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How to un-Nerf a Nerf.

Started by bicyclebuilder, September 02, 2014, 05:22:47 PM

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J. Wilhelm

A number of years ago, I wrote in this forum, about a Mexican priest who had a Steampunk hobby. He did in fact build holy water powered guns  ;D

Steam Titan

vampire/werewolf gun quite possible.

Will Howard

To un-nerf your nerf, hire a Smurf!
"I'm a Barbarian by choice, not ancestry..."


Now that I've finished my Nerf, my daughter wants her own.

Our choice was the Nerf Rebelle epic action bow.

This build is going to be less complicated then the previous one.
I'm going to paint the bow metalic/black like my Nerf.
Probably add popcicle sticks to cover the halfway-ends of the bow.
Add some rabbit fur to the ends of the bow.
The handle is going to be covered with some surplus strips of leather.
I might add some detailing in the metal.

Again, with this build, this bow came cheap available. Just a few € on sale.
The biggest obstacle is making some kind of holster/quiver to hold the bow. Preferably as a backpack.
The best way to learn is by personal experience.


Why not put on some brass? Rebelle stuff is meant to be steampunked.