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2018 Time Travellers' Picnic, Adelaide SA

Started by Melrose, December 13, 2018, 04:05:58 AM

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Video of last weekend's picnic, Adelaide, South Australia. Nice work by Karen J Carlisle. I'm the old guy in the pith helmet, referencing Ray Bradbury's "Sound of Thunder". We were also blessed by the presence of Dr. Who, and Carmen Santiago.


Looks like you ended up having a good time.  That's what it is all about!


It does look like everyone had a good time despite the rain and the slightly itinerant nature of the event, and your explorer/adventurer outfit was decidedly smart  :). Funnily enough, this year for many of our group's outings we seemed to be running into weddings. I always feel a bit sorry for them; there is the wedding party, everyone having made their best effort to look special for the day, and then a bunch of Steampