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Mark 4 aether oscillator ray gun build.

Started by Stella Gaslight, February 05, 2017, 05:58:12 AM

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Stella Gaslight

I had meant to test an idea on putting glitter and mineral oil in a tube and it kind of got out of hand and then I had a new ray gun.
This is a translucent large flake Mylar glitter with some smaller bits suspended in mineral oil.  The ends of the tubes are sealed with a slice off a hot glue stick that is heated up until it melts a bit. So far there are no leaks and they are very pretty.

Then i took an old plastic pirate gun and took the non functioning eletronics out and replaced them with a simple battery powered led light strand.  It took a little bit of cutting down the battery box and rewiring the switch but it turned out well.  The switch is hidden behind the hammer and you can barely see it. The tubes just press fit in the end and so does the metal ribbon ring I painted to match the rest of the gun. Not a bad little weekend build.
Light off

And light on

And a fun one of it in use.
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J. Wilhelm

The Mylar gives a pretty special effect. Almost looks like Mother of Pearl cartridges...


That works so well - what a great idea! It lights up beautifully; thank you for sharing the technique.


walking stick

Stella Gaslight

Thanks for the complements.  The mylar glitter is more messy than I thought but as long as you put it in slowly and fill the vials in stages you get really neat results.  I have another gun body like this one I made into a ray gun years ago and it now looking worse for wear.  I may upgrade it too if I have the time.
I have a picture blog thinger now

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Steam Titan

very cool looking. Left trying to think if there is another way to seal the tube and yet light through still. Just as a precaution in case leaks did form though seems a heated glue stick piece should not. Perhaps just some two part plumbers epoxy around the edge where the glue ends.

Stella Gaslight

I may try epoxy next time if I can be sure it won't warp the plastic of the tubes.

This is my poor worn first ray gun. The paint is mangled and the once clear cast has gone yellow but I can fix it.

All we need are the right tools.

First it got a full repaint with sealer to help it last.  Then I replaced the missing hammer with a gem and added a crystal to the back port to fill the hole an old light rig had left.

And of course I added a new light rig

And now I have a perfect pair
I have a picture blog thinger now

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Prof Marvel

OOOOOooohhhh pretty shiny!

could we impose upon you for some photos in a darkened room?

prof (admiring) marvel
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Stella Gaslight

I have a picture blog thinger now

Look for me on Etsy

Ephriam Lunchwaiste

Lovely- I appreciate how colorful your design is!

Cora Courcelle

I have literally just found this thread - and they are gorgeous!
You have to tread a fine line between avant-garde surrealism and getting yourself sectioned...

Synistor 303

Stunning, elegant and very graceful - perfectly Steampunk.