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Aether Crossbow for my wife

Started by setzer808, August 31, 2017, 04:21:45 PM

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So as DragonCon approaches (tomorrow for us actually) I've been rushing to finish a hat for my on that coming soon.  In the meantime as I've been waiting for things to set/dry etc with the hat I've been spending those moments working on a smaller weapon for her these past few nights.  There are a few things I would normally prefer to refine, but I think for the short time I invested I'm very happy with the results.

For those that are interested this began as a Nerf Rebelle Star Shot

The added hardware on the top consists of a green plastic test tube that was full of bubbles that I cut and attached to an LED reading light.  The flared muzzle is a chopped down soda can adapter that lets you have a screw on lid for you can.  Inside of that muzzle is the tip off a small LED keychain light that has a nice helix shape.  Unfortunately I couldn't fit the LED unit inside with the time I had so the tip won't be illuminated on this unti like it is on our rifles....maybe next year.

Anyway, I just thought I would share this little quickie.  Please feel free to comment or ask any questions.



Cora Courcelle

Nice, very nice - and reminds me that somewhere I have a nerf crossbow that I want to adapt, although I think it's a different model (so long since I've seen it ....)
You have to tread a fine line between avant-garde surrealism and getting yourself sectioned...


That is a lovely, neat and tidy build, and of a size that could fit into a (reasonably sized) handbag too. Thank you for sharing - and I'm looking forwards to seeing the hat too.


Steam Titan

I really feel the Rebelle line is far better than their normal lines for steampunk builds. More elegant and such