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List of Cool Etsy Shops

Started by jringling, October 07, 2009, 09:53:56 AM

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Here's the first the list:

And of course:

Rowan of Rin

I'm as mad as I am, but no madder!
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qui est in literis

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Qui Est In Literis
The Angry Villagers: Cryptoexterminology Supply


Hello, my name is Julia and I'm an Etsyaholic. *slaps nametag on* <--some cool outfits and hats <-- steampunk and gothic lolita style jewelry  <--cheap pocketwatches and a bit of jewelry <--corsets, a bit more Renn Faire-ish, but cool stuff <--dresses, bustles, accessories <-- fancy hats <--  Victorian/steampunk accessories <-- pretty shrugs <-- spats <-- vintage buttons <-- a mix of cool old crap - some old drawings and metal bits and bobs.

Hope you guys like some of these. :)


Gotta add the Neverwas Haul Etsy store!

Also: any chance this topic gets sticky'd?


Ah, the art of shameless self-promotion. Well, here goes.

Only one item for now, with irregular updates, so bear with me.


#8 - Jewellery and watches. - General leather bits (not all steampunk). - Hats:  wee and not so wee. - Watches. - Boleros. - More leather. - Rings (I think everyone knows this shop though). - Knitting patterns including mini top hat and tricorn hat. - More colourful jewellery and not a watch mechanism in sight. :D - Tops, trousers and utility belts.  More ren-faire than steamy but the belts are worth a look. - Kilts Man skirts. - Tatted chokers, bracelets, anklets and many other things. - Hand-made leather elfish boots.
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Professor Damien Tremens

I just went live with my shop, I hope you all find it to your liking!


That's a good plan.  Mine ( already on the list) is jewelry plus some other random things (2d art, bookmarks, pinback buttons)



Stella Gaslight

Total self promotion but a girl has to get her death ray funds from somewhere.(those things aren't cheep you know.) -skirt lifters and stained glass clothes.
I have a picture blog thinger now

Look for me on Etsy

Blue Benu

My own shameless promotion]

[/url]  --> Leather Items, bags, goggles, and whatever is created the current week.


I work in a post office, and this woman is a customer of mine. Such a sweet lady. ^^;
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Jumping in on the shameless self-promo:
Handprinting with steampunk themes (lithography, intaglio and relief)
Letterpress printing (including a new calendar of flying machines that you can also win on my blog
Hand bookbinding

Auntie Ludmilla

Aha! Just the very site for a bit of shameless self promotion.... I'm brand new to trading so go easy on me....  ;). I make fascinators, headdresses and also sell my Dad's stained glass panels. (I keep nagging him to do more, I think he's brilliant...)
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Shameless self-promotion, bath and body debauchery for ladies and gents.:

Glycerin Soap:
Sugar Scrubs:

Lots more in my shop, please stop by and have a look-see. XOX, Gin

XOX, Gin -Maker of bath and beauty debauchery.

Didn't see this one up there. Easily the highest quality stuff known to steampunkkind.


Quote from: Burr on November 07, 2009, 05:13:21 AM
Shame that some of these places don't seem to ship to the UK. No mention of postage to here, only US.

I ship to the UK

Yes, another shameless act of self-promotion, but hey....
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Auntie Ludmilla

"Ifind that wine, when taken in sufficient quantities, can bring about all the effects of drunkeness" Oscar Wilde


Yet more shameless promotion!

I just opened a shop, clockwinder key necklaces.


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Visit VonRedwing for all your steam punk and Neo Victorian accessories.