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Dutch European Steampunk Convention

Started by Mandorian Rafael Davidson, September 13, 2018, 06:14:28 PM

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Mandorian Rafael Davidson

The International Steampunk Objective presents in 2019 in cooperation with Middeleeuws Winschoten the 7e edition of the

Dutch European Steampunk Convention

Augustus 23, 24 en  25 2019 Middeleeuws Winschoten Bovenburen 104A 9675AB Winschoten, NL

It started with just an idea to gather steampunks from allover Europe, and when the host started talking about it, an event organiser of a small event asked him to do this "convention" at his event so he could have "his" convention, and HE would have a large steampunk gathering at his event

An Convention for many groups from difrent country's. Beside the medieval event ( Middeleeuws Winschoten ) , there is a professional musical stage, foods and drinks vendors, a market with different vendors, different entertainers , etc.....

IT started with 40 steampunk (40-ish) and about 500 extra visitors for the event. This year (2018) the convention will have 200 participants from 11 different countries and last year the main event had 4k extra visitors. The event keeps growing every year.
Meet and greets with world renowned guests (2017 they had a few special guests like Dave and Jessica Lee, Thomas Dean Willeford).

Readings by authors, different workshops, the European Maker Challenge (the host also created this challenge that started as a thought after a few online challenges and decided to make it a visual and live thing at the convention, this Maker Challenge will have an American version soon also after an organiser asked the host if they could "borrow" the name and idea for their own event).

The first champion (winner) of the Challenge from 2017 will be the main judge (Andy Fraser) for the next edition. For the 2018 challenge you can also find a video on their channel.

This convention is hosted by The International Steampunk Objective, a big happening in the Netherlands! Most of the steampunks in the Netherlands are looking forward to this convention for every single year.
More info to find on and a video of this years (2018 ) adventure ( like and subscribe to stay up to date )

Follow The International Steampunk Objective for much more activity in the Netherlands!
Royal Guard of The International Steampunk Objective!


I've wanted to go for a while but windschoten /really/ isnt an ideal location. For Me, a brabander with no drivers's a solid 7 hour travel.
For context, if i Went to the steampunk asylum, which in previous years was on the same dates, I would have similar travel times
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