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Muzeion, house of the muses - an art lovers home

Started by Caledonian, February 09, 2016, 08:16:00 AM

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Synistor 303

Quote from: morozow on June 21, 2019, 02:34:27 PM
I'll work as a necromancer.

Stanislav Plutenko. "Waiting airship." 2010-ies.

That is shades of 'Christina's World' by Andrew Wyeth. I like it!


two art related things i've had mulling over in my head and never thought to post about here until now:

could we start a new art movement today? Intentionally, or is that something that happens by chance around a nucleation point? Say for example that we started a movement called Curio X. Everybody in a core group agrees to sign all works with an artistically rendered X (each member could make their X distinctive if they wanted). They can dabble in various media, and styles. But there is no branding, nobody has to Niche down or stick to a certain type there's no 'the art that is priced at a certain value because of the artists life story... Could we see something like this succeed as a counter to the Artist as Brand model of art, and the Name and biography being what makes a work valuble?

And item 2: It was stated that food is an important use of energy and resources. shelter too. medicine changes lives and saves them. "Art is not a requirement to live, and when the economy is tight it makes sense that buying and commissioning art slows or even stops, because it's not a need. what value proposition does art have?"

And I feel this is wrong, but I can't figure out how to respond to that.
When an explosion explodes hard enough, the dust wakes up and thinks about itself.


I had somebody ask me to create art for a holiday card for their company. when asked what kind of art do I do, I listed a long list of art form I've worked in. they asked for 3 examples of my photography, and 3 examples of my painting. that kind of brought me up short, because I'd mentioned my abstract photo series project a while back in passing. I'm not a photograper... or am I? I've got dozens of landscape photos I took when traveling across the country, many amazing sunsets from various points around the country. Some shots of graffiti all over the US. a collection of abstract photographs, and plenty of new england fall foliage and snowy landscape shots. I've only a few still life's I took as painting references. but I dabbled in food photos a bit and took a class online for creative food photography... and I've some ideas about creative photo projects to try... well crap, I think I'm also a photography artist too lol.

then I started to panic as I realized none of my clockwork mechanical frogs with wings flying into space, or my cyberpunk mandalas, or my fantasy cartography, or abstracts ... etc. are exactly holiday card material.

So I broke out the tubes of watercolor and painted a snow covered evergreen tree, an icy backgrounded neurographic abstract, and a snowy night landscape with full moon.

they liked the sunset in the west texas dessert photo first before I even got the paintings photo copied and sent to them. then they voted for the snowscape painting when they saw that.

maybe I should be doing more of this stuff. lol
When an explosion explodes hard enough, the dust wakes up and thinks about itself.