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Introduce yourself (Mk. III)

Started by proteus, December 09, 2014, 04:23:13 PM

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If you're new to Brass Goggles, introduce yourself here!

The old introduce yourself thread got rather unweildy -- it's been moved to the Historical Society for preservation, so feel free to look through previous introductions there.
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J. Wilhelm

Come onboard ladies and gentlemen!  Don't be shy!  I know there are a few new members out there!


Hi Everyone;

Where to begin, my name is J. Francis, I'm a very young 70 years old and full time writer, retired from the real world, and I live in Connecticut. I'm currently working on a new series of SciFi fantasy novels for Kindle titled, "Trystin Tremaine." Since I hope they will be illustrated I am creating all the graphics which will become the illustrations at some point. I also recently got into making ACEO – artists trading cards graphically which in a very roundabout way while researching Steampunk currency is how I found this site. Then going through the forums I found some old posts from people interested in trading cards. Whew  I just finished my first series of four Steampunk cards which I'll post as soon as I figure out how. In the past I've done several articles on Steampunk, and created a lot of graphics for people, my interest in Steampunk is in the art and graphics.

I also noticed there are a number of people from the UK; although I was born in the US (bad timing on my part) I'm actually from Newport in the south of Wales. I've incorporated a lot of Wales into the story in a fantasy town called South Cardon, full of Welsh Druids, and even has its own Stonehenge, of sorts.

Any questions, please just ask.

Easier than I thought, below are the first four cards in the series.

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hi , i'm gunguy , my real name is Guy ,  i'm from belgium and 42 years old ...ore yong  :P
i'm a plumber en love my new hobby , steampunk GUNS , love to build them
my problem is , i can't sel them because i love them , they are really cool and big
i don't now how to post some pictures but i gonna try it
hope to meet some steampunkers from Holland or Belgium , its not so many i think so i hope to hear some
see you guy's

J. Wilhelm

Welcome to the forum Mr. Gourgon and Mr.Gunnguy.

By the way, Mr. Gunnguy, the way to post pictures is to host them in another service such as twitpic or instagram then copy the URL address to the text field, then you have commands  which tell the software what to do with that URL.  The commands  are signified by brackets
e.g. [command] http://insert your picture URL here [/command] ) where the command = "img" (stands for image)

If you press the little portrait button above that will set the bracketed commands for you.

Richard Hoover

Yes, welcome Gourgon and gunnguy.

Gourgon, love the cards.  Always nice to meet another writer.  Do you have any works available for reading?

Gunnguy, can't wait to see what you've built!
My novel Satin and Sutherland: The Golden Curse is available now!  Check out my website for a sample, trailers, and more.


Hi, I'm Mjr C Amity, my friends call me Cal  ;D

I'm 42 male, married, kids, dogs, psycho rabbit...........recently (weeks ago) discovered steampunk and want/ need to know more, I find the styling and the crafting really appealing.

Brass Goggles was the first hit when I googled steampunk forums but I couldn't register as I could never see the clock face, I've found so many threads to enjoy and learn from but I'm sure I'll still ask a noob question at some point  :'(

Louby Lou

Hi I'm Louby Lou. 40 years young from Nottingham. I have been into steampunk for many years, a few years ago I took a course in corsetry so I can make my own outfits. I have a daughter who is very much into   steampunking Disney princesses at the moment.

Maxwell Grantly

Click Click Whirr - It's a hello from me.

My name is Maxwell Grantly (non de plume) and I live on the east coast of Great Britain. It's very cold over here at the moment but things could be worse; at least we have managed to avoid the snow!

I'm a mathematics teacher but, during my spare time, I sometimes write short stories. I shall look forward to browsing these forums.


Hello everyone. I just joined up today. It has been my goal to immerse myself in the Steampunk community for years but I really lacked the motivation and was struggling with severe anxiety that held me back from participating. I'm here now feeling much better and hoping to go to Steamposium next year. I've been developing my character and am really excited to learn a bit more from this site and of course make some friends along the way. I'm very interested in the costuming and DIY portion of Steampunk. I also love to read and am taking suggestions on books that are a good introduction to the genre. See you all around! Thanks for such a wonderfully put together forum!

