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Nixie tube longevity?

Started by SeVeNeVeS, February 21, 2016, 09:16:14 AM

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Does anyone know how long a Nixie clock tube will actually last before burnout? (Roughly)

Thanks in advance for any opinions, searches say anything from 10-20 years and much less.

I appear to have purchased a basic clock (Don't ask  ::)), just wondering how long it will work.

IN-14 tubes were used if that helps.


Nixie tubes dying is a when, not an if. You should think about getting replacement tubes, just in case.

Here's a set of replacement tubes from Ukraine. There are other, more expensive vendors, always selling a set of six.


You tend to get just one digit burned out first, so if the five burns out, you know that it's five o'clock when the tube goes blank.


Hmmm... Just as I thought.

Cheers for the replies guys, will have to wait and see I suppose.

May buy a few tubes for the day and then try and find someone to replace them...........

Only time will tell  ::)