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If someone asks 'Why do you wear that?', what do you reply?

Started by toxickun, March 07, 2012, 04:45:45 AM

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I wear a hat to keep the sun from damaging my skin (I look younger than I am, not because of vampirism or witchcraft, but because I wear a hat regularly since my teenage years and regularly apply sunblock as well), and so my nearsighted friends can identify me quickly. It's very easy to recognize me when I'm wearing a hat.

The sunglasses, even indoors, are because I happen to have sensitive eyes. It's manageable now, but, back when it was worse and I wore two pairs of sunglasses at once, it got to the point I'd be in a completely dark room save for a single lit candle (I had to test it!) and it would still be too bright. I'd rather deal with people asking why I'm wearing sunglasses indoors than feel like my eyes are burning from excessive light and deal with people asking why I'm grimacing, or bothered, or angered, or upset.

I use a pocket watch because it doesn't have a breakable wristband like a wristwatch. I have it on me even when I'm wearing a wristwatch because it's something I'm used to carrying around, and old habits aren't easy to break.

And the rest, well... these are the clothes I usually wear, and it would be embarrassing for everyone involved if I decided I'd look better without them.


I usually say "because I like it" or depending on situation, like "non of your business" ;D


I ignore such questions. Why do people wear clothes huh? Unless I'm ready to start an extensive conversation with someone on fashion, fashion theory, psychology, semiology, more general cultural studies and sociology, art, design, values, confusions, mind-surgeries... All of these and some more.. The maybe I would answer.. Something.. Outfit and context specific to start with.. 



In fact, this question is not often asked, but if it is asked only by educated people, in my practice it turns out like this.  ;D
I usually say "I like" or "Good mood in good clothes"

The main thing is not to bother with it  ;)


"So people like you ask questions." or some other gruff reply. I live in an area with a bunch of sticks in the mud. So I'm turning slightly curmudgeoney in my advancing years (not that pushing 32 is all that advanced in years).

Granted, I'm a pretty good read of people, so if it's a genuine interest ask (you can tell by inflection and body language), then the answer is slightly less gruff, and "I used to be a goth, then I realized brown looks better on me than black," or "because I was born 120ish years too late."

Then again, these day's it's mostly just the hat and glasses (I finally have proper Windsor frames), sad to say.
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I usually explain what steampunk is. 
After all, if I choose to wear interesting clothes, why should I be insulted if people are interested. 

Synistor 303

Because; "Last time I didn't wear clothes I got arrested..."

Cora Courcelle

Went into a café the other day, wearing what I fondly call 'soft' steampunk i.e. the skirt might be long, the coat may have brass buttons and back lacing and the hat a garrison/forage cap, but no goggles, guns gears or accoutrements, and was greeted with "Oh, is there an event today? We love it when you're all dressed up."
Seemed quite disappointed when I said no, it was just the mood I'd been in when I got up. 
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Prof Marvel

Why do I dress this way?

Fedora, Mask, Goggles, Oilskin Greatcoat?

Is the Very Heighth of Pandemic Fasion!

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Mercury Wells old war wound? I got that at The Battle of Dorking. Very nasty affair that was, I can tell you.

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Quote from: Mercury Wells on January 11, 2021, 09:07:39 PM
Quote from: Jean Cassidy on January 11, 2021, 07:51:20 PM
I say its none of ur business!! >:( >:(

I say, that reply isn't in the spirit of SP.  :o :o

Maybe "I can therefor I do", would be more appropriate. Mind you it's been so long since any social gathering has taken place if someone was insulting to my bowler and cain I'd probably thank them most heartily for noticing.....

I feel like shrodigers steampunk at times. If it's stuck in a box does it really matter what it is? No one can perceive it to comment.

Prof Marvel

In our greatstate in the southwest, we have a vast mix of anglos, hispanic americanos, old school ranchers ( texican, coloradon, new mexican, etc) , old hippies, victorean affectionados , and space aliens.

One can see anything from 1700 hispanics and spaniards, to 1800 mexicans, to 1800-1900 ranchers and gunfighters, to organic hippie farmers to modernisch scientific farmers ( ie hydroponixs)

We have such a wide diversity that one has an equal chance of seeing a Bolero carrying a whip, a victorian carryiNg a cane, a gunfighter packing a hawgleg, or a rancher  cradling a rifle. In town.

Thus, my garments go unremarked, unless i have a particularly nice vest or hat. And i have given as many compliment for awesome skin ink as I have for weatern garb...

Plus... people here seem to be inherently polite!
And helpful!
And caring!
One reason i love it here.

Prof mumbeles
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"thanks for noticing my style)" - this is what I would say


While not steampunk, one of the Aussie weather reporters has a habit of wearing a waistcoat each Wednesday - Waistcoat Wednesday, he calls it! Sounds like a good excuse, but of course, if you want add a hat and other elements to go with the waistcoat, that's fine too.

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