diameter, giving the surface a slightly convex bulge. You
let it dry and then electroplate it, polish it, and smooth
its convex surface as perfectly as possible. After that, you
color the surface of this hermetic container. Next, you
mold the corresponding concave form in a similar manner.
Then you pour water glass [sodium silicate] between the two
convex & concave surfaces. When the liquid has set, forming
the desired curve between the two forms, you electroplate
it. In this fashion, you prepare a second glass and seal it
to the first, leaving between the two surfaces an empty
space of 1/4". This empty space is filled with black ink
through a tiny hole made in the seal. The hole is
hermetically sealed and the operation is completed.

Another well-known little mirror is that of Dr. Dee of
London. You prepare it like this:

Choose a piece of very black Anthracite, large enough to
obtain a cube at least six inches wide. See to it that the
surface, which is polished, has no cracks or the least
cloudy blemish. Carefully hollow out this surface in a
manner so that the volume of the cavity between its diameter
and its depth presents a ratio of 5 to 1; and polish it
finely. The mirror thus obtained must be surrounded by a
frame of hard wood. The mirror of Dr. Dee can serve the
observer operating all alone, but the result is better if
one works with the aid of a medium.

We classify other magic mirrors employed by mages and
oriental sorcerers in the same category as little ordinary
mirrors. These are, for the most part, primitive mirrors,
prepared with a material that does not concentrate much
magnetism, because the fluids easily desert them. These
mirrors can only be used if they are very small. If they
exceed six inches in diameter, the magnetic charge is
difficult to retain.

Feminine Mirrors

These are larger models of the preceding. Visionaries use
the name "Feminine Mirror" or "Mirror of the Fairer Sex"
because the center of focus is situated with a mathematical
exactitude. When it is well prepared, this mirror has a
great force of magnetic attraction and also a strong
sensitivity. The magnetic coating remains flat on the
surface, and its diameter must not exceed eight inches. The
feminine mirror is as good as the masculine mirror for all
experiments of magical vision, but it is not strong enough
to cast an influence on an absent person or to evoke their
image. For panoramic symbolic visions, it is all that is
needed. The diameter should normally be eight inches or
less. Feminine mirrors are widely known in the west. You
prepare them with the same materials as the masculine
mirrors, which are described below.

In some cases great luxury has been deployed for the
fabrication of feminine magic mirrors in the hope of
obtaining a more effective magic: but experience has proven
that fabulous cost does not always accompany more remarkable
virtue. The Maharaja Dhulep-Sing, for example, possessed
three magic mirrors: one was made of an enormous diamond,
the second of an immense ruby, and the third of the largest
emerald in the world. But all this did not allow him to
exceed, or to attain, the results that were regularly
obtained by means of our mirrors, scientifically
constructed of much less expensive materials.

"Let us create vessels and sails fashioned for the heavenly Æther, for there
will be plenty of people who do not shrink from the vastness of space."
~ Johannes Kepler, letter to Galileo Galilei, 1609.

Khem Caigan

Masculine Mirrors

These mirrors, much stronger and more efficacious than those
that we have spoken of before, are of an oval form of 14" by
10". Their magnetic surface is enormous. They are used, more
often, for group workings than for operations of private
revelations, because they can display, at the same time,
three different pictures to three different observers. They
are especially well known in Louisiana and in Syria. The
masculine magic mirror is made from glass mixed with
precisely 1 part of fine gold to 100 parts of glass.

Continued...: ShowHide

Its varnishing is accomplished at a propitious astrological
time, and all the operations concerning it's preparation
are made in artificial yellow light. The mixture for the
varnish is composed of a very fine powder of iron, silver
bromide, lactucarium [coal made from the leaves of
Belladonna] and Copal oil, in the following proportions:

1 part of iron
3 parts of silver bromide
2 parts of lactucarium [ The milky sap of lettuce -
"lettuce-opium" - ]
7 parts of Copal

The magnetic surface of the masculine magic mirror is also
sensitive like a photographic plate. If a stranger has held
the mirror in his hand, for only ten minutes, it reacts
infallibly, even many days later. Then you will see,
appearing on its normally black surface, numerous gray
specks, symptomatic of a contrary magnetic charge. Thus, the
efficacy of the mirror closes it up against evil. A
masculine magic mirror, properly polished, will serve you
for a very long time. To facilitate vision in the special
magic mirrors of the normal, planetary and living coat
types, you can make use of a double-insulator, fixed above
the mirror by means of three Gold hooks, placed at a
distance of 1 to 1 1/2 centimeters from the periphery of the
polished surface. Even the student who experiments only a
little can construct a mirror like this, according to our
design; this is why we have not given a more detailed
description. It should be understood, however, that the
student must work seriously and with all required attention.

