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The AM Spam report..

Started by HAC, June 17, 2011, 03:52:13 PM

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Starting to  keep track here. This AM banned 15 bogus new member accounts. Most of this appears to be from an Xrumer attack, coupled with a bot-net or two. The majority of the new accounts are from IP addresses in China, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Poland,   and oddly enough, Israel. I have banned a subnet from a Chinese ISP that was responsible for at least 72 bogus accounts over the last few weeks. The Spam Account creation rate seems to be about 2 per hour currently. Spam is from everything from SEO Tools, to such odd stuff as lawn chairs, and used cars in Bulgaria, why, I do not know..
The odd one slips through, notably in the hours where the is no admin  overlap. Hopefully with the new server, we can look at using some of the available tools to help prevent spam accounts from being created. (Hint, Hint!)

You never know what lonesome is , 'til you get to herdin' cows.

Major Willoughby Chase

Captain Shipton Bellinger

Well done old chap. Nice to know that you and the other admins are on the case.

Capt. Shipton Bellinger R.A.M.E. (rtd)