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Are there any new events coming up in Europe?

Started by GCCC, September 18, 2015, 03:32:07 AM

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What about local meet-ups?

I haven't seen anything new posted here in a while.

If an event has a website, please share it.


Archeon's Midwinter fair!
Wait let me get the site.
Also Elf Fantasy Fair/ EFF/ elfia...tomorrow.
As for local meetups...I wish I knew
Passion is like a Peatfire


Passion is like a Peatfire


Thanks; I'm trying to "spread the love" and let some other people know about these things.


Quote from: Caledonian on September 18, 2015, 06:39:28 AM
midwinter fair:

and for local events perhaps keep an eye on here:

I don't speak the language, but both the Midwinter Fair and Elfia look to be fantasy festivals, with no discernible Steampunk track. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

That FB page requires me to log in, which I'm not ready to do just yet, so I'll check that one out later.

Again, thanks for the information!


They are high fantasy events but on elfia there is usually a scifi deck (the hollodeck) on which steam and diesel punk are greatly represented. (For example: abney park last year)

On midwinter fair the steampunk objective had concored a roman temple

The only real steampunk only event in the Netherlands I know off is Sancta Machina, which doesn't have a site.

And there seems to be a dutch European steampunk convention, of which i can find no information whatsoever, spare for the name.
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I found something!

Emporium Vernesque

28 November In Haarlem
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In Gothenburg we're planning our first steampunk convention this autumn.:)

It'll be the 4-6th of November and guest artist is Professor Elemental. The convention is set in the centre of Gothenburg in a school building from 1866, there'll be a ball in another prestigous building and a lot of fun in between.

facebook event:

webpage (in swedish)

Any questions can be sent to, just write "convention" as a headline.



victorian walk brocante steampunk meetup is on loevestein soon....if only I knew the date...
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Prof. Cecily

Good morning,ladies and gentlemen.
The month of June sees the continuation of the Primeras Jornadas de Vestuario Retrofuturista,which is a series of conferences and hands on workshops related to Steampunk apparel. We had two workshops in May dedicated to corsets and now in June, a conference about male Victorian clothing,another on female Victorian clothing,a workshop on basic sewing, using the making of lace flowers and sewing medals to inspire people to get started sewing.Then we'll finish up this cycle with an all day workshop with making atrezzo.

It's the first time such an ambitious project has been attempted in Spain and I'm quite pleased with the success we've had so far.

I remain yours,
Prof. Cecily