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My first steampunk build: Tesla Rifle

Started by Anselmofanzero, June 08, 2018, 09:20:02 PM

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Ahoihoi lords n ladies.
Made this years ago for QMx. First Steampunk build ever. Pure brass (maybe a bit too much), copper and glass.
Real arcs strike in the barrel. Trigger on the side-grip. Took me forever, I think all I had was a dremel tool and a small drill press.
No lathe or mill.

Hurricane Annie


Is there ever too much brass?
Impressive build, indeed!


Thanks guys.
Usually I mix it up with a bit of color to make it look more interesting. Nothing really catches your eye when everything
is golden...if you know what I mean :>


Which exoplanet do you come from ? Looks deliciously extraterrestrial.


Right now I wish it was another planet, but thanks :p

Ephriam Lunchwaiste

Truly spectacular work, my good fellow! The dashes of color really make it stand out. I'd love to see a video of the electronics at work


Ephriam Lunchwaiste

I'm in awe! Your lighting work is masterful- it looks completely authentic!


Its not really lighting, its lightNING. Real high voltage arcs. And the tank on the side is a dye solution which glows when
you use UV light. Cant believe the tank made it in one piece :p shipped it across an ocean!


Very nice. How heavy is it? A two-hand hold?
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Yep. There is a side grip on the side. Check out the video.