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Question for watch experts.

Started by watchwonderman, August 06, 2015, 04:25:14 AM

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So I got this old watch after my grandfather passed away, sadly. However I know nothing of it and can't find anything like it when I search it up, my grandma said that he got it when he went to Turkey to get his citizenship. (He was Turkish) Its says Arlon above the center (the company I assume), its a rectangle shape, minute and hour hands, at the bottom instead of a six there is a smaller rectangle with a box counting the seconds, it says Swiss Made, which is obvious what that means, the back says "fond acier inoxydable" and inside a tombstone shape says "GK". It still winds up and works well, I've only had it for a about a day though. I don't know how to get the back off and don't want to mess anything up trying to do so. Any information would be cool to know, thanks guys!

Drew P

A major help would be to post a photo of said piece.
Search on here on how to post a pic.
I await photos.  ;D
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Prof Marvel

Ah My Dear Wonder
"fond acier inoxydable" is  French meaning "stainless steel back."

I can find no information on The Arlon Watch Company but there are any number of Arlon Pocket watches out there. Arlon appears to be a swiss watch company that went out of business around 1960. At one time, Squale supplied cases to them as well as dozens of other companies:

Squale Watches
Squale is a small familiar Italian company located in Milan that has been producing watch parts for watch companies since 1946.
In 1967 this small factory is associated with The Neuchâtel Von Büren SA. From 1967 to 1974 Squale dedicated themselves to the supply of cases and watch components together with C. Von Buren to numerus independent Swiss brands.

Judging from the large number of search hits in Turkish, plus the fact that your gran'ther is said to have obtaine it in Turkey, leads us to believe that Arlon may have been specific to that market.

does it look anything like this?

prof marvel
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That is almost exactly what it looks like, I can't find how to upload photos though to show you exactly. To try and explain it from that look, the sides aren't curved, they are flat, it is in a lot better condition. There is also not a black outline over the numbers either, the hands are also a lot narrower, the only actual numbers on mine are 12, 2, 4, 8 , and 10, the rest are lines coming from the corners and the second counter is where the six would be. All of the inside is white with a black outline (marking each individual minute), the gold numbers, and a smaller rectangle inside the numbers (the whole shape of the watch) including "Arlon", the hands center, and the top half of the second counter.

The info you already gave me is awesome, and anymore would be really cool too. Thank you so much.

von Corax

Quote from: watchwonderman on August 09, 2015, 06:50:02 AM
I can't find how to upload photos though to show you exactly.

Here's a link to the FAQ on posting images. If you need additional help, please don't hesitate to ask.
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Prof Marvel

further poking about
        ( one should not confuse internet browsing with actual "research" -
          if someone ever claims "I've done my research", I reply
          yes and you probably say "I've done the math" when you really mean " ooh I can do arithmetic with a calculator" )
reveals that almost every example of an Arlos watch for sale is from ca 1950-1965 and is being offered from Turkey

Here is an example that might be more like your grandfather's watch :

with a bit more poking we find a number of large round-face examples for sale, and one site actually provides:
Manufacturer    Arlon, Pierre Saatman / Arlon Watch, Pully and Lausanne, Switzerland
Production year    40s / 50s

And from the mikrolisk horological trademark index we find
Arlon      Pierre Saatman / Arlon Watch    Pully und Lausanne, Schweiz; registriert am 4.6.1952

The Arlon, while it is a swiss-made watch and can keep good time, is considered a "lesser grade" when compared to the top-end makers.

hope this helps
prof marvel
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Prof Marvel I can't thank you enough for finding all this out about my grandfathers watch. The link you posted is very very similar to mine. If you can find out the time that one was made that would be awesome. I'm really surprised that it still works really well, considering you mentioned these are the lower grade ones. Once again, thank you so very much.

Prof Marvel

Well, "lower grade" is subjective - they are well-made with 16-25 jewels and less expensive swiss watches are perhaps on par with current wind-up Seiko's in my opinion. 

prof marvel
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Were swiss watches made with at least 16 jewels? And any idea on the year of mine or the one you posted?