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eBay Merchant Hall of Disapproval and Vituperation

Started by Jake of All Trades, January 30, 2009, 12:38:43 AM

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Jake of All Trades

Have you had an unpleasant encounter with an eBay merchant?  Tell us about it so that we may avoid said sellers!

PS:  Do try to be as fair and sensitive as possible, yeah?
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There was a guy on ebay a long time ago called "TheGlassGentleman" If he's still around, avoid him.
He buys up glass things and leaves negaive feedback for loads of the things he buys and for loads of the people who buy from him. He doesn't take into account that glass is delicate and can break easily in the post, he's a total ass about it leaving loads of negaive feedback like "Item arrived in peices, seller was rude, DO NOT BUY!!!!" when something arrives damaged, a million times over I saw seller's replies along the lines of "What the blazes? It was in one peice when I sent it and I havent even talked with you ???"

Long story short TheGlassGentleman is an ass who leaves negative feedback for nothing.
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karri1974-Sells repro and original militaria.
A thoroughly unpleasant git,this person.
I'm currently appealing an unpaid item strike due to this person.I bid on and won a lovely east German tunic,and promptly after winning,sent karri a message asking if it was possible to pay in another way than with paypal.I NEVER got an answer.
  I waited.I waited for 3 weeks.No answer,no communication at all.
I even worded the question not saying I absolutely could not use paypal if that was all he'd take,I would have accepted either outcome-SOME form of yes or no would have been lovely.
   When checking back to look for things on ebay this week,I found 2 messages-not from karri,but from ebay saying I'd had an unpaid item case opened and had been given a strike.

This degenerate is entirely at fault-I never got an answer to the question that would have a avoided this.Not even a request for payment asap.Not a blasted thing.
As well,it's not like he sent the thing.No communication,I wasn't in possesion of un-paid-for merchandise...

In short-The man seems too busy to respond to the simplest questions.Avoid him,plenty of other militaria dealers.


I would not use White Elephant Media and related companies Outpost Media Deals, Mediamusement and Moon Base Media again. They advertised a book and sent an audio book. No where mentioned in the advert was disc, audio, etc... mentioned. I returned the disc per their requirement and that is the last I ever heard from them despite many contacts.

PayPal and Ebay were zero help of course.

I now use Ebay as rarely as I can and stay away from doing business with companies selling on Ebay. While I was out $25 it did save me money in the long run. Previously I spent much more at Ebay. So thank you EBay for not backing customers.

Amazon is now my preferred source for new items. I am not saying they are better, as I have not had any problems yet and that's where the pudding and proof would be.
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Glasgow Jon

Quote from: clockworkskull on January 30, 2009, 03:35:20 PM
sgt.kato- i point back to another post.

In the interest of fair play, I brought this thread to the attention of Kato as I am on another forum with her.

She said that she is sorry that you were unhappy with the quality of the product that you received from her and that if your had brought it to her attention, she would have given you a full refund and apology.

Kato then said that if you were to contact her now, you would still get your money refunded and an apology as she values good customer relations and is not happy unless her clients are.

Please get in touch with her so that this matter can be resolved to everyones satisfaction.
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Don't make the mistake I did and get tempted by the cheap prices of ebay seller "mycloak", trading under the name "Von Lancelot".. the "corset" I recieved is unwearable - it's a style that has a collar/shoulders attached and it's physically impossible to wear - if the corset is on your waist, the shirt collar is up around your ears.. and if you put the shoulders where they ought to be, the corset is way below the hip line.

What I think they have done is when the scaled up the pattern for larger sizes, they scaled up everything - including the height of the shoulders/collar/top of the corset. The result is not a garment I can use without significant alteration.

The seller ignored my messages and didn't deal with the problems I had at all. Just kept my money.

After I had bought it I found out they have actually ripped off someone else's design, too.  :-\

For the real deal, the person to go to for this particular style is "Damsel in this Dress" . It's what I heartily wish I'd done!

Siddons, the Incompable

If you should ever encounter a buyer named kenny-kenwood, think hard before bidding. I bid on an item listed as 'not fully tested', but also 'working' and 'not faulty'.  When I received it, I discovered that it WAS in fact faulty, to the extent of not in any way shape or form to be considered 'working'. When I left negative feedback he then became abusive.
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Also beware of a Ebay Seller Garbolatry.  She was very nice to begin with but after getting my measurements for a custom costume, she sent it.  It was too small.  So I sent the top back as the skirt was fine.  She supposedly fixed it, sent it back.  Again too small.  She asked me to send the whole costume back, and she would refund.  I have done so, but as yet have to receive either the costume or the money back.  Now she has pulled all her auctions, and refuses to acknowledge any email.  Needless to say I'm very upset.

