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Online suppliers of the stuff we want

Started by jringling, February 27, 2009, 06:55:55 PM

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mr vaderman

If you need US-brand industrial brass parts, try Similar product line to US distributors such as Mcmaster or Grainger but with the added benefit that they deliver to the UK customers. From what i can tell, no minimum order size...


If anyone is looking to purchase steampunk computer keyboards, please check out my shop

One Stop Steampunk

Hey guys n gals of this incredible Steampunk community! If you're looking for a website that sells a lot of steampunk items all in one area, I would love some feedback and some social shares!

Some stuff is sourced from elswhere, and some stuff is made by myself and others.

Would really appreciate feedback and shares and support :)

I plan for it to be the biggest most selective store for all things steampunk! Everything from head to toe to home decor!

If anyone here is interested in hosting your own products on there, please reach out to me via

- Thank you!
One Stop Steampunk
Help Support a new Local Steampunk Brand!