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Emporium of Mad Science 2.0

Started by ChainTool, April 14, 2015, 05:49:03 AM

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Greetings everyone,

With the success of last years Emporium of Mad Science, I am back at it again, this time with 110%percent more Science.

This year I am curating a retail exhibition in Melbourne and am looking for artists who would like to participate.  I have worked many times with this venue with great success.  This will be a chance to meet new clients and have your work displayed in a fully staffed venue.

See the below for more information

***The Emporium of Mad Science 2.0***

The Emporium of Mad Science 2.0 takes place at Little Tengu, a creative retail space, opening on Nikola Tesla's Birthday, July 10th through July 26th.
An exclusive assortment of hand selected artisans, tinkerers, and snake oil purveyors will have their wares on display amongst an eclectic assortment of curiosities.

Your participation will include

-Opening Night Gala: Nikola Tesla's Birthday July 10th, allowing you to meet and greet other artists and clients

-A chance to display your work in an exclusive retail space run by friendly and knowledgeable staff

-A packet of printed promotional materials

-Ongoing events/science experiments to attract and engage customers

-Closing Night Auction and BBQ

This shop will be held at Little Tengu, a creative art space, located in Preston on High Street.  We will set up, staff, and run this pop up shop!  All you have to do is Bump In and Bump Out!  

The participation fee is $85 plus 20% commission on items sold.  This will help cover the costs of rental, staff, promotional materials, and the costs of the opening gala and closing night.  

I also have 3 special slots for designed for amateur tinkerers who do not have a wide range of stock.  These slots will allow you to display up to 3 items at a heavily discounted rate.  Perfect for the weekend hobbyist who has made a few inventions but have never had the opportunity to share their creations with the world.

Space is limited and will be filling up quickly,
Please send an expression of interest to

Hope to hear from you
Mad Science at Work