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Steam Threshers

Started by Mad Salvager, March 05, 2007, 06:07:52 AM

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Mad Salvager

There is a wonderful community of old duffers here in the Midwest of the States (Iowa) that meet yearly all in the name of these old stream driven threshers. I remember going to meeting when I was young and I remember the tears that welled up when they drove parade. They don't just drive them though, they use them, pulling, blowing up, tipping over, it's quite the show. The people are wonderful and open and love these machines and are very welcoming. And there's tons of antique vendors that have a wealth of attic fodder.

Add it to your travel list if you're in the area (and the Forvertron isn't too terribly far away)(253 mi which in Midwest terms isn't that terrible)(that just might be me though) Fun Long Weekend!

Midwest Old Threshers

Here's some more photos of steam threshers:


OHebel Wring

These guys not only don't run them enough, but the families of the owners are forgetting how to run them.

I was informed earlier this week that my grandfather will not fire ours up again as a result of not trusting the boiler anymore (it hasn't been run in close to 15 years).

sad really, just sad.
"The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes. "
-Sherlock Holmes

Mad Salvager

That is sad. How wonderful that you have one in your family though. Perhaps one of the organizations in the area would be interested in it just to preserve it?

I haven't thought about steam threshers until just now and I'm definitely planning on going to one this summer. hmmm corn dogs and oil and machines. That's a good time.

OHebel Wring

I'll be back in the midwest for easter, and will take some shots of it, ask some questions, etc.

we'll see.  Also found out it is tied up in a nasty estate argument. 

"The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes. "
-Sherlock Holmes

Mad Salvager

Raspberries, I hope it resolves equalably.

Here are some wonderful photos of steam threshers from Old Threshers Reunion in Iowa


If that's not original steampunk, shoot me in the foot and tell me I just got a massage.