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How to make a (very) low budget mechanical arm (photo)

Started by ewoudo, October 02, 2015, 01:53:08 PM

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First of all i am a complete noob regarding building things..
(my next project will be foam )

i made an mechanical arm from cardboard,duktape some paint and an old sword from my kids
I first made cardboard arm from instructions from this video:
i was pleased by the results looking like :

so i made another one now with ductape because i had to wear it outside and was afraid of rain .. :

Painted it a little bit with a sponge for metallic rust look, added some deatails and it turned out like :

i guess u can change the cardboard for other materials to make a stronger product

Knight Walker

You're not the only noob. I may barrow this idea.   ;D
A well place stick of dynamite solves all problems.