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Nixie clock

Started by Trivio, November 19, 2018, 12:17:30 PM

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Do you have a digital clock or you use a smartphone for checking the time? But what about the unique way to remind the time using this nixie tube clock? Believe us, you will feel much more better! Having a lot in common with neon lamps this technology is still quite different providing that special charm of the Soviet Union when it was invented. In this very clock with a walnut wood enclosure the New Old Stock Nixie tubes are used by Millclock. The assembling is carried out in Ukraine with quality guarantee.

The clock is stylish and can be placed on a working table or on any place you choose. The case covers almost all the tubes making this model less fragile. As usual with the Millclock clocks, you are free to switch off the backlight, though it looks very good in combination with the orange numbers. You can see day and month here and adjust the date or time without much effort. In order to be able to plug this clock in any socket, the adapter is suggested for EU socket. If the power is interrupted, the clock will continue indicating the time for a while.

Key moments
The clock includes:
• four IN-12 nixie tubes with orange digits insides;
• a separator bulb allowing you to separate the hours from minutes;
• two settings buttons located on the top panel of the wooden enclosure;
• a power cable, which is inserted into the construction at the back panel.

This is the best solution if you want to add some interesting detail to your interior. It matches various styles - formal and informal, and will operate for a long time.