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The Asylum, Lincoln, UK

Started by Major Wolfram Quicksilver, August 31, 2014, 07:16:35 PM

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Major Wolfram Quicksilver

As has been posted elsewhere; for those of you coming to The Asylum, over the weekend of 12th-14th of September, and earlier:
As this year's Asylum is almost upon us, we'd like to extend a warm welcome from the Lincoln Steampunk Society, as the winners of the World's Most Steampunk Location (although the prize must still be in the post, eh?).  For those of you arriving early that week, we will still be having our regular Wednesday meet-up upstairs in the Widow Cullen's Well (cracking atmosphere and the cheapest beer in Lincoln; also try the chocolate stout, the stuff of legend!), and everyone is welcome to join us.  Something that has also become something of a tradition now, is a 'landing party' at the same venue on Thursday, for early arrivals, traders and those who want to extend the weekend.  You'll also see a healthy amount of LSS members out on that night as well.  Then of course the weekend kicks off properly!  We look forward to seeing you all, and we'd like to extend our services if we can as unofficial guides if needed. 

All the best, and Be Splendid!
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