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Build Your Own Vacuum Tubes

Started by George Schmermund, April 30, 2016, 06:46:40 PM

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George Schmermund

     If anyone here is interested in delving into the hobby of building their own triode vacuum tubes, there's a new forum dedicated to DIY tubes. It's just getting started, but will hopefully become a good source of information for tip and techniques. Here's the link:


Funny; I went through a childhood phase were I read every electrical experiment book that I could find, but I never felt any desire to make vacuum tubes.

Drew P

Making tube amps? Yes!(audiophile not guitar)
Making the actual tubes? Not so much. Others have been before this and have proved their worth so I'll have theirs, thank you.
Never ask 'Why?'
Always ask 'Why not!?'


George, have you seen the old guy to wears dresses on youtube?  I can't remember the username but it's something to do with tubes , glass blowing e.t.c.  He /she seems pretty expert and has lots of relevant kit.  Don't know if there's a website but it might be worth pursuing...