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List of Cool Etsy Shops

Started by jringling, October 07, 2009, 09:53:56 AM

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Join Minnie in the IRC.  All of the cool people are doing it - you should too.


I do hope that my shop filled with leather masks makes the cut
Full steam ahead,


Join Minnie in the IRC.  All of the cool people are doing it - you should too.


Here's mine. Highly detailed USB drives and cool jewelery.

Briar and the Rose

Here's mine, I have a steampunk gallery and custom jewelry "non-steam" gallery.

- Jeff


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My girlfriend and I opened up an Etsy shop last week. So far it's corsets and bags, but we are hoping to expand to dresses, hats, coats and other accoutrements. Our first few bag orders have been from steampunks and LARPers, which is awesome.


Just stumbled across  Full of colourful jewellery, flowers and some well-executed stuff-with-watch-parts-stuck-on.
Join Minnie in the IRC.  All of the cool people are doing it - you should too.

Captain Chard

May I bring to your attention:

Harlots and Angels

The fine constructors of Steampunk corsets, Steampunk Victorian Dresses, Victorian underwear and mens military corsetry.
Plus lots of other fine corsetry.

We have over 20 years experience of fitting and corset pattern making an pride ourselves on fair pricing and great customer service.
Plus we love to get dressed up too!
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Coucou Heart

Just found this thread and am jumping right on that bandwagon of promoting my shop!

I hope to get more items listed over the next week (after Sizzler trading out of the way!) and will be adding vintage pieces such as opera glasses, valves, old camera etc to my existing jewellery range. Hope you like it!

Kindest regards,
Ailsa Coucou


Some other shops that made it to our favorites recently.. <-- Johan's Jewelry. Not cheap, but DAMN, he makes some nice stuff! There are some properly fascinating rings on that site. Hats and goggles. But PLEASE, stay away from the goggles, they look pretty mehh if you ask me.. I kinda like the leather gunslinger tophat though.. Closed for the moment, sadly. Look here for clothing, accessories and random bits and bobs of weirdness. Occasionally there's some interesting goods in store.. Leather goods.. thought their tophat looked kinda cool. Well outside my price range, but cool... Pirate coats for reasonable prices.. Holster bags, boleros.. I got a pair of their holster bags. Pretty cool and reasonably priced..


Hurrah for shameless self promotion! I mostly rigid masks and goggles, although lately I've been getting into making latex masks and screen printing. My style is largely fantasy or steampunk.

Miss Pumpkin

Hello there!

Just popping over here to add my new shop too, there's only a few bits and bobs on there at the moment but more will be added soon!  ;D

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There are two shops I was surprised to not find listed - has a number of steam punk and Neo-Victorian and other retro items - bespoke tailor, does a notable amount of Victorian and Edwardian items

T.Taylor the Third

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After much demand for an Etsy shop, we opened yesterday. Just a few things on there at the moment (11) but will be adding 10 more new things each week. We make in ALL colours and fabrics to your specification and ALL sizes. Clients custom designs also catered for.

Can't wait to see our range, then click the banner below where our main site contains all of the range as it is now. MUCH more gentlemans clothing shortly on the way.

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Got to add Ottens Etsy shop..
Airship tickets, visas and maps.. :)

Mrs Van Horne

Shameless adding of my own here... I must have missed this thread before!

I don't trade much online, mostly at fairs here in the UK, but really ought to list more online! I do have occasional flurries of listing on eBay too from time to time.

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Every time you say "cog" when you mean "gear" or "sprocket", Cthulu kills a kitten.


I have a UK Etsy shop I would love you all to take a look at! Thanks  :)