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Shops catalogue for the UK

Started by Ben Hudson, Esq., October 30, 2007, 05:24:39 PM

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that is my business, trade at asylum and whitby..sell repro victorian clothes, also hire stuff and we custom make clothing as well
frockaholic would like to be known as Lady Tilly Laenen in future

Mary-Mary Quite Contrary

For more generic / non specialist high street stores, I'd nominate the likes of :-
Jones the Bootmaker for it's backbone range of of well made classics that last forever. Sometimes leather soles may be found, particularly in the men's section.
And Laura Ashley for a similarly ever present core range of well made retro styled classics in natural fabrics.
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for those in the SOuth West/Bristol
there's a lovely vintage clothing shop in Boyces Arcade called Clifton Vintage Boutique.
It's run by a lovely lady called Cleo and she quite often stocks top hats, boaters, victorian clothings, tailcoats and lots of lovely jewellery.
Cleo is very particular, so all items are very good quality and good condition. Just recently bought a gorgeous pair of pinstripe wool trousers for my other half for £30.

Angelica Needle

Just want to add a heads-up for Corsetry & sewing supplies: bones, tools and the like, as well as fabrics; I'm not making corsetry, but needed a few bits & bobs, and found them on a search. Not sure how prices compare, but it seemed very reasonable to me.

Put in an order Tuesday night, received it today, really good stuff - and everything's tied up with little pink bows too :)
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I'd like to add Revival in Totnes, Devon.
Despite the scary shopfront, the shop is absolutely wonderful - the place is literally stuffed full of clothing from all over the place; I've seen Tudor-esque gowns, biker jackets, Morrocan style waistcoats and all manner of Victorian clothing, including a room full of old wedding dresses. And to top it all off, there's a good array of hats, shoes, bags, scarves and ties there too.
Unfortunatly, much of the clothing is somewhat worn and damaged (I understand the majority comes from attics) but this does mean that it's incredibly cheap - I just bought a great frock coat in mostly good condition for £45 and a couple of waistcoats for a tenner each.

While in Totnes, you should also check out the market there; amongst all the other (mostly fabulous) stuff, it's possible to find a period peice or two.


Thanks, am on as Florence Bailey Costume..we are now by the way
We also sell repro victorian menswear and custom make as well as hire
If you can alter entry would be very grateful. Will be at Erddig Victorian Weekend 13/14 August
frockaholic would like to be known as Lady Tilly Laenen in future



Down Castle Arcade is a button/bead shop whch sells all the bone buttons.

High Street Arcade is the beading shop which sells all sorts of equpemtn to make neclkaces.

Also on High Street Arcade is Buzz & Co, a shoe store specalisng in Dr Martins, Fly & Rockabilly type shoes.

Theres the Retro shop inebween the joke shop and Eccentrix, A alladins cave of walking sticks, clothing, its a bit of a jumble sale inside you have to search for stuff but theres some real bargainst to be found. And theres Eccentrix the stockist of New Rocks, Cowboy Boots, Stripper platforms and others styles such as lace up Booties.

And Morgan Arcade has Jon Ian. For those of a desiger nature, theres a lot of stuff would suit steapunks inuding rhinestone cowboy boots to Platform lace ups for ladies and a great selection of lace up pointed toed brogues in shoes and boots for men (its fab stuff but it is designer priced)

Rossiters in the Royal Arcade sells vintage cookware and garden equipment in the back and in the front is a real pick and mix, stuff like Berts Bees soaps/skincreams. To stick on bling and antique style comb/haribrush/mirror combos, and vintage purses. Plus its opposite Wallys delicatessen which is always worth a browse if your a foodie. (or a fatty like me)

A few words on Cardiff Arcades themselves, they are Victorian/Edwardian shopping arcades, Its worth looking up at the celings and upper levels to see how  old they are, Large chain stores have to fufill so many planning consents thet they genraly don't set up shop in the arcades so the arcades have lots of small independent stores, loads of small cafes, inc a french themed Mamoisele Fromamge, the vegitarian Crumbs and many others. Down from Rebel Rebel is the Tobbaconists for the smokers amongs us vntage/retro lighters. The Arcades are genraly quieter than the main shopping street in the 'Diff. (But you have the usuall parking problems associated with the 'Diff)

Every Sat and Sun morning Bessemer Road and Splott have markets with big car boot sales.


