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La Terrifiante

Started by urgolem, July 30, 2017, 03:55:40 PM

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Bosnell P. Howard Tunningston's "La Terrifiante", the final model (1882) of the Ultimaton-Concludator series.

Link image 1 XL
Link image 2 XL

Batteries not included - and not intended -, no lights, no rules, great chopper.
Very rare, probably the last surviving item.
Length : 85 cm - 33.5".

Link image 3 XL
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Imposed exercice : a variation on the theme of a steampunked Nerf-like gun.
Plastic, metal, wood, glass, leather.
Joining technique : two-part epoxy adhesive, mostly with various added built-in metal dowels (often simple screws) glued in smooth holes, in order to make the assembly stronger.

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Beautiful, just beautiful!  ;D
Someone stuck that in my face I wouldn't know whether to be terrified or full of admiration for the beauty!


Thus, beautifully terrified ?
I find my Colt Army 1860 the most aesthetic revolver ever made (that's why I have bought it), but stuck in my face, no doubt I would definitely prefer to be fairly terrified.  ;D

Synistor 303


Well! Even sighting device installed.
Sorry for the errors, rudeness and stupidity. It's not me, this online translator. Really convenient?



Quote from: morozow on July 31, 2017, 10:51:42 AM
Well! Even sighting device installed.

And the sight is more or less the only component that fits roughly to its initial function... (even if it has been added purely as a kind of steampunk attribute).
No gears, no rivets (I have no patience for it), so a bit of optics.  :)


I wear goggles so you can't see when I'm staring at you.


Please see also -->
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Oh that's one great project
Passion is like a Peatfire

Captain Trellis

Well ......Gosh and Crikey !

A truly stunning piece of work.
Measures a solid 11 on my Awesome-ometer.


I feel deeply and infinitely honored by the recognition from the steampunk community peers. May they have the same pleasure I had imagining, dreaming and creating the device.

From my small private gun store :

Link image XL


I have finally found on the web some images of the original toy gun (as I took no photo of mine, bought at a flea market - shame on me) : Larami Super Soaker CPS 3000, made in 1997 (not that easy to find, it's already a "vintage" one) :


Gentlemen's space outfit (with the benevolent consent of Bosnell P. Howard Tunningston) :



It's quite impossible to be genuine. The steampunk world is definitely small. I have never seen this astonishing Tesla rifle before, for the first time ever a couple days ago : >> video <<.

The similarity of some design details is intriguing. And it had been created before the mine.


Ephriam Lunchwaiste

sir, I find your work stunning! Tremendous attention to detail!

Prof Marvel

I cannot imagine how I missed this stunning and eclectic build!

your work is eye-candy, and you should consider opening a branch of the Weapons Shops of Isher.

prof marvel
MIGRATION to Spare Goggles under way


Excellent idea about the shop !
The next highly wacky pulsed steam powered long range neutraliser is comming soon...