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Gothenburg steampunk

Started by Orvarskeleton, February 28, 2014, 09:19:53 AM

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There's quite a lot happening in Gothenburg right now.

We've started up a non-profit steampunk organization called "Steampunk Götheborg",
we're also on facebook:

Every month we have several workshops, there's a steamboat "fika" (Swedish word for tea or coffee with a snack) and our first major event is on the 17'th of May when we have a big steampunk party called "Steampunk in the Mountain #1", it's listed on the website.

Other interesting events that we don't host, but support:
-the Steampunk Ball in Gothenburg (4th October 2014)
-Steampunk festival in Gävle (27-29'th of June 2014)

Best regards!



...a better list of coming events that we don't host, but support.:)

-Turn of the Century pic-nic "sekelskiftespicnic"  in Gothenburg, Botaniska (6 June 2014)
-Steampunk Festival, Gävle (27-29'th of June 2014)
-Turn of the Century market "Sekelskiftesdagarna", Marstrand (22-24 Aug 2014)
-Clockbottom, steampunk larp, Ludvika (14-16 sept 2014)
-The Steampunk Ball, Gothenburg (4th October 2014)

And what's coming up in Steampunk Götheborgs calendar:
-Steamboat fika/tea (first saturday every month)
-Leather Workshops (more information on the website)
-Steampunk room on Goth Con (18-22 April 2014)
-Steampunk at the Mountain #1 (17 May 2014) - there'll be more!


Steampunk Götheborg now has a website:


More events:

8/11 2014- Steampunk mini fayre in Gotheburg

10/1 2015 - Steampunk at the Mountain #2, with special guest: Professor Elemental



I can't read anything on their website, but I see they've got upcoming events in October on the 3rd, 24th, and 31st of October.

If anyone goes to one of their events, would you please post a review and pictures?


Update for 2016

This year we will as usual have a lot of small meetings and gatherings. If you're in the area check out "Steampunk i Göteborg" on facebook, it is our community where people will be happy to tell you what's going on in English if you ask.

The "bigger" events (in Sweden anything over 200 participants is big since the community is still young) are one in January and November. The one in January is our Steampunkday which is a combo of Steampunk at the Mountain + Gothenburg Steampunk Fayre. The date for next year will be the 14th of January 2017.

We're planning a convention the 4-6th of November this year (so far it's only in Swedish, but we're working on it)

Hope some of you are interested in coming by!

All the best
/Steampunk Götheborg



For anyone who reads Swedish this is an article from the biggest newspaper in the area that came to visit our party Steampunk at the Mountain.:)

(Next party is 14'th of January 2017)


Thanks for keeping us updated!