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Buyer Beware: Milanoo

Started by Ocelot, September 02, 2012, 09:53:46 AM

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A while ago Captain Dirigible posted about this dealer:

Has anyone bought from them and are they recommended?  The prices are very low (too low?) and the sizes are ridiculously small, and in some cases the pictures of the clothes are the same as those on FLB Westernwear or Gentlemen's Emporium's sites...  Is it too good to be true?
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Prices do seem really low.. There's probably a catch - maybe cheap copies made in a Chinese sweatshop or something? I don't know.. If they ar elegit and the quality is OK, I've sen a few intersting items..

EDIT: I just did a search for "Milanoo reviews" and ended up here: Seems it's aproper store, woooo!! It's a scam, like others said, fake reviews and all.. :(

Lady Evelyn Grey

As a lurker in the Lolita community,I can say milanoo has achieved a rather bad reputation among Lolitas for it's terrible customer service and horrible quality of items. Maybe they've improved or their Victorian men's work is better, but beware and and proceed with caution.

Stella Gaslight

Don't buy from them they are a scam that steals pictures then makes shoddy copies, makes fake accounts to spam reviews, Has horrible customer service, has multiple store fronts to trick buyers in to thinking they are reputable.  Most of the stuff they have that is passable qualty is bought off of taobao then has price doubled or tripled. All in all I would avoid them like the plague.  Read here for more info.   

A sample of their real reviews
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Vox Cerae

Don't buy from them. Never recieved product I ordered a few years ago. I did eventually get a refund after lots of hassle, but I wouldn't bother. Sorry, chap..
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Thanks for the replies everyone - it did seem too good to be true :)
"It just...  Sort of...  Came off."


Quote from: Ocelot on September 04, 2012, 11:08:25 AM
Thanks for the replies everyone - it did seem too good to be true :)

Indeed.. :(

Major Willoughby Chase

I'm going to modify the title and move to anatomical so that this important info doesn't get hit by the 90 Day pruning.

Capt. Dirigible

I thought they were too good to be true when I first came across them. Fortunately  they don't make anything remotely close to my size so I never did business with them. My sincere apologies to anyone who has bought from them following my post that brougt them to your attention.
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I was weighing my options between trusting the site and a really lovely looking tail coat. i guess delaying that and googling saved me alot of hassle by the looks of it.

Uncle Arthur

Seeing prices for finished garments that barely would cover the cost of decent fabric scared me off right away.
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As stated before, the pictures they use on their website are almost all taken from other websites.
I have bought 2 items for my costume about a year ago, not knowing a thing about them.
I have bought a coat and trousers.
Although the fit was reasonable the workmanship and material are not too great.
Especially the material used was really disappointing. In the title of the garment it said cotton, but is was all polyester.

Since then I have bought trousers at a Western store, with much better quality and nicer fabric.

For the Dutch members there is this (where I bought my waistcoat)


Thanks for bringing this to my attention as i was getting ready to buy something off milanoo myself

Told that i look like a victorian teacher.....kinda proud of that :)


I purchased a Lolita costume from them for Halloween last year.  It took forever to get my items, though I suppose the quality is okay for what I paid for it.


Not to distract from the thread, but I've been seeing the term 'Lolita'...what, exactly is it; cosplay? Something Nabakovian?

Stella Gaslight

Lolita is a Japanese fashion with a fluffy skirt and cute styleing.  Kind of like this.

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I have a picture blog thinger now

Look for me on Etsy

Fairley B. Strange

Lovely outfit - and much safer than using 'Googgle to answer that question....  ;)
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Stella Gaslight

Thanks and the funny thing is you are very likely to find Milanoo in the first few google pages because they spam the living hell out of yahoo answers and have a tone of fake blogs they steal content from other blogs out there for.
I have a picture blog thinger now

Look for me on Etsy


...and now I've learned something...thanks! Yeah, the implications on this side of the pond might get the FBI curious...;)


I'd purchased a pair of trousers from them where they'd obviously stolen the image from Steampunk Emporium's website. They didn't survive a single washing, and weren't quite as pictured. All in all they're to be avoided.
I should also mention that they jammed my email with SPAM and resold my address to other similar outfits.
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Cpt. Vanderstorme

Whew..  this topic really saved me from a fake buy


I'd ordered a couple items from them and they literally fell apart immediately. They stole pictures off the site and made a bad reproduction. Buttons fell off from simple handling, and nothing survived a washing. I can't give a strong enough warning against ordering from this vendor.
In Rangoon, the heat of the noon is just what the natives shun, but mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun.

Steam Titan

Quote from: Fairley B. Strange on September 09, 2012, 12:14:54 PM
Lovely outfit - and much safer than using 'Googgle to answer that question....  ;)

but googling it to find out the answer is half the fun!  ;D


I've bought one item from them which I wanted to customize and add my own mixed-genre flare to (I'm too lazy to sew certain items myself). While I personally haven't run into any trouble with them, aside from their low quality garments, it's not a company that I would suggest buying from. Far too many cases of unhappy customers, no customer service, poorly made products, and the like. It's better to buy from a reputable dealer and spend the extra cash, than to support a company that is a clothing version of russian roulette.


Hey everyone! I'd thought people might like this list.

Milanoo is known for creating false store fronts to catch people in their scam. Above is an ever-updating list of shops that Milanoo owns. (As well as other sites not affiliated with Milanoo, but are just as bad)

If you are wary of a new site that has inconsistant stock photos, check the list before buying!