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If someone asks 'Why do you wear that?', what do you reply?

Started by toxickun, March 07, 2012, 04:45:45 AM

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Kryss LaBryn

This reply from "Punch" back in in 1895 answers it very well, I think! ;) Just swap "bicycle" out for "dirigible"...

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The text underneath: Gertrude: "My dear Jane, WHAT ON EARTH is that bicycle suit for?"
Jane: "Why, to wear, of course."
Gertrude: "But you haven't got a bicycle!"
Jane: "No, but I've got a sewing machine!"

I quite like Jane...  :D
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Lucius Baxter

Quote from: Kieranfoy on May 12, 2013, 01:18:22 PM
I recall once I was asked "Alright, I have to ask. Which church are you with?" while the person (a register person at Walmart in Mississipi) looked at my waistcoat and old-fashioned shirt. I admit, that was the weirdest question I was asked, so all I could manage is "Uhm. None, pagans don't have churches. I just dress like this."

Maybe that's a bit of Southern culture I missed. Are there Steampunk churches down there?

Well! Where I live I've had the "are you a Mormon?" The giggles, the snide remarks to snide remarks, giggles and photo taking at the bus station. (wasn't even that steampunky)
most of the time it's very nice comments from older people.
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Clym Angus

Over the past week or so I have been the recipient of this, yet in a way that has left me completely devoid of a witty comeback... Not because I didn't have one or two saved up behind my teeth,  more that the people in question didn't deserve the venom. For, O fearless reader, they were completely innocent.

How can this be I hear you ask in hushed tones, surely at best "Why do you wear that?" is some what pointed and at worst down right confrontational. Normally I would agree but these people had moved past the question, onto a conclusion and were going from there.

More and more I'm being asked, "Do you work here?" even worse, some immediately launching into a conversation regarding the location of an item they wish to purchase, or their dissatisfaction with a product they have already purchased. Whilst my ego sees the silver side of this, I'm obviously looking authoritative, go me. And the darker aspects of my nature delight in imagining the damage I could do, to the reputation of the business I happen to be in. Intellectually, I'm left wondering how sad it is, that when people decide to look a little dappa, there is a swath of the population that immediately assume that they must be on company time.

At some point we were sold the idea that "wear what you want" was synonymous with dress badly, in the most unflattering bit of over saturated toweling possible. Worse than that: track suits, when was the last time most of the people who wear them actually went running? It's Lunacy.

Sludge Van Diesel

On a similar note, I've noticed recently I get called Sir a lot more in shops when I'm wearing a waistcoat.
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Quote from: Clym Angus on June 07, 2013, 05:27:14 PMMore and more I'm being asked, "Do you work here?" even worse, some immediately launching into a conversation regarding the location of an item they wish to purchase, or their dissatisfaction with a product they have already purchased.

*Nod* Yeah, I wore my vest over a short sleeve shirt into a pirate themed tourist trap shop. Apparently the vest and the short sleeve shirt in a 'cold' climate was enough for people to assume that I worked there.

Christophe Cocoricau

Glare at them as if it was the final insult then slap them and challenge to a duel.

Sebastian Dante

I was recently asked a similar question by a group of "distinguished gentleman" on the way back from MCM Expo who felt the need to drive past me in their automotive vehicle 4 times to get a proper look. The question I was asked was "What are you wearing?" to which I simply replied "This".

However, I did have an interesting moment when wandering past a protest group gathered around our Cenotaph memorial as some people decided to try and take a picture on their phones without me noticing. When I stopped, they made movements to put their phones away until I stood there and indicated that if they were going to take a photo then I might as well pose for it.


"Because you know they're madly kick a**, and if you had the balls you'd probably be wearing some too"  ;D

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Aubreay Fallowfield

ruffle your hair or smooth head, look them in the eyes and say smoulderingly.....

"Because I'm worth it!"

and depending on the situation blow them a kiss.  :-*
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Unless you actually want picnic baskets that is.
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May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.

Hope you got your things together

Hope you're quite prepared to die

Looks like we're in for nasty weather

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Clym Angus

Of course there is a queue sir. This is Steampunk: There is an orderly queue, so orderly it's practically synchronised.


Sebastian Dante

I recently experience a similar situation to Mr Angus, however mine occurred at the Winchester Hat Fair. It was assumed by many members of the public (and one or two of the helpers and volunteers) that I was involved either as an act or as an organiser simply due to being well dressed and wearing a top hat. I was even approached by a member of the public who said that he had seen me get on the train, but hadn't yet seen what my act was, at which point I had to explain that I didn't have one. Next time I may just have to have an act ready, any suggestions?

Fairley B. Strange

How about: "My act, Sir? Well, I sometimes I like to dress up and pretend I'm a boring 21st-century wage-slave."
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Lady Toadflinger

I think a bit of tap dancing ( with a cane, of course!) would be just the thing!
This isn't the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Brad!

Sebastian Dante

I did have a cane, but my tap dancing skills need a bit of work

Lucius Baxter

Was in the delightful Shropshire  town of Bridgnorth the other day, and had some young blighters ask me "are you a time traveler?" (Now, mind you I was wearing a tweed jacket, brown trousers, brown shoes and a trilby whilst carrying a violin case) I replied, "yes, I am". They carried on hooting about the Doctor and all that, I just walked away.
2nd lieutenant in his majesty's Royal Flying Corps


I had someone in Bristol say that as I passed, 'Yes but what if he really is a time traveller?'

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In Stamford a couple of days ago I left many a passer-by feeling jealous saying that they wished that too could dress like that.  I always reply that if they want to, then why not do it.

Not all of my items are lovingly hand-made over many weeks.  Some I pick up in ladies dress shops in the sales.  It is the way they are put together that makes the 'look' that people notice first. 


I have never gotten a comment, but then most heterosexual males do not like to question it when a woman is walking around in a corset  ;)


This last few days in Lincoln..

Local lady to Captain Dirigible in his Steam Western clothes.
'What's going on?''

Captain Dirigible:
''I'm about to rob the Westgate Post Office.''

My replies varied from the usual generalised explanations of Steampunk and, after about the 14th time a simple...

''I have no idea what you're referring to.'' With a smile. :)
The legs have fallen off my Victorian Lady...

MRS Worthington

Well id reply with. "That's for me to know and you to find out" but I haven't had a negative
response as of yet, in fact someone ran up the hill just to ask
where I purchased my parasol and wrnt on to ask what  site.