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How do you make Imitation Blown Glass?

Started by RJBowman, October 13, 2016, 04:05:37 AM

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I want to make a replica of this:

I want it to be made of tinted transparent material. I am not a master glassblower, but I am moderately skilled with resins and molds.

Any suggestions of how to do this?


I'm not a resin and mold expert, but bear with me.

I think you have to go for the technique they use in making easter eggs.
A mold with a little bit resin inside, rotated around the inside of the mold while hardening.
If all goes well, the inside would be smooth enough to be transparent.
You probably have to sand and buff the outside to a smooth finish.

If you can, a transparent mold would be ideal, so you can see what the resin is doing. Perhaps a soda bottle or parts of soda bottles?
I think Fanta has that spherical shape.
The vertical and diagonal parts would have to be made from a seperate mold.
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Siliconous Skumins

The closest thing I can think of is something like this:

Search for "Oil & Vinegar Cruet" and you will find a number of interesting shapes that may be of some use. Some of these can make interesting "scientific glassware" for displays and props etc. I have a couple myself...  ;)

You could use them 'as is' or possibly modify them slightly (Dremel tool and diamond cutting bits etc), or they are cheap enough to use as a sacrificial object to create a resin mold from...

Another thought: Some bottles of Grappa and similar spirits are available in round bottom long necked bottles - usually the cheaper ones too!

Finally, if you can't find the above, and you just want a smooth round object to make a mold from, you can find cheap scientific glassware, search for "Florence flasks" (also sometimes called "round bottom boiling flasks") on eBay and other auction sites, these are available in large sizes, though the bigger they are the more they cost. Use a two-part silicone mold to make the master.
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This won't work if you are looking for something long term, but you could probably make something serviceable for short term this way.

Peter Brassbeard