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Steampunk desktop themes: your screenshots

Started by Stefan Freestate, August 17, 2007, 02:41:47 PM

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Whats your desktop like?

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Just created a battery gauge for your Windows desktop only at the moment, dieselpunk in nature:

Not yet on github, will be soon.
Steampunk Widgets and Icons of Some Worldwide Repute


Working on the VB6 version of the temperature gauges. Implementing the gauges separately as individual gauges rather than the combined gauges as before in the Konfabulator versions.

They will each be able to search for the weather data but will communicate with each other to prevent multiple 'gets' of the same data swamping the source with large numbers of requests. I know this shows just the temperature but behind the scenes this is a VERY complicated widget requiring a lot of weather-related calculations for determining sunrise /sunset using longitude/time &c &c that will feed the other five gauge elements that make up this widget. Strangely, I am enjoying the maths!

Not ready for download. It'll be a while, quite a few beers will be drunk before this will be completed.  At the moment I am ensuring these widgets work and operate on my desktop alone. When I am happy with all of them I will release.

For the moment if you really need them you can get the old Konfabulator version here:

Steampunk Widgets and Icons of Some Worldwide Repute


Oh Uncle-Bert you work looks wonderful, keep it going!  ;)