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Warmahordes and the end of the Covenant of Gamers

Started by chironex, June 22, 2014, 02:08:07 PM

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The Covenant of Gamers is not going to continue after the end of the financial year, and has decided to go out with a bang (and a lot of metal-smashing and bestial screaming sounds) this coming weekend.

The event is the Double Last Blast tournament. Starts on Saturday 28 June, upstairs at the Centenary Hotel, French Street, Pimlico, Townsville. Lists can be brought on the day, 2 copies of your list are required.

Sign in is at 0830, 0900 start. 1330 lunch break after 2 games, should be done by approx. 1800.

$20 entry for non-members, $10 for members.

Format is Steamroller 2014.

Scenarios: outflank (SR10), Killbox, No Assassination Victory.

Order of Battle is 35 point force, with 2 warcasters/warlocks. Therefore 2 battlegroups. 1 will be in the lead, which determines your faction and what else can be in the list. No having 2 different levels (eg. prime + Epic, or Epic + Double Epic) of the same warcaster or warlock; the two must be different characters.

10 minute turns, with 1 5-minute extension. 10 minute rounds, plus "variable round length."

Painting not required, but front arcs must be clearly marked except in the case of models with 360 degree arcs.

$50 voucher for Realm s for first place, other prizes awarded by draw. Noone wins more than one draw, so if someone wins one and their name is drawn again in subsequent draws their name will be discarded. Entries for drawing when the entry conditions are met.
Draw one gains an entry in your name when you play with a fully painted army.
Draw 2, whenever you damage both your opponents' 'casters/warlocks in one turn.
Draw 3, if you're in the bottom half of the standings at the end.
Draw 4, for entering the tournament.
If there are more than 12 players there will be more.

The event has a maximum of 16 players, so it may pay to sign up early at

I shall do all I can to be there, but may not. Never did paint my arcs on...

Will you win a great victory for your Kingdom of Iron? Wipe them all out? Or just be rendered down into raw materials to serve the Dragonfather?
No gel ball ban in WA!



Sent any and all progress made in painting backwards last night when I started to make the arcs visible. Decided to rid myself of them all and start again in order to attempt to paint better.
Over the course of the day I came to understand why there is the impression that Warmahordes is really a card game disguised as a miniatures game. The feats and magic are starting to get very silly.
Lost all 3 games, with body counts improving but mostly only single figure VP counts.
Should have played more this year.
Should DEFINITELY have tried using two casters.
We decided to call it after three games as someone had won 3 in a row, and just had some playtime games.
No gel ball ban in WA!