The preparation of a special magic mirror requires the
following conditions:

1. All the materials employed for its construction must be
carefully cleared of any strange fluids.
2. During the preparation, you should work in artificial light.
3. During fabrication, you must keep the mirror in absolute
4. Polish the mirror made in this fashion without ceasing to
protect its living magnetic state.
5. During the experiments, hold the mirror obliquely, like a
book, the two centers of focus being on a vertical line. The
best proportions between a and b, are 34 for a and 32 for b.
But you may vary these dimensions.

The Special Conditions of Preparation and Work for Special
Magic Mirrors of the Normal type

Special magic mirrors of the normal type are employed when
you don't know the person's horoscope.

The coats on the surface, indicated in figure 15, are
composed of the following:

Coat "C" is of glass, containing two parts of fine gold to
100 parts glass. [note: gold chloride can be obtained from
photographic supply houses, such as: ]

Coat "D" is a veneer of silk, prepared with a wire, the silk
being pulled out of the cocoon and reduced to a paste in
pure water at 420 - 430 degrees Fahrenheit under pressure.
This paste is dried well and ground into powder, adding some
liquid Gum Arabic.
[note: powdered silk can be obtained online from cosmetics
manufacturing supply houses, or from this site: ]

Coat "B" is the essential coat of the mirror. It is composed

1 part of amalgam of silver,
3 parts of flower of sulphur,
7 parts of vervain charcoal,
1 part of phosphoric acid
9 parts of paranapthaline (Anthracene).
[note: many of our synthetic pigments & dyes are coal tar
derivatives] If necessary, the paranapthaline can be
replaced by wax or earth (loam).

The mixture thus obtained is warmed and applied to the
mirror in many coats, in order to achieve a thickness of 1/4".

Coat "A" is of Spath Fluor [note: 'Spath Fluor' is
Fluorspar; or calcium fluoride], of a thickness of 1/16". In
the absence of Spath Fluor, use a plant varnish [such as
Copal resin] to make the concave surface of the
mirror shine brilliantly.

Glass does not let the magnetic fluids pass, and is used as
an insulator in the construction of magic mirrors. For the
preparation of a special magic mirror of the normal type,
choose the color of the lighting, the perfume and the
astrological time of Venus, but do not make a sexual charge.

The Special Conditions of Preparation and Work for Special
Magic Mirrors of the Planetary Type

Special magic mirrors of the planetary type are used for
attracting Forces, Genii and Phantoms of the chosen planet.

Coat "F" is made of a veneer of silk, prepared in the
fashion indicated in the preceding chapter.

Coat "G" is of glass mixed with pure gold. Coat "E" is of
porcelain [porcelain powder can be had from doll-making
supply shops, or here: ]

Coat "D", of the thickness of 1/7", is made of the metal
corresponding to the planetary force chosen according to
table A.

Coat "C", very fine, is of beeswax, cooked three times in
clean water. It should be charged with magnetism according
to the indications given in the preceding chapters.

Coat "B' is the essential coat of the planetary mirror. It

1 part of "chloride d'or" [ gold chloride ],
3 parts of sulphur,
11 parts of charcoal produced by a mixture of flowers found
by consulting the table (A) of correspondences under the
line of the chosen planets,
2 parts of the perfume of this same planet,
1 part of phosphoric acid,
15 parts of paranapthaline (anthracene),
3 parts of cooked beeswax.

The thickness of this coat must be 1/4".

Coat "A" is formed of Spath Fluor. It is of a thickness of

For the preparation of a special magic mirror of the
planetary type, choose the color of lighting, the perfume
and the astrological time conforming to the planet that you
wish to evoke the force of, without using a sexual charge.

The Special Conditions of Preparation and Work for Special
Magic Mirrors of the Individual Type

A special magic mirror of the individual type can only be
used by the person for whom it has been made. Construct it
according to the aspects of the prospective owner's natal

The different coats for this type of mirror are the same as
those of the planetary mirrors, with the following

Coat "D" is made of a mixture of metals, chosen from the
constitution of the forces in the horoscope.

