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eBay Merchant Hall of Acclaim and Recommendation

Started by Jake of All Trades, January 26, 2009, 07:41:35 PM

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Jake of All Trades

As many of us deal with the acquisition of objects through the aetherical marketplace known as eBay, I though it might be a spiffing idea to create a list of sellers with whom we've had a notably good transaction with regards to Steamy goods. 

I'll start things off by commending the merchant known as "candylandquilter", from whom I recently purchased a most wonderful pressure gauge.  I was uneasy about the transaction because the gentleman in question was quite without feedback of any kind, but I am happy to report that these concerns were more than quelled when the parcel arrived.  The gauge was exactly as described, and it was packaged better than anything I've seen thus far.  It seems the gentleman took the time to cut a block of extruded polystyrene foam to the precise dimensions of the item--a task done to such perfection that I initially thought some manner of expanding foam had been utilized.  It was really quite extraordinary!  Anyhow, I must recommend you take a look at this seller's other items for sale.  He seems to have access to some lovely bits of Steam gear, and his young seller rating may result in relatively low winning bids till he makes a name for himself.
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From Ebay merchant 'Luxlogs' I've bought a couple a couple of 'clera bra' plastic shields for a wristwatch and a pocket watch.  These are not those thin films one puts over their cell phone screen, but a thick, clear, and spongy pre-cut piece of plastic to be used as a crystal protector.  Good seller, quality product, cheap and fast shipping.  markf
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one which i have bought items from in the past which i was very pleased with was Casanova Nauticals the seller has some very nice things, and, now that i have what i want and nobody is a threat anymore, those who saw the telescope and pocket watch compass i got can finally own their own, the seller has a variety of compasses in different styles, sextants, telescopes, and seems to have different items up on the page whenever i look, like, currently there are no sextants or water compasses, however there were the other day, soon may be put up again with more different things


I have to recommend the Chinese seller ventures_cn1. Good contact, good service, even the possibility to get replacement parts if something goes AWOL or is KIA (like my cellphone charging cable that perished in a fire) for reasonable prices.


there is one seller who makes very elegant and steamy jewelery: razzybones


Quote from: misterwobbley on February 05, 2009, 01:12:40 AM
Ok. I have to admit, I don't have the propper outfit right now so I'll post some pikkies of me with things pulled out of my wardrobe

Ummm..... wrong thread?
Mr. Wobbley, you may want to delete this post and place it in the "playing dress up" thread, or "post your picture" thread....

Danbury Shakes

Quote from: jringling on February 05, 2009, 01:17:43 AM
Quote from: misterwobbley on February 05, 2009, 01:12:40 AM
Ok. I have to admit, I don't have the propper outfit right now so I'll post some pikkies of me with things pulled out of my wardrobe

Ummm..... wrong thread?
Mr. Wobbley, you may want to delete this post and place it in the "playing dress up" thread, or "post your picture" thread....
Thanks mate, I've figured it out

Dr. makebot

I must recommend sparkletube, seller of Nixie tubes and associated equipment.
I recently made three perchases from him, all of which arrived promply, well packaged and (where needed) with the appropriate data sheet.
He is also an eBay top rated seller, with 99.8% positive feed back.
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Siddons, the Incompable

For those of us wanting corsetry items, (and fetishwear if you're that way inclined) I'd like to recommend dynamic-perversity, and their store Armory Auctions. They are good value for money, good quality, and even better: good customer service  ;D
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I recently bought a couple of necklaces from ebay user "ellysim."

Pendants and earrings made from old watch parts and other brass/copper bits and bobs. Cute, steamy and affordable. The seller posted the items promptly and they were bubble-wrapped well. Shipping from the US was just US$5, which is really good compared to what some Ebay sellers charge.
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mercian guy

I bought a mechanical pocket watch from Two Bears (, the item is exactly as described, very well protected during shipping and arrived very quickly.  If you need a pocket watch this seller is well worth checking out!
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I don't know if this person ships to the UK, but if you're in the US it's free shipping.  I got one of these little telescopes, and I just think it's fantastic.  So for those who may be interested:
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Elisa Johnstone

I recently acquired a bit of millinary from Ms. Purdy.  It is quite exquisite, and has garnered numerous compliments.  It arrived quite earlier than I expected, and arrived with extra materials for adjusting it for a perfect fit.
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Oberst Steffen Crist

Helmut Weitze and his shop deal in high-end militaria and military-oriented books. Purchased a vintage zeppelin badge for $2400. Item arrived very quickly, shipped from Hamburg, Germany. His staff also helped me identify a rare Austrian veterans badge from WWI. Good people to work with, and buy from.
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Although not specifically steampunk, I would like to recommend an ebay seller by the name of 00costumecreations00.  She sells custom-made Victorian-style skirts in your choice of colour and fabric for very reasonable prices.  I bought a skirt from her last year for the Asylum ball and it was very good quality and arrived quickly. I believe she also sells other items such as hats and capes.


on the subject of ebay does anyone know what jas happened to thereenactiors closet..tracy jackson aka tracetheace. she made good hoop underskirts,corsets,bum rolls etc but seems to have dissapperead
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If you want bits and bobs to make your own Steampunk jewellery CenBrennah only sells occasionally, but the are normally cheap and well packaged.


Quote from: ScarletNethers on January 18, 2013, 09:47:30 PM
If you want bits and bobs to make your own Steampunk jewellery CenBrennah only sells occasionally, but the are normally cheap and well packaged.

I see that you have a facebook page, Scarlet Crafts, and on that page you have a link to your ebay sales, under the account "CenBrennah". I feel that you may have missed the point of this thread, it's so that we can see who people have actually bought items from in the past and have exceeded expectations.


If you're after electronic components, drive steppers, LEDs and such, I'd recommend nanopunk.

I just ordered some battery terminals, cheapest listed. I ordered them yesterday, arrived this morning. They also have fantastic prices for bulk packs of LEDs and such, well worth a look if you're an LED-phile like me  ;D
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This is an unabashed act of blatant self-promotion & commercial trumpeting!


I create things in my Art Laboratory in the UK & occasionally list them on
Some of my steampunk-esque objects seem popular & are rather well received

...and have been asked 'why' I'm not promoting them to like minded persons on Brassgoggles.

So here I am:-
Items of Kuriology may occasionally escape from our Art Laboratory.
These have been known to find their way onto
If found, please purchase prolifically & responsibly
Thank you
The Kuriologist

One Stop Steampunk

Hey guys, if you're looking for a website that sells a lot of steampunk items all in one area, I would love some feedback and some social shares!

Some stuff is sourced from elswhere, and some stuff is made by myself and some others.

Would really appreciate feedback and shares and support :)

I plan for it to be the biggest most selective store for all things steampunk!

If anyone here is interested in hosting your own products on there, please reach out to me via

- Thank you!
One Stop Steampunk
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First post, but I found this forum to be really helpful in avoiding questionable retailers.  I ended up getting a Horatio Hornblower inspired outfit from:

They're a small shop in Michigan near Sarnia, I was sized in early November, told them I wasn't in a rush, and still got a custom outfit delivered by the New Year.  They seem to specialize in more American Civil War era items, but if you can find something you like on their site, I would recommend them.  They're not inexpensive, but they did a pretty good job.  All they had to go from was knowledge of the fashion standards of the time and promotional photos from the tv series, yet they were able to create an outfit that I was very pleased with.