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Started by elShoggotho, April 04, 2014, 08:50:32 PM

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Siliconous Skumins

This thread has more or less run it's course for now, so I'm locking it. It may be reopened if elShoggotho or Legba wish to update it with new information.

Thread has been 'stickied' to prevent deletion (Trading topics are auto-deleted after a set length of time).

[Server Prayer]
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                      I am a node of Server,
                      Born of flesh and blood,
                      But enhanced by the power of its web.
                      I have no use for pain or fear.
                      My scripts are a focus of my will.
                      My strength is my knowledge.
                      My weapons are my skills.
                      Information is the blood of my body.
                      I am part of the greater network.
                      I am host to the vast data of server.
                      My flesh is weak,
                      But my connection is eternal,
                      And therefore I am a god.      

[/Server Prayer] 


Least I can do is to supply parts to anyone who goes for it. Transformers and tubes, mainly. Shoot me a PM if you need some Siemens & Halske tube transformers and 12AT7 tubes with sockets. Completely free including shipping if it goes into the effort.


There was much error in this case, most of it on my part. He insisted on paying in full in advance, something I tried to talk him out of all the time. I will leave this thread now. I will not read any further posts made here. If anyone wants to take me up on my offer, it still stands. I will not reply to any other kind of message regarding the whole affair.