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How to post images to the forum (WIP).

Started by Siliconous Skumins, August 18, 2014, 07:44:58 PM

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Siliconous Skumins

Hi there, welcome. :)

For help and more information with the function codes used on this forum, please check out the BBCode reference.  
Note: if you simply paste the URL of the image, it will be made clickable as a link; however, it is good practice to create link text (as in the link to the BBCode reference above) rather than posting "naked" 'http:etc' URLs.

Images cannot be uploaded to Brass Goggles. Instead, you must use an image-hosting site. First need to upload your image file - usually from your computer hard disk - to an image sharing website such as

imgur, Photobucket, Tinypic, OR ANY on this list.  You will need to register with most of those services by creating a username and password, but once done, you then simply use the online tool to select the image you wish to upload from whatever folder it's stored in on on your hard disk, flash drives etc. For the most part they are free to upload to, but there are also paid-for subscription services available that provide additional benefits or services.

When the file has been uploaded, to share it, you need the 'image code' of the photo. Some image host services will provide a set of web address links (some automatically, others you have to manually select to share) with the forum code allready added. This will also remove the need to use the image button within the post, all you'll need to do is a simple copy and paste of a single code, and the forum will do the rest for you. Otherwise, you need to copy the "Direct" link to the image - it will look something like this:   (not a real link)

Then you paste that link into your post here, and either type the "[img ]http://[/img ]" tags onto the link, or drag the mouse across the link to select it (highlight it) and then click the "Insert image" button above the smiley faces:

The link for the picture above is :


Before clicking the 'post' button, you should use the 'Preview' button to check your post image(s) shows correctly.

It is forum convention to use the spoiler tag for large images or posts with many images.


[spoiler][img] picture url [/img][/spoiler]

Or highlight the image link(s) and forum code (click and drag as before), click the button with the yellow and black "radioactive" symbol above the row of 'smileys' and the 'spoiler' code will be added for you.

Results in:
Spoiler: ShowHide
Your image shows here... ;)

Video and Audio

A note about media: This forum uses Aeva to manage media. This means that if you post a link to a video or audio element from a well-known site (like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), the link will automatically turn into an embedded media player.

In other words, when you post a link to a YouTube video or similar, the video will automatically be embedded in your post.

However, if the link is part of a sentence, rather than a paragraph of its own, the video will not be embedded.  If a video is embedding, and you don't want it to, you can use the 'noembed' BBCode tag.

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Prof. Convict Archfiend

use a free image hosting site like, or for the most part they are free to upload to.
then when up load, to share, you need the image code of the photo..

This will also remove the need to use the image button within the post, all you'll need to do is a simple copy and paste of a single code, and the forum will do the fancy stuff for you, making you look like a pro!

On image shack, use the upload button, browse or drag and drop the images/photos you want to upload. Then go to your gallery.
In gallery mode, on the bottom right of the images, there are three little lines, indicating the settings list. click on that, (on the image you want to share) and up the top of that is "Get image sizes or links", click on that and another list will appear.

change the "type" to a forum code, then select the "size" you wish to display it. Go big, don't be shy!!!!
then simply copy the link given in the box below, and paste direct into the post here on BG's.

The coding on the forum will automatically fix the image and make it appear, and will resize automatically make it fit the page(if you went with a jumbo size) .

Photo Bucket is much the same

once uploaded(click the upload button), go to you library and select the image you want to share.
On the right hand side, below the darn adds, there will be a little list called "Links to share this photo"

On this one, simply click on the image (IMG) and it will automatically copy the code for you, then simply go to the post you want to add the image to, and paste the code. again the forum will automatically do the rest for you.

Just call me "Greenie"....
(much quicker to type)


I highly recommend using Google Plus for images.  Easy, flexible, unlimited and free.

This should be a sticky at the top of the page.

Always check your work using Preview.