Jedediah Solomon

I am a Mechanologist, presently speciallizing in autokinetica of the Germanic line. I cannot tell you the name of the manufacturer for whom I work, but the initials are V.W.
I am also a believer in the supernatural, and believe the Messiah is the one people mention during this holiday season (although I personally do not agree that He was born Dec. 25th) Married with grown children and looking forward to retirement so that I will have time to persue my many other hobbies, and possibly travel. Other than that, I am Steampunk to the point where it does not interfere with my job, but almost.
In fact, I think I was Steampunk before I heard the word "Steampunk"
Adventure awaits

Richard Hoover

A salute to you Major C Amity, welcome Louby Lou, click-click-clickety-click felicitations Maxwell Grantly, greetings Jace, and a hearty hello Jedediah Solomon!  Happy New Year one and all and I hope you enjoy your time here!
My novel Satin and Sutherland: The Golden Curse is available now!  Check out my website for a sample, trailers, and more.


Hi everybody. I'm new to the Steampunk scene, migrating from the Pirate one due to not much going on in the winter.

I'm a full time father, part time illustrator and occasional writer and poet, based in the south east of England



I am new to steampunk but I have really loved seeing outfits at conventions I have been to. Looking forward to attending more  and hoping to get more ideas there on how to build my outfit since my husband indulged me in a corset for Christmas. Hoping to gain confidence to wear it as outer wear since it has decorative trim.



Wonderful to see many new enthusiasts here - welcome one and all! Dear Ms Treblig, just to say have a look over on the 'Anatomical' chapter here for ideas on pulling outfits together, and definitely have confidence in showing your lovely new corset; in fact, having the corset as outer wear is almost de-rigueur...



Hi anyone..dont know if my msg will be read by anyone.been logged on 38 mins and this the nearest I got to introducing myself..maybe im from another time.l..if anyone reads this can you pm me and tell me how to say hi to you from uk..many thanks..I did fi d the pm bit ..ty


Hi I'm Lady Amaya (Amy), I signed up here a few weeks ago. New to the steampunk scene and love the outfits and love sewing. My first project is modifying a on old jacket but I'm itching to try more. Hoping to get a couple of bits done so I can attend some events over the summer. My day job is an analyst which I love but I moved to a new city and don't know many people, so wanting to get into the steampunk scene as part of my new years resolution to meet new people and make friends :)


Hi just signed as a biker I get to see lots of steam punk gear at rallies ,all ways loved Victoriana ,writing an erotic novel based in the 1800;s and having fun ,looking forward to checking out a lit if the items bring made

Hepzibah Dauntless

Greetings and Salutations!
I live on the Cleveland coast, work in an ironstone mine, and help out at a steam railway...I'm already living a steampunk life, I may as well get a kickass outfit out of it!
Being so close to Whitby, I've already noticed quite a few steampunk things happening at WGW, however there doesn't seem to be that much more going on in the north east (please, Please, correct me if I'm wrong, I'd love to know more!) which seems a shame as the Victorians called where I live Ironopolis!
My Steampunk character is Hepzibah Dauntless, I've always loved the name Hepzibah, first discovering it in the novel Carries War, and the Dauntless was a popular ship's name in the 1800s.
I'm looking to organise a Steampunk weekend, ideally in Saltburn-by-sea, as it has a great Victorian seaside town feel to it, and has remained largely the same since its "development" in the1860s, and I'm looking for ideas, so please contact me if there is something you'd like to see organised.