In relation to Army Surplus i can name but one store which i have used many a time....
They also happen to have an online store i believe, or that may just be for browsing.

Technically it didn't blow up...


Anchor surplus do not have an online shop as such but they do have an online presence. You can browse then order by mail, email or phone. A lot of their stock never appears on the website and what is there is likely to be sold out.

They are a great company and I have had masses of bargains from them in the past twenty years.  Over the last four or five though their stock diversity has been reduced and they are starting to stock more made in the far east type stuff and less genuine surplus. (They still have lots of surplus I hasten to add.)

Oh they offer discount to servicemen and women so don't be shy at flashing an ID card.


If you are in Nottingham or Ripley I strongly recommend you drop in for a poke around.
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Very sad to report that Glasgow's best surplus shop, Clearwaters, has shut up shop at its Argyle street premises and now only trades online, although their website doesnt say so yet:  They are very helpful and we have bought loads of stuff from them over the past 20 years.

The other place, which may well be the best surplus shop in the whole of Scotland is in Lanark, about 2 mins walk from the railstation: Their website is pretty vile and the online catalogue in no way does them justice to the massive amount of stuff they have crammed into their shop. You really need to go in person or probably to phone them up and tell them what you need.

While you are there, you have the opportunity to take the walk or bus down the hill to the old textile mills of New Lanark.
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Hi, I run an online business selling Carbon filament light bulbs, they're notoriously hard to find in the UK for some reason, but the wattage for ours are 240, so cater specifically for the UK market. Hope this is off interest to people.

Mr Addams

Quote from: mimime on July 20, 2011, 09:11:27 AM
Hi, I run an online business selling Carbon filament light bulbs, they're notoriously hard to find in the UK for some reason, but the wattage for ours are 240, so cater specifically for the UK market. Hope this is off interest to people.

I hope that you mean the voltage, a 240 watt bulb would be very bright.

Daniel M

you can check this blog too about fashion catalogues:


I've just started advertising some steampunk items online at, I'd value people's opinions - only a few items up at the moment but lots more to come - including some larger items, clothing and such...I'm probably going to sell through etsy as eBay users seem to have a rather avant garde view of Steampunk - it ranges from actual SP to clearly not at all in any way SP  ::)


I just added a few extra items on the site - some SP, some not

Ms Fisher

impossible gears-just to check you have put steampunk into etsy right? I think its somewhat ...ummm... encompassing with the genre to
Its nice looking stuff-I particularly like the t-shirts.


I've put a couple of items on etsy, but you're right about it being very general - if anyone wants to buy direct from me they're very welcome to, I'd knock 10% off listed prices for Brass Goggles people on account of people being generally lovely, just use the contact us form and quote "I'm generally lovely"

for things without a listed price, make an offer


and thank you very much for your kind words, it's always nice to hear positive feedback  :D


I've decided to sell directly from my own website now that I've figured out how to work the thing properly  :)


Hello! I am in the UK and I make steampunky clothing.

I do some custom clothing from scratch, specialising in historical nightgowns. But most of my work is 'upcycled' clothing that's been saved from charity shops or landfill and been given some funky new steampunky embroidery.

Early hot air balloons abound, as well as plenty of other goodies :)

Upcycled and Embroidered Steampunk Clothing




Hi, am from Victoriancostume..what was Florence Bailey Costumes. any chance of changing our listing to read  which is the website address   many thanks(we are in red on the list)
frockaholic would like to be known as Lady Tilly Laenen in future



Have finally managed to set up the online shop, as opposed to just chancing to findign me and the stall at the Lincoln Asylum, WGW, or MCM Expo or wherever:

The Online Shop of Dr Geof
A place for obtaining posters, embroidered badges, comics and other things by Geof


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