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Started by vela, September 25, 2009, 10:20:31 PM

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Rachel Harrison

Greetings I am a 25 year old lady of good conscience in need of a penpal to communicate with in the old fashion. I simply adore stationary and love getting letters in the post. Please feel free to get in touch with me.

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Good ladies and sirs,

I am currently holding the hopes of procuring a partner for the exchange of letters, postcards, and possibly small trinkets.

In regards to myself, I am a 24-year-old lady from the United States, with polymathic passions for a variety of subjects, including but not limited to: history, travel, tea, cooking, sewing, painting, crafting, tinkering, and literature.

If you are interested in becoming my writing companion, please send me a missive and we will discuss details. I am open to letter  exchanges from anyone local or abroad.

Lady Era Wakely
Historian. Scholar. Polymath.

Mabel Ann

Hi, I've been lurking around here for a while and thought I should jump in. I'm new to Steampunk but I am hoping to get a lot more involved.

I don't really have a Steampunk persona but I have always imagined myself seaching lost worlds for giant reptiles ;D

I'm in the UK, not far from London

I'm a 36 year old female.

I'm interested in lots of things. I like music (rock and metal mostly but I quite wide ranging tastes) I also love football (soccer), love reptiles, dinosaurs, history, politics, science fiction and films.
I work full time and am studying for a history degree part time.
I like tinkering about with gadgets too although my enthusiasm outstrips my actual ability.
I love to read but as I'm dyslexic I tend to use audiobooks more than real books :(
I play bass guitar a bit too.
I'll talk about anything really - I can't guarantee I'll make sense though.

PM or email would be best for me but proper letters would be good too.


Ladies and Gents of kind disposition,

I am an aspiring writer, and in order to get my silly brain squishy with creative juices I would like to throw my hat into the ring of potential pen pals. I am 28 years old and reside in the historic city of Saint Paul, Minnesota. For you folks in the United Kingdom, that is in the American midwest, in the land of 10,000 lakes to be exact. My grammar may be hideous, but my manners are not, for we Minnesotans are oft known for our very large hearts (and waistlines, har har). I am full of curiosity and hard pressed to not find any subject in life utterly fascinating.

Please feel free to email me at and we can either exchange emails or addresses for snail mail. Either works for me! Although I'm particularly excited for tangible correspondence. Sometimes I think my post man feels sorry for me. But hopefully that's all about to change!

Thank you in advance for your consideration,


I am new the whole world of steampunk. I would very much like a friend and mentor to help me get started on this new and exciting journey. :)


Greetings! It would be nice to have a pal to pen. It's been a great while since I've had the pleasure of sending a written correspondence, and I do miss it. There's something exciting about waiting for the post.

Anyway, a bit about myself. I'm 21, an accounting student, and a pirate currently residing on the east coast of the States. I have a love of literature, film, music (ranging from 80's rock to celtic, to classical, to darkwave, to anything victorianesque), animals, roller derby, and nature. I am also in the process of making my own teas, as soon as the weather permits.

It would be lovely to have a pen-pal, whether it be in steampunk persona or not. It's nice to meet people all over, near or far, local or international.

Hope to hear from someone soon!  :)

Captain Morgan Arkwright

Good day!

I´m a  male based in Manchester, England, been into the aesthetic of steampunk for a year or two, but only starting really getting into the making and dressing side of it for about the last year or so.

Looking for a pen pal, in character or out.

Please contact if interested.  :)

Captain Morgan Arkwright.


Hello all, (sorry for the not so steamy picture very new to this and have yet to make a costume, though i have a few ideas) So i'd like an email pen pal if at all possible. im 18 years old living on the west coast of the USA. WA to be precise. I'm also a christian, so if you dont mind me sometimes talking about that then your still good as a pen pal to me. :)

I've recently gotten into the steampunk genre so I'm looking for someone to bounce ideas off of and am willing to be that person for someone else. I've also very much enjoyed role playing which is story driven. (not the rolld 1d6 for x amount of damage, but the "character A: something, character B: something that drives story along).

WHEW this is long winded....
Enjoy reading and writing very much, and also write songs sometimes. Anybody willing to be a penpal feel free to message me. Any age welcome.
Carpe Diem, Memento Mori


Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I'm hoping to find one or several pen pals, if there would be anyone interested.
I'm an 18 year old Swedish art student, and I'm quite new to this exciting world of steampunk. I'm very much interested in the Victorian era, and also the Edwardian, and I believe that's where my newly awakened interest in steampunk somehow came about.
   My interests, except those mentioned above, are mostly art, music, history, literature, movies and animals. I'm sure it won't be hard to find someone who shares at least one of those here? You all seem to be such a creative group of people on this forum.