Coat "B", which is the principle coat, contains 18 parts of
duly charged liquid fluid condenser:

1 part of flower of sulphur,
5 parts of paranapthaline,
12 parts of the individual perfume,
6 parts of coal prepared with the same plants that are used
for the individual perfume,
1/2 part of phosphoric acid,
1 part of the blood of the person concerned.

The thickness of this coat must be 1/4".

The color of the lighting during the work, the perfume, and
the astrological time are chosen according to the horoscope.
Do not use the sexual charge.

Note: The special magic mirrors of the individual type can
easily acquire the properties of a "Volt". It must not,
then, be confided to the hands to strangers. Only the owner
of the mirror can touch it without danger.

To neutralize the mirror, leave it in cold running water for
at least 24 hours.

The Special Conditions of Preparation and Work for Special
Magic Mirrors with Living Magnetic Coats

The special magic mirror with a living magnetic coat
contains the following coats:

Coat "A", of Spath Fluor.
Coat "H", of veneer of Silk.
Coat "I", of glass mixed with Gold.
Coat "G", of Porcelain.
Coat "F", of Beeswax.
Coat "E", prepared with the coating employed for the special
individual mirrors.

Coat "B", in varnish, composed of:
15 parts of gelatin,
6 parts of the menstrual blood of the woman with whom he
2 parts of his ordinary blood,
1 part of the coal/soot prepared with their personal substances: the nails, hair, etc.,
10 parts of pure water,
4 parts of glycerin,
1 part of liquid fluid condenser.

The liquid, thus obtained, must be hermetically sealed
between two coats of Spath Fluor, shaped exactly and sealed
with the aid of gold amalgam. The two coats of Spath Fluor
are spaced apart at a distance of 1/3", and taking care to
eliminate the air before pouring the liquid there.
Without this precaution, the mirror will not be effective.

Living Pictures

Under certain conditions, you can animate, that is to say
render truly alive, certain portraits and statues, in order
to influence one or many senses of a chosen man or woman.
The influence that you project can be mental or physical,
indifferently. The doctrine of Living Magical Pictures is
not new. In the middle ages, certain painters knew it very
well and applied it to their art; there are cases where the
human magnetic fluid is concentrated in an old portrait,
forgotten in the corner of a salon of some feudal chateau
through the monotonous years, until it is discovered to
reveal scenes of violent passions. One also speaks of
certain sacred paintings, made on the walls of Christian
temples. They can become suddenly animated and exhibit real
wonders. Obviously, the will of the wise initiated in the
mysteries of the great magical art can better and more
surely create this than can a fortuitous discovery. The
mages and sorcerers of the preceding centuries knew it
and they studied this problem thoroughly.

They teach, in their rediscovered writings, that an oil
paint, made with the oil of the poppy, is an excellent fluid
condenser and that a gilded frame is a perfect insulator.
The oil holds the human fluids and the gilded frame prevents
leakage of them.

Fixed on the wall of a church, where persons kneeling in
prayer often see it, or hung against the silk drapes of a
salon, where it is exalted in dreams and violent passions,
an artistic work may become, little by little, a true focus
of life. We must not forget that some charlatans and other
men of bad faith have shamefully profited from this averred
truth to gain money by deceiving credulous clients; but this
does not negate that which is nevertheless true. We possess
many authentic Grimoires in our Lodge that treat of this
subject. When we read these ancient writings, it seems to us
that sometimes the green eye of the true magic of the Evil
One flashes its terrible gaze at us.

For example, we find, in certain receipts, that a mixture of
colors, to which has been added the blood of a fetus, which
has been pulled out of the belly of its mother by Caesarian
section, is of a sublime efficacy. In other receipts we see,
that if you mix into the paint some drops of the blood of a
pure virgin, who is offered, after this, to the pleasure
of an incubus, you give a formidable power to a living picture.

There are some drugs, recommended to painters, which contain
a human magnetic charge, to be used during solitary
excitation. Their effect is particularly malefic. Living
pictures have been used through the dark ages to perpetrate
mysterious assassinations: an enemy, masked by the
gentleness of the gift offered, sends out death in the form
of a vampiric picture, and the person receiving the gift,
hanging the portrait in his room, will die soon after.

