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First attempt at Steampunk gun

Started by Professor Cobb, June 07, 2016, 01:24:02 PM

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Professor Cobb

Hello all,
I've only just joined this great forum and wanted to share some of my items with you, see what you think.
This is my first attempt at building what I consider to be a Steampunk weapon. In fact it's my first Steampunk anything.
I love making things, always have done, and when I came across the Steampunk genre, which I love, I put the two together.
I've recently adapted a Nerf gun, but "The Defender." is built from scratch. I'm sure many of you will spot various plumbing parts, or the brass cream jug. One of four, for £2.99 (Good old charity shops, love 'em.)
I have no construction photos for the gun but I have just started making a rifle (Shaping and sanding down the butt at the moment.) I shall try and post some progress pics if anyone's interested.

More pics of gun here.


This looks amazing! I can't wait to see your progress pics for the rifle, I'd love to see your process for achieving this look :D

Kensington Locke

that is a really nice job.  Surely this is not your first attempt at making stuff that looks nice.

Kevin C Cooper Esq


Very nice work.  Please don't waste your time with nerf guns.  Stick to builds like this.  Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Whistling Bear

I love it! The details are immense, very well done you very skilled man you.

Professor Cobb

Thankyou all for taking the time to reply, very much appreciated.
Maets, the only reason I've Steampunked Nerf guns is they seem to sell easier? Although on saying that, I haven't sold one yet. Oh, the irony.
Dont like doing them anyway, still ends up looking like a Nerf gun, with bits on.
Kensington Locke, I said to myself one day, right I'm going to build my first Steampunk item. Thought of how I would like it to look and "The Defender" was born. I see these things complete in my head first and most of the time the end result is the same. But dont be fooled into thinking this is always how my bits and pieces turn out. I wish.


Fantastic result. I love the mix of plausible engineering and fantasy. 
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Professor Cobb

Thankyou Spacebovine, thats something I like to do when I'm making some of my Steampunk stuff. It should look like it could work.


Sweet work although I find the cog and gear placement a bit "busy".
Let us know if you have any luck selling it.
Thanks for sharing.

Professor Cobb

Thankyou for taking the time to comment. Actually now that you mention about the gears they do look "busy", but I think it may also be the photo which doesn't show it properly.
There is a winding key and chain hanging on a hook at the front. (a genuine Victorian stationery cupboard hook, from oak units thrown out of Auckland castle, former home of the Bishop of Durham. The things one acquires. The supports at the front of the gun are from brass frames used for dropping a card into on the drawer front. A-E etc.)
But, that is a good point about being careful not to over do it. Maybe I was thinking of the splendour of Victorian over engineering, at the time.


"Proper job", Professor! Lots of  'shiny'!


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Herbert West

I'd say if you stick with it, you have a bright future in weapons crafting sir.
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Thomas MSwift

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