Anyhow, I have no requirements about gender, age or location so please feel free to contact me. :)
I prefer snail mailing, but e-mail is also fine.

I'd love to hear from you,

Lady Ava

Hmmm, perhaps it might be wise to stop replying, and let a penpal find me instead...

I'm Ava, long time Brass Goggles addict, I just can't help myself.
I'm 18, female, and I love almost everything. I am studying Civil Engineering, so anyone who knows anything even VAGUELY close to that would be brilliant, but not a complete must. I am a console gamer, to the point where I have Legend of Zelda tattos, and my nails ALWAYS painted the correct colours of where your fingers go on a Guitar Hero controller. I have utterly no preference on age, gender, or location of penpals, just be prepared for frequent communication and the occassional tiny gift! I'm big on gifts and smiles.
I read alot too, but then so do most members of this forum.

Excellent. Best go put the kettle on.
''I'm a loose bolt in a complete machine. What a match! I'm half-doomed and you're semi-sweet.''
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hallo all!

I'm 22 and live on Long Island, USA.  im a huge dork.  i love reading, music, writing, and crafting things.  Im just getting into this steampunk scene, and would really like someone whos sort of a guide.  I love science fiction,  especially old science fiction, Wells, Doyle, Verne, Lovecraft, those guys.  Id really enjoy a friendly exchange of email with anyone who cares to.


I posted here earlier, but since I so enjoy correspondence I thought I'd try again. I'm a 22 year old male in Washington State, USA. I enjoy a wide range of topics from philosophy and religion to video games, history, music, and will generally argue/discuss just about anything with you. I'm open to just about anyone who's willing to be open with me. I've not yet fleshed out a persona for myself, but I've got some ideas kicking around my still young braincase. I respond to what pen-pals I have in a timely fashion, so send me a message and let's get this started! =)
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I'm a 21-year-old lady, from Denmark, currently studying the noble art of software engineering and in want of a pen-pal.
I enjoy music, literature, moving pictures, gaming, programming, cooking, knitting, cocktails, beer and more!
I am still mainly in the lurking phase of my steampunk career, seeing as I have neither sewing machine nor soldering iron (and no place to tinker!) but I do admire the outfits and ideas I find here greatly!
I must say that I am on a budget, and postal affairs in Denmark are quite costly (as is everything else), and I have limited resources, so I may be a little slow on reply from time to time, should I get a pen-pal from across the pond, but I will do my best to keep the correspondence alive!
Let me know if you're interested!

Christophe Cocoricau


I have posted here in the past, a year ago or so but in any case am looking for a pen pal, already sent one message though I thought it might be good to just post some info for the sake of it. I'm almost 27 now, a male, with an extreme need to share all my thoughts with everyone at all times, no matter the circumstances. I am interested in literature, "moving pictures", art to a certain degree, philosophy, games, friendly chatter and many more, the list goes on, so to speak. I am located in Poland and am able to contact others via traditional mail and or email. Please leave me a message if anyone is interested.


Right then - I suppose it won't hurt to throw my goggles into the mix... :)

I am a 29 year old female living in Indiana (USA), married with no kids and no pets. I am trying to figure 'who I am' in terms of my Steampunk persona, so I think writing in character at times could be helpful. I love to make things (crafts, baking, writing, etc) so don't be surprised if you should find little treasures within your correspondence! I like to read, I love music (all kinds!), and I love to laugh and have a good time - I'm also a great listener and am usually the one my friends come to when they're having hard times. I don't pass judgment, and am open minded; I do not tolerate blasphemy. Hmm...I think that's all...

  • Open to snail-mail (I do love to write!) or e-mail (would be more frequent!)
  • Open to 'real life' correspondence or 'character' correspondence...or both!
  • Location doesn't matter
  • Age doesn't necessarily matter
  • Gender doesn't matter either, but I think it might be easier to correspond with another female (and also make it easier to explain to the mister why I'm receiving mail from a male...hehe!)

Because I always tend to bite off more than I can chew, I'm limiting myself to one hand-written pen-pal, and one or two email pen-pals and will update this as necessary.
~Miss Amelia Featherstone~
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NW Indiana
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Hello there fellow steamers,Two people here caught my eye as potential pen pals....LADY AVA it seems we have several interests in common from your profile so if your into the idea id be willing to pen pal up send me PM if your interested and PALEOSTEVEO you seem to live right by me mate on the island so perhaps we could begin some correspondence it would be nice to have another steampunker on the island to talk to. So if either of you are interested send me a pm or reply here. For any others who are interested im 22/m/Usa willing to begin either a correspondence via email or traditional mail with basically anyone involved in the steampunk scene,Always wanted an overseas penpal so they will get first dibs,But As I said willing to shoot the breeze with anyone.

