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How do I post a photo?

Started by Will Howard, February 04, 2013, 05:02:15 AM

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Spoiler works just fine for me with Firefox, piccie of our good Prof. Cecily posted in a previous thread.

Anyone else having problems???  ???


I also use Firefox, but some spoilers work and others don't. Same results on two different computers.

Is there some script I need to allow, or plug-in I need to disable? Everything worked fine back in early November (when I was last online), but coming back, post-the site going down, a lot of pictures don't show up, none of the video embeds work, and, again, the spoilers work randomly.


All I can advise is update flash player for video/ youtube.

Maybe clear your cache and cookies for BG.

I also find alot of really old posts (couple of years or so) the spoilers and video are pretty much defunked, but recentish posts work just fine.

Again if you clear cookies make sure you know your passwords, you will have re-login.

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Quote from: GCCC on March 24, 2016, 04:53:44 PM
Only if the Spoiler opens...which is doesn't, for some reason...

Is this another glitch from the outage? In addition to completely random (or so it seems) pictures missing, some spoilers open and others don't.

Opens fine for me... :-\

Sounds like an issue with your web browser - try flushing the cache and cookies (will need to re-enter your BG username and password if you have 'Stay logged-in forever' selected to auto-login to the forum). That should sort it out. Depending on browser the option to clear the cache is usually under 'tools / settings'.
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Yeah, I hit "Clear Every Damn Thing" (or whatever it's called) every so often during a browsing session and always when I'm done. (I can't do it right now, because then I'll lose six pages of "unread posts since last visit".) I will check to see if there's a Flash update I need, however.

Thanks, guys.


how to post a photo from Instagram? Is that possible?
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