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Alt Fest-The Steampunk Experience

Started by Abraham Cog, September 26, 2013, 05:39:28 PM

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Abraham Cog

Never been to this one . Is it worth the £125 ticket price?


You wouldn't have been before. This will be the first one. Next year in August.

I think the line-up of bands for Steampunks, Goths and Metalheads is pretty good.

I won't personally be going on the grounds of health (don't do tents anymore) and expense (I'd have to book a hotel down the road, transport and I'm already saving for Camber and Asylum 6 next year).

But (ticket only) £70 seems fair for three days of bands if field festivals are to your liking.
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Abraham Cog

Thanks for that, a big help and explains a lot.

ColonelHarry Flashman

Has quiet a line up now...and hopes for a few last minute additions