The Holy Inquisition brought an end to these terrifying
abuses by burning the manuscripts of the mages and
persecuting the sorcerers. The entire science of magic could
have disappeared in this ferocious reaction of Catholicism
but, fortunately for us and for the future of humanity, the
secrets were concealed and were thus protected from their
vengeful hands. These were works that cultivated the magical
art for pure motives of initiated wisdom. It is thus that
one of our brothers, living in Spain in the first half of
the 18th century, was able to recover manuscripts containing
some receipts and counsels of great importance. This brother
devoted ten years of his life to these studies and
researches. He conscientiously experimented with all that he
could find on the subject of the theory and construction of
living pictures and left to the E.B. Brotherhood, on his
death, a testament that contained marvelous receipts for the
preparation of simple but powerful drugs that we may now use
again. In the course of his laborious life, our brother had
also constructed several animated portraits, of which he
gave us the key. The beneficial magical action that he knew
how to set in motion clothed him in fame and, consequently,
wretched persons constantly assailed his little house to
demand counsel and healing from him. This brother of such
great merit was finally assassinated by religious fanatics.
The following is an extract from his testament, from which
we have supplied only a few very intimate passages:

"Let us create vessels and sails fashioned for the heavenly Æther, for there
will be plenty of people who do not shrink from the vastness of space."
~ Johannes Kepler, letter to Galileo Galilei, 1609.

Khem Caigan

Extract from the Testament of our Brother Charsah

My long theoretical studies concerning living pictures still
remained unfruitful. The rare pictures that I had succeeded
in animating rapidly died and the phantoms that I
resuscitated didn't possess the faculties that I wished for.
I had varied my models, I had tried the most powerful
fluid condensers, but in vain: I could not obtain that which
I wished for. But one day, graced by a lucky chance, I found
proof that the son of one of our peasants, who made his
ardent prayer in Spanish before an image of the Madonna
every day, had involuntarily created a succubus. I had,
then, the solution that I sought.

Continued...: ShowHide

I took myself to the home of the painter who had created
this holy image, and I learned that the model whom he had
used for this picture was a gallant lady of strong passion.
The painter amused himself with her during their hours of
repose on a bed placed in his studio, facing his easel. The
artist was not rich. In order to save his meager pennies,
he did not buy canvas for this painting, commissioned by the
son of the peasant, but cut a square from the drapes of his
bed of love.

This detail struck me, and for the first time, I had the
idea of an individual perfume. Then I applied myself to
research for the formula of the drug, according to
astrological correspondences. This was a difficult task that
occupied me for many months. I failed many times, returning
often to the ancient Grimoires, seeking the essential things
hidden beneath the waves of many useless details. Having
discovered the treasures of this ancient science, I then
faced the problem of making it work.

I was soon persuaded that it was useless to use personal
substances, such as hair and fingernails, for the debris of
human flesh quickly decomposes and if you cannot replace
these substances in the course of the work, all the effort
that you have made is in vain. This is not to say that these
materials are not employed in the reconstruction of ancient
portraits. The individual perfume, however, may be prepared
for a living person as well as a person long since deceased.

In exactly observing all the rules previously described, we
affirm that you will infallibly obtain any phantasm that you
wish. If the result is not successful, then there has been
an error in the formulation of the drug, in the astrological
calculations, in the designs, the expression, or the colors
of the picture.

It is certain that the reconstruction of a living picture
according to the retrograde astrological scheme, established
by the given proportions of the portrait, is a work that
necessitates great patience. To apply this technique demands
also a considerable initiated sense, and this is not an art
that you can acquire easily.

In the art of reconstruction of living pictures, it is
necessary to distinguish four different types:

A) The portrait made from a living model, whose horoscope is
B) The portrait made from a given horoscope of an unknown
person of the past, present or future, of a determined race.
C) The portrait of a person known from the past or present.
D) The portrait, ancient or modern, made previously, but
that he wishes to reanimates

The Special Conditions for Each of the Four Cases Mentioned

A)I.  First, seek rapport with the forces, given by the
natal horoscope, and prepare, according to the results, the
individual perfume of the person in question, and the oil
that is used in the mixture of the colors. You must not
forget to macerate all the plants employed in boiling oil
for less than two minutes.

A)2.  The "canvas" should be of linen or hemp, but never of
silk. It is necessary to cut it in the proper dimensions
befitting a portrait of natural grandeur.

A)3.  First, prepare the bottom layer of the picture, which
must be of  the individual color of the model.

A)4.  Then use the oil, prepared according to the
indications of paragraph 1, only for painting the figure and
its vestments.

A)S.  When the picture is dry, repeat it on the other side
of the canvas, but in reverse.