-Herr Cogmaster


hello everyone.
I am 21/m/uk and new to SP. I have many interests including video games, movies, photography and more. I would like to write some one in another country as it would be a great oppurtunity to learn about other cultures. I would prefer snail mail rather than e-mail as i enjoy recieving letters. I am definatly up for some RP mail.
Not really sure what else i should put.
any questions feel free to PM me :)


I am after a penpal

I am 23, female based in Australia.

I just got into steampunk recently and love it. I am currently reading Gail Carriger's Blameless and then Heartless.

I also LOVE Comedy!



I'm a 24 year old female based in the uk. I'm looking for a pen pal, national or international is fine.

My interest are music, playing the guitar, the theatre, computer gaming, roleplaying, kittens, cute things, reading and fluffy things.

Feel free to pm me :)

burnished brass man

I am a 32 male based in the US I am looking for a pen pal
my interests are tinkering with stuff, computers, soccer, reading, and many many ohter things I recently go tinto steam punk and would like a pen pal either national or itnernational 


Good day, I was hoping to find someone to converse with at their leisure whether it be traditional or through electronic means. I am eighteen years of age, I am currently located on the west coast of the United States. I consider myself a dabbler of sorts, I find nearly everything of interest, but interesting in usually a unique view. I would say though, I am a fan of steam punk, but a more Earthly, modern Victorian era niche. It doesn't matter where my pen-pal resides, for I have local ties to the postal community and stamps come very inexpensive. Neither does the sex cause any dispute, but due to the few societal edicts I actually hold myself to, I plead that any potential pen-pals be at least the age of majority. Send me a personal message, if you have further questions or interest. I hope to hear from someone soon.


Greetings ladies and gents!
The name's Kat. 23 years old. Based out of a quaint port on the coast of Virginia. I make my living as a sailor, though I'd love to offer my skills to the crew of an airship should I ever get the chance :)
If there are any fellow steamers looking for a soul to recount your world travels with or just to chitchat, I'm full of stories ^_^

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Professor E.S. Wheatstone

Gentle fellows of the Academy,

Professor Wheatstone here, looking for a penpal.  I am a gentleman of advancing years (44) but still fleet of mind and firm of fetlock.  I live in England, about 30 miles outside London.

I am what you young fellows call a "geek", but I like to think I am a geek of good manners, some wit and award-winning personal hygiene.  I came to the gentle art of Steampunking through a lifelong love of the Scientific Romances-

- oh look, I can't keep this style up forever.  I love Science Fiction and Fantasy in books, movies, comics and on TV.  I'm also into gaming. I draw a bit and I'm just dipping a toe into the waters of digital art.  I enjoy model making too but I am no great talent.  I'm starting to put together a Victorian/Edwardian costume and have visited a few Steampunk venues but as yet don't know anyone else who is into "the scene" (if there is indeed such an animal).  I love heritage railways too, and Indie music and nature.

I'd be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to drop me a line.

Best wishes.


Hello there everyone, I'm Morgan and I'd love to find some pen pals.

I'm 21 this year and I live in Long Island NY and I'm into a wide assortment of things ranging from reading just about anything to trying my hand at something new. I'm an Asian American studies major with a focus on Japan and I'm currently learning Japanese and German. I'm into all types of music and have played the classical violin for 13+ years. I write science ficton/fantasy genre stories and I play quite a few video games. I own a Ball Python named Hugo and I enjoy roleplaying and tabletop gaming such as D&D. I'm also a tea addict.

I'm not sure what else to write so as you can see my introduction is a bit scattered containing what comes off the top of my head.

I'd enjoy PM's, e-mails, texting, snail mail, smoke signals or any other type of communication~

I am currently looking for someone to help teach me the ways of Steampunk crafting... seeing as I'm doing horribly on my own. *sweatdrop*

Garret Iron

Hey I am 19 year old dude, who lives in the middle of no where, South Africa on a small farm. My hobbies involve tinkering, building, languages, steampunk, computer games, photography. Basically everything. I am learning German at the moment, I already can speak two languages.
I would prefer emails, but I don't mind writing letters.
I am really looking forward to a pen pal!
I am new to Steampunk, but I really love.