Siliconous Skumins

Welcome Hepzibah Dauntless!  :)

I'm also in the Northeast  (Newcastle area), and we do have quite a few regular steampunk meets and activities in the region, though nothing I'm aware of on the scale of WGW or Lincoln events - which I agree is a shame. The Northeast was an important industrial and scientific powerhouse of the Victorian and Edwardian eras!  :)

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Van Demonian

Greetings from the Antipodes! I'm a PhD candidate of Literature down in my native Australia - the username comes from the old word for the island of Tasmania, Van Diemen's Land. I attended the brilliant Weekend at the Asylum event in Lincoln half a year ago, and some of you may have already seen the post that I wrote up about that and shared on Facebook (

In any case, I came back to Australia, and brought Tea Duelling back with me, which was quite brilliant! And since I've just realized that there's no Wikipedia entry on Tea Duelling, I've started writing one up, but realized that I don't have the background history of the sport. As such, I decided to jump onto this forum, since this is where all things Steampunk have historically been discussed. (If you have the answer to the Tea Duelling question, please go to the new topic that I started on this question rather than answering here!) I enjoy the cultural movement of Steampunk, and I'll be examining it as a chapter of my thesis to, where I explore speculative neo-Victorian fiction. Recommendations for books very welcome! As a researcher I love the challenge of exploring questions and positing answers, and as a blogger I enjoy writing up my findings, so I'm happy to review books or cultural phenomenons connected with Steampunk (such as Tea Duelling!).


Second attempt at writing this up after I accidentally logged out last time. Hello, I'm Hollie, and am far too clumsy for my own good. I live in Edinburgh, a beautiful city where I'm able to fully indulge my passions for photography, architecture, history and theatre. I've only been aware of Steampunk for a few years, but was obliviously Steampunking away for a good couple of decades prior to that through a longstanding fascination with Victoriana, aged and curious objects, time travel and dystopian fiction.

I'm very keen to become more involved in the community, and am particularly hopeful that I'll pick up some tips in costume design, interior design and craft. I lack a degree of practical ability (to my Dads constant disgust) in these areas, so would appreciate any help I can get!

Lovely to meet you all :)

J. Wilhelm

Welcome! Steamylandy, Lady Amaya, Jammster65, Hepzibah Dauntless, Van Demonian, Hollomaphone, to our humble aerodrome.  Please proceed to the foyer, and our monkey butler will guide you to your chambers.

Horatio KuppaT (Capt)

++++captain's log 25/1/15+++++
Ah there you are! This is Captain Horatio KuppaT, commander of the Zeppelin Lady Grey. I along with my crew am based in the splendid free city of Oxford, England - from where we put on twice yearly steampunk events at the gardeners arms and more recently larger venues. The crew and I always perform our traditional air shanties (many of which are suspiciously close to the modern pop classics of today- I blame my earlier time travelling outings on my songs being stolen and made more famous by plagiarising beat combos such as the eurythmics!) in an acapella style as well as hosting great local acts and recently chap hop legend professor elemental. I waste much of my time collecting brass trinkets from charity shops and constructing contraptions to decorate the events. Jolly nice to meet you. Over and out!

Cordelia Cahill

I'm new to Steampunk as an esthetic movement, but have been drawn to it unconsciously all my life. I've often thought I could have been a Victorian soldier in India in a past life, and always longed to be one of the fortunate Victorians who had the means to pursue science in the home and on expeditions. I'm even newer to forums, so I'm always willing to learn more of the etiquette of such communities. (I beg pardon for my ignorance in advance.)
My style has often been what I would call Edwardian to Belle Epoch minimalism, as I tend to eschew the fru-fru and have little patience for things neither functional or comfortable. I've spent plenty of time in a corset owing to years involved in a Ren Faire, (and GLAD of it once for the support having fortunately lessening a back injury.) I have spent time in theater and costuming, back before my professional life.
My day job is a psychiatric nurse practitioner treating veterans with PTSD, thus I get PLENTY of gritty reality day to day, and could use some pleasant escapism. I'm starting a doctoral program in the fall, while continuing to work full time, so I suspect visiting forums such as this will be a rare treat in future. I'll likely lurk more than post, so I hope that is acceptable to everyone. I'm looking forward to learning more about the community and good things people are creating.