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What's Your 1890's Steampunk First Name?

Started by Nephele, November 13, 2016, 05:29:52 PM

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Prof Marvel

Quote from: Will Howard on February 23, 2017, 09:32:57 PM
Emil?  Emil!  EMIL!!!


Emil Und Die Detektive!

My name would be Elmer.
I think not.
I prefer Horatio
or Alfonse
or Artemis

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von Corax

Darwin => Quinn (2020) or Judson (1890)
D— (IRL) => Charlie (2020) or Anton (1890)

Oddly enough, the name Judson appears in my IRL family tree from around the mid 1800s.
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By the power of caffeine do I set my mind in motion
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I am, apparently, George a name that apppears quite regularly in my family tree, probably unsurprisingly.
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