Mr Bellows

I am currently annoyed with an Ebay seller called chayned_spark, I bid & won a "one of a kind, Sale price" Steampunk brooch, a nice little copper & brass winged thingy & paid via Paypal for it, its now weeks later & no sign of the brooch, also my messages have been ignored & I'm approaching the deadline to leave negative feedback.
Approach with caution this one.
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Chayned_spark has earned a negative feedback today.  Might be wise to start a dispute with ebay/paypal whilst you still can.
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Herr Döktor

Quote from: Shelley on March 05, 2010, 12:12:14 AM
Also beware of a Ebay Seller Garbolatry.  She was very nice to begin with but after getting my measurements for a custom costume, she sent it.  It was too small.  So I sent the top back as the skirt was fine.  She supposedly fixed it, sent it back.  Again too small.  She asked me to send the whole costume back, and she would refund.  I have done so, but as yet have to receive either the costume or the money back.  Now she has pulled all her auctions, and refuses to acknowledge any email.  Needless to say I'm very upset.

Me too, never received the item I'd paid for, and she had been very informative until long after the point I could have made a claim, then nothing.



I just had a nightmare ebay transaction from a user called vintagecottonandlace. I bought a 1940s style dress, but when it arrived it was waaaay too big for me,and didn't match the measurements listed on the selling page. I asked the seller if I could return it, and they refused. I checked ebays policy as they are a business seller, and by rights all business sellers have to accept returns if the items are returned within 5 days of recieving the item. She still refused. I opened a case with ebay, which immediatly closed. I rang ebay and told them of my problem, and they told me I had to wait for a set number of days before I could reclaim.I did, and nothing changed. I left her the well deserved negative feedback, and informed ebay, by phone, that no action had been taken STILL. Theyopened a new case against her, which based on the evidence, I won. She asked for a negative feedback retraction claiming ebay had "settled in her favour", to which I replied by simply copying and pasting the message ebay sent me that I was entitled to a full refund, including postage, when I sent the item back. She never got back in touch, but I sent the item back via the same delivery method and today, after three weeks, I finally got my money back.

This ebay user threatened me, went against ebay policy and was extremly rude and made accusations. Avoid.
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I am thinking the place (ebay etsy etc.) and the name of the person or user name should both be highlighted some how in these posts. maybe bold or underlined. a different color and bold font to make it easy to see who we are to avoid and where.

or we could just put a sentence at the beginning with name and place. then have a separate paragraph with what happened.

J. Wilhelm

Avoid a bastard gentleman by the name of Simon Didier aka Ysp Didier  aka yspdidier on Etsy.  This person will allow the entire waiting period of manufacture for a custom item pass, and right when the item is due for shipment make a direct claim on Paypal for "non receipt of item" in spite of the fact that the item has been shipped.  This shipment is to France, hence the item will not be received until a few days after the item had been shipped.  PayPal will look at the case and assume that the item was never shipped until they can track the item.  You can contest the claim, but Paypal will freeze the amount of money involved potentially waiting for the item to arrive at it's destination with no way for you to retrieve the item.

I'm hoping that I will get my money back, but in the meantime I have a negative balance in my Paypal account thanks to this clown.  The only way to liberate the account immediately is to issue a refund which I refuse to do just on principle. 

Unfortunately some people know how to work the system to obtain items for free.

Kryss LaBryn

My husband has had a major problem with Fancycube Trading Co. Ltd on ebay. They also seem to sell as 97k-cube.

He ordered a particular type of soldering machine for a very fair price, around a hundred dollars. What he actually got was not only the wrong model, it was also damaged to the point that if he hadn't by pure chance opened it up before plugging it in (he heard something loose in there), it could have been very dangerous.

He shows the damage in this video:

YiHua 852D Station that was shipped to me. Complete fail for QC.

We went on to find even more severed and loose wires. And the item, which was supposed to be new, was obviously used, as it had several dings (as he shows).

We followed correct procedure and contacted the seller, who, so far as it not being the model listed, said, and I quote:

Quote"thanks for your email, sorry about this accident , as you are professional
people i think you can know that two model just a bit different of the
screen,  we are sorry about that you recieve damaged item , we can give you
total 18AUD as compesation , you can keep it ,is that ok for you ? we can
send the damaged parts to you , please let we know if it is ok  for you ?
by the way , could you kindly help us remove the negative feedback ?
Jean "

So apparently selling us a different, lesser model from the one they listed and photographed is just something that professional people just do sometimes. You know, despite them saying in the listing, "All items sold by us are being described to the best of our abilities, as accurate as possible, and with utmost conscientiousness on our part. "

And $20 or so is fair compensation if we get to keep the damaged goods which, even if it was in perfect working order, would still be the wrong item. And so much of it was damaged that to repair it we would have needed to have been shipped pretty much all the internals. There were capacitors and resistors all bashed around on the rear circuit board as well as more damaged wires and connections.

We ended up taking it to ebay, who said that to get an "item not as described" refund we'd need to send it back again, at our cost, of course. We did, but the seller refused to pick it up once it had arrived. Ebay almost refused the refund on the grounds it hadn't been returned, but my husband pointed out that the local post office had received it, attempted to deliver it, and had issued notices to the seller that the item was there, and that we had no way of forcing the seller to pick the damned thing up.

Today ebay agreed, and gave us a full refund of the purchase price (although we're out the shipping, of course), so, the ridiculous saga of the seller who thought that a high-end, working soldering box was the same thing as a lower-end, damaged box has drawn to a close and, having that final resolution, I now feel free to warn you to avoid these guys like the plague. They have a fair amount of damaged items/not as described/never received negative feedback so I guess our experience wasn't unique.
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