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European Steampunks

Started by Kitten Brigadier, January 05, 2010, 10:49:12 PM

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Antoine Jolivet

Brussels, Belgium... I'm french-speaking... and will be glad to meet other Steamers from Flanders !



......I'm from Højbjerg, Denmark  ;)


Quote from: Floris von timothy on October 29, 2012, 06:39:37 AM
Enschede, holland here! home of the gogbot fest and the widely praised Grolsch beer.

Actually, Grolsch is from the Achterhoek region, from the town Groenlo. The factory moved to Enschede later, it`s not originally from Enschede ;)   (Achterhoeker here ;)  ). Still the best beer we have in this country, IMO.
Sometimes I vlog:
(I even once did a steampunk related video!)

There`s a blog too:

Cpt. Vanderstorme

Dorian H. Leamy

Puurs, Belgium, Province of Antwerp.

BB BlackDog

A Little Video taken at the German Steampunk Festival in May  :)
Hope you like it.
The Festival was fantastic.
Links to my Band "BB BlackDog"'s website's WWW.steampunkrecords.COM/BBBLACKDOGUK


Den Haag, Netherlands!

De groeten uit Nederland...
"Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown." – Jess Nevins.

Best way to descibe it!

Cpt. Vanderstorme



Copenhagen, Denmark (expat).



Pixie Ikari

I have multiple homes.
I live in Hasselt, Limburg, Belgium. In Ham, Limburg, Belgium and also in the Netherlands, Nederweert.


I live in Aachen, Germany at the moment, but I spend a lot of time in Brussels, Belgium as well.


My time is shared somewhat unevenly: most of the time in Seine-et-Oise to the north west of Paris, France, and the South West of France, at the boundary between the Périgord and the Limousin areas.

Prof. Cecily

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm in Madrid, Spain.

I remain yours,
Prof. Cecily

Cpt. Vanderstorme

Welcome, welcome europeans^^


Originally from various places in the USA. Currently stuck in Frankfurt, Germany ;-)

- Lord Horace J. Applebottom


Aubreay Fallowfield

Aubreay Fallowfield from England very much part of Europe despite what the British sceptics say:)
Tis' bona to vada your dolly old eke.


Mandorian Rafael Davidson

Nijmegen, some where in the middle of the Netherlands.

Yup! Indeed, another dutchy, lol
Royal Guard of The International Steampunk Objective!

Lady Lilliann

Upper Austria here in - well - Austria :P
I am maybe one in a very small amount of steampunk people from around here :/
Fantasy mirrors desire. Imagination reshapes it.   Mason Cooley


Another Finn here. I currently reside in Espoo, a city next to the our capital, Helsinki.


I havent responded here?
Greetings from Gorinchem, Netherlands ( most of the time im around utrecht or amsterdam though)
Passion is like a Peatfire