A)6.  The contours of the figure, painted on the back of the
picture, must be painted with the fluid condenser. This work
should be executed in artificial light of the individual
color of the model. From this step on, always work in this

A)7.  When the painting on the back of the picture is dry,
cover it with a living magnetic coat, prepared according to
the indications given for magic mirrors.

A)8.  The image thus obtained is placed under glass
containing gold or covered with a coat of amalgam, where
silver has replaced the gold. Then cover the reverse side
with a tissue of natural silk.

A)9. The picture is placed in a gilded frame.

B)  The preparation of an animated portrait of an unknown
person of the past, present or future, of a determined race
and conforming to the astrological aspects of the
established natal horoscope, which we indicate next.

This is the same as the preparation of a portrait of a
living model. The only difference is that the proportions of
the design and the expression of the face are to be found by
the horoscope, which also indicates the color of the hair
and eyes, the skin tone, etc.

This work may only be accomplished by an astrologer of the
first order. It is necessary, moreover, that the painter,
who attempts a task of this scope, should be a good judge of
character types, and that he not allow himself to be
influenced by the living model. A great artist, a great
typographer, and a great astrologer must be united in the
same person to perfectly realize a work in this category.

C)  You may undertake the preparation of a living portrait
of a person known in the past or present when you wish to
attract, for yourself or another, the benefits of that
person's direct influence. You must then, through the use of
images, reproduce the traits of the person in question,
consulting his natal horoscope. For an historical person,
establish a retrograde horoscope, having recourse to
typography if the astrological results are insufficient.
This task is equally difficult but, if you work with art and
patience, you will succeed.

D)   Reanimating a portrait, when the life is extinguished,
is a more difficult problem than all those that we have
envisioned until now. For, without having anything to modify
the painting after it was made, we must recharge it with
human magnetic fluid. This is done according to the
conditions of the subject's astrological type. You compose
the elements of the charge according to the indications of
Table B.

Some General Conditions for the Four Cases

1.  The living picture, prepared according to our methods,
must be hung on the wall of a bedroom which is specifically
consecrated and where persons never enter, except the
operator and the woman who operates with him. This bedroom
should be of 860 cubic feet at least. Its walls should
be painted with the oil of the individual, which should be
the color of the person reproduced in the picture.

When the operator comes before this image, he lights the
room in the individual color of the portrait. Take care to
place a divan facing the picture, so that you can easily fix
his sight on the features of the image without tiring.

2.  Place a lamp between the portrait and the divan. This
lamp, made of a metal corresponding astrologically to the
idea that presides in the picture, spreads the necessary
vapors throughout the room, composed of the individual
perfume prepared according to the horoscopic aspects of the
portrait. The lamp in question supports a bowl of the same
astrologically determined metal, which contains pure
water and a sufficient quantity of individual perfume.

3. The woman is introduced into the room when the vapours,
in light and aromatic clouds, have sufficiently filled the
atmosphere of the room for the projection of the magnetism,
for the magnetism of the woman may be contrary. You then
perform sexual love magic with this woman while imagining
the gradual animation of the portrait, until its complete
vitalization is accomplished. You should not divert your
eyes from the portrait until the operation is complete.

4. If you conform strictly to all that we have taught here,
and if you don't forget, before the arrival of the woman, to
perfume your solar plexus, the hollow of your throat, your
armpits and bark of your knees, the bottoms of your feet and
the palms of your hands with the individual perfume of the
portrait, you will see, as you are comfortably seated on
the divan conjoined with the woman, that the air of the
bedroom will gradually obscure the picture until it becomes
profoundly black. Then the portrait will reveal itself in
the shadow, and the body, painted on the canvas, will shiver
suddenly. The arms and legs of the portrait will make
uncertain gestures, as if to assure themselves of the
reality of their life.

Slowly, the entire silhouette will leave the frame and
advance towards you. You can then obtain that which you
will. But, don't forget, that in this solemn instant you
cross over the threshold of the unknown, breaking down the
doors of the mysteries. Nothing can pardon you from a moral
mistake at this minute; and evil will follow you for all
your life if you have rekindled an extinguished force to
serve you carnally. Call the extinguished life to yourself
in order to receive the Occult Light. This goal only is

The ghost will respond to all of your questions and you may
learn, if you desire it, all the terrestrial machinations of
its preceding life. But guard yourselves against succubi and
incubi, which reflect your vices and your hidden desires.
These can charm you by their voluptuous power and efficacy,
but you will ultimately become their slave. A minute of joy
in the arms of a succubus is a signed pact with the devil;
your entire life could end in a year.

(It was our brother Charsah who told us all of this before
dying, for he had studied these things and, in knowing them,
knew the mysteries.)

The Living Statues

These principle teachings also permit the preparation of
statues and other living sculptures. They are made, most
often, by sculpting in dark brown earth. Next, bathe them in
the individual perfume mixed with the fluid condenser. This
bath, which is a maceration, must last for twenty days.
After removing it from the bath, the sculpture must dry
for six days in a normal temperature. When it is completely
dry, give it a coat of paint with the colors prepared as for
the living pictures. The hollowed out space of the statues
must be filled with a living liquid, and according to our
receipts and preparations. The opening through which you
introduce this liquid is soldered by means of an amalgam of
gold. When they are ready, bronze them.

Plaster, wood and porcelain are equally recommended
materials for this type of statue. You can also use the
materials indicated for the preparation of "Volts" with
success. The prepared statue should be placed on an
insulated stand, at a distance of ten centimeters from the
reflecting surface. You will find all other necessary
details for this preparation in Table A. The magic of living
Sculptures was often practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece and
India, where every day one saw certain idols, haloed in gold
with an incomprehensible destiny.

Fluid Condensers

We have devoted many years to the experimental verification
of all that we have found, taking practical advice from
works, ancient and modern, making our meticulous
classifications and separating truth from falsehood. We
have, therefore, the right to affirm that our counsel and
teaching is in conformity with pure scientific truth.

The keys that we reveal are sufficient to enable each
student to make his own researches. The general ideas that
we advance can be verified by everyone and it is necessary
to have only a little courage and will power to first
attempt this. Joy, which always crowns conscientious effort,
sustains the forces when searching on more arid paths.

Magic is a science. It is the only science that occupies
itself, theoretically and practically, with the highest
forces of nature, which are occult. It declares and proves
that the universe, in its totality as in each of its
smallest parts, is subject to certain fluid influences and
that science can prove this to be the basis of all psychic
and physical phenomenon. To operate with these forces,
according to the laws which regulate them, it is necessary
to concentrate them in a point or on a given surface. You
can, then, guide and channel them at will.

These operations, which are very important and which offer
the possibility of many varied realizations, can be made in
four different fashions:

1. The operator can make use of his own energy proper.

2. He can act with the outer forces by means of induction
and correspondences.

3. He can bind the outer force to an individual object that
has been chosen for this.

4. He can bind these forces to an object that, in general,
is of the material of his choice.

This last procedure has been known for thousands of years as
talismanic magic. It is also used for that which is called
"The Charging of Volts," which we have spoken of in a
preceding chapter.

Meanwhile, in verifying the technique of these preparations,
we have found that in practice, a shortage of laboratory
knowledge often induces one to use insufficiently pure
materials for the condensation of the fluids. Also, quite
often, only some of the necessary materials are chosen,
thereby completing the formula only partially and
diminishing the efficacy of the talismans and "Volts."

"Let us create vessels and sails fashioned for the heavenly Æther, for there
will be plenty of people who do not shrink from the vastness of space."
~ Johannes Kepler, letter to Galileo Galilei, 1609.

Khem Caigan

To avoid this error and to obtain perfect results, we have
studied and perfected three types of irreproachable fluid
condensers, two liquid and one solid, which all may use

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The first type of condenser is employed by us in the form of
a coat of paint, which we apply gradually on objects to
which we wish to attach talismanic virtues.

The second we conserve in a special bottle for the
preparation of very effective liquid drugs.

The third type, the solid condenser, is employed in our
laboratories for the fabrication of "Volts."

Here is the table of proportions to use in the preparation
of our drugs:

Liquid Condenser for painting - amounts given in grams

White Wine Alcohol                       120
Juice of Lily leaves                           4
Juice of Mandrake leaves                 18
Juice of Chamomile leaves                19
Juice of Poplar leaves                      48
Coal of Poplar                                15
Extract of Lily                                 2
Extract of Mandrake                         3
Extract of Chamomile                        1
Extract of Poplar                              4
Lactose (milk sugar)                        50
Lactucarium                                   25
Gelatin                                          80
Copal Oil                                        25

Liquid Condenser for bottles - amounts given in grams

Juice of Lily leaves                         2
Juice of Mandrake leaves                 8
Juice of Chamomile leaves                9
Juice of Poplar leaves                    20
Extract of Lily flowers                     3

Liquid Condenser for bottles - amounts given in grams

Extract of Mandrake                      13
Extract of Chamomile                      5
Extract of Poplar                          32
Lactose (milk sugar)                     60
Lactucarium                                36

Solid Condenser

Mandrake Coal                           80
Iron                                         20
Brass powder                             15
Lactose (milk sugar)                    40
Gold                                         18
Lactucarium                               80
Poplar Coal                                16

For these drugs to act as you wish, it is necessary to
conform to the following recommendations:

1. The extracts of the plants should be prepared by
maceration in pure alcohol for forty days. The flask used in
this operation should not be exposed to the Sun or to
daylight. The temperature of the alcohol used for the
maceration of the extracts must be constantly maintained at
90 degrees Fahrenheit. For each 100 grams of herb, it is
necessary to use 120 grams of alcohol.

2. The pressed extracts are blended together.

3. To obtain the coal of the plants, enclose these hermetic
remains in a bowl of blown glass and then plunge it into a
fire of wood or coal.

4. Beeswax, which we recommend for certain mixtures, must be
boiled three times in pure water, in advance.

5. Copal resin must be washed in cold running water before

6. Before proceeding with the mixture of the characteristic
compositions, hermetically seal a sufficient volume of the
fluid condenser in a flask or bottle. This flask, or bottle,
containing the condenser, must remain in cold running water
for ten days.

7. When drying the plants that are used in the magical
preparations, see to it that they do not fall under the
influence of the light of day. Be sure to maintain the
temperature of the laboratory at 90 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

8. To isolate the fluid condensers from the light of day,
surround the flask, or bottle, which contains them, with
many layers of a cloth of natural silk, which has been
carefully washed in running water before using it.

9. The composition of the condensers must be made in
artificial light.


In astrology, as in sexual magic, the Moon, the second
principle luminary of our system, is certainly the most
important factor. It is necessary to bear these things in mind:

1. The Moon, a female planet, favors the feminine power.

2. When the Moon is in her increasing phase, her feminine
form increases proportionately. This is a propitious period
for the magical actions of the woman, when the tides of
lunar vibrations are then favorable. For the man, this
period is good for the passive operations of acceptance
and also for the correction of our acquired or developed

3. When the Moon decreases, the period is propitious for the
active operations of the man, for the projection of
influence over others, and to arrange or modify a "Volt" (a
magic figure charged with influence - Bardon calls it a
'Dynamide') or to charge a "Volt" with an aggressive force.

4. The variations of the magnetic tides of the Moon are at
the maximum between the 28th and the first day of the
revolution of the Moon (the dark of the Moon). They are at
the minimum, being negative or feminine, between the 14th
and 15th days of the cycle (the full Moon).

5. At the masculine time of the lunar month, you can operate
actively with the influence of masculine planets. During the
feminine periods -the second and third quarters - devote
yourself to the passive actions.

For determining the potential force of a person by his
individual horoscope, make the algebraic addition of the
strengths and weaknesses of the planets, as found in their
natal theme. Thus we obtain, for each of the seven planets
of our system, a number that indicates the force of the
influence in question. This number can be employed
advantageously for the preparation of the perfume, the
color, and of individual melodies which are a great aid to
personal visions and for magical operations of greater


To find the individual color of a person, the color that
synthesizes a time, or the color that favors the execution
of a determined magical operation, study the horoscopic
aspects of the planetary forces conforming to Table A:

1. For each of the planets of the horoscope, establish
its strength (+) and weakness (-).

2. Add the positive values (+) and the negative values (-)
and establish the balance, which is the definitive sum for
each planet separately.

3. Prepare a disc having a diameter of two feet and divides
the circumference into equal parts, the number being equal
to the sum total of the discovered balances for each planet.

4. Then, divide the disc into as many respective sections.

5. For each of the planets make a number of sections equal
to the number of its balance, established according to Table
A. The balances numbered by zero or in negative value are

6. The section of Mercury is divided in as many equal parts
as there are planets in consideration, not including itself.

7. The section of each planet is painted in its
characteristic color. Repeat these same colors in the same
order when painting the subdivisions of the section of Mercury.

8. Fix the disc thus prepared on a rotating axis, and make
it turn rapidly in order to create the illusion of only one
color. This color is that which you have sought.

9. Make a faithful copy of the color.


We suppose that, after having established a natal horoscope
and consulting Table A, we have found the following aspects:

Planets              Sun Moon Mer Ven  Mar  Jup   Sat
Strengths            30    50  45   45    45    35    25
Weaknesses         10    43   5    3     15    15    35
Balances             20      7  40   42    30    20   -10
Definitive Result    20 +  7 +40 + 40+ 30  + 20  +  0 = 159

Then, we divide our disc into 159 equal sections and,
conforming to the balances found, we take, respectively:

20 sections for the Sun
7 sections for the Moon
40 sections for Mercury
42 sections for Venus
30 sections for Mars
20 sections for Jupiter

Saturn does not have a section on the disc because its
balance is negative [greys it].

The sections of the different planets being traced, we color
them in the following manner:

Sun in yellow
Moon in white
Venus in green
Mars in red
Jupiter in blue

Mercury's section, subdivided in five small equal sections,
receives all the colors: yellow, white, green, red, blue (
see figure 2). The study of the influence of color may be
pursued to some bizarre results. Another magical receipt
known to be efficacious, works without the factor of
individual color, according to a method that we will reveal

The Perfumes

In Table A you find, for the seven planets, the
corresponding flowers and plants that particularly absorb
their virtues. To prepare an individual perfume, choose the
necessary plants according to the Table and to the horoscope
of the person for whom you act. Then make extracts from
those plants. This is not done by distillation or by means
of the press, but by the maceration of the plants in pork
fat [lard - remember 'Jitterbug Perfume'?].

1. Put the fat in pure water and bring to a boil three

2. Add some coarse cooking salt (sea salt does not have the
same properties) in the proportion of two parts by weight of
the salt to one part of fat.

3. Leave the fat, thoroughly mixed with the salt, in a bath
of cold running water or under the faucet until all the salt
is gone.

4. Next, warm the fat and macerate the plants in it.

5. Then, take the macerated plants out of the fat and leave
them to cool.

6. When they are cool, cut them into small cubes and
macerate them again for 14 days in alcohol that has been
obtained by distilling good white wine.

To determine the proportions of the plant extracts in order
to prepare an individual perfume, use the method cited above
for colors. In the example given, illustrated above, you
would take:

Sun -       20 parts
Moon -       7 parts
Venus -     42 parts
Mars -      30 parts
Jupiter -   20 parts

Mercury = 40/5 of Sun; 40/5 of Moon; 40/5 of  Venus; 40/5 of
Mars; 40/5
of Jupiter.

The individual color of a person, created by the method that
we have indicated, optically expresses the synthesis of
their character. You can also obtain the characteristic
color of a mental state. For this, you must find the
proportionate value of the occult forces that concentrate
and attract the influences that are needed for this effect.
The same horoscopic procedure aids us in this; and when we
have found the desired color, we surround ourselves with it
in the form of lighting and of painted decor so that the
magical operations will succeed. We do the same for the
perfume, which reinforces the beneficial effect of the
color. For the individual perfume, drawn from the woman,
it is necessary to add a mixture of essences extracted from
the flower "Chenopodium Vulveria" in the proportion of two
grams of "Chenopodium" for ten grams of prepared mixture.

[note: "Chenopodium" also refers to the perfume base or
natural 'musk' of the woman, drawn from her generative
glands. For more information about the herb, see the
following websites:

Chenopodium Vulvaria ]

For the perfume of the man, take some "Kastania Sauerdon,"
in the same proportions.[note: same idea as for the woman,
although this time the reference is a bit more opaque.

'Sauerdon' is a German reference to 'Barberry'; see:


'Kastania' [french 'Castagne'] means 'Horse Chestnut'.
Another herb that turns up in my readings for Kastania is
Valerian. A goatish smell]
"Let us create vessels and sails fashioned for the heavenly Æther, for there
will be plenty of people who do not shrink from the vastness of space."
~ Johannes Kepler, letter to Galileo Galilei, 1609.


wow khem, thats a little more than i asked for but very cool.

i am more interested in ink pools than anything, i recently made myself a polished copper bowl, about 7 by 5. i pounded it with an iron railroad spike muffled with goatskin and polished it with rotted stone and green sand.

i have made a few pints of walnut ink to fill the bowl and make use of it for viewings. my question would be can i reuse my ink of should it be discarded each use, can the bowl be placed directly on a table top or should it be insulated by velvet or glass, should i suspent the bowl?

thanks for your interest khem and i look forward to your next post. i am not new to viewing but i am new to viewing in my home, in the past i have done all of my viewings on moonless nights at lakes or ponds with still water. this being concidered i feel that viewing in an ink pool will be more suited to my personal energies than using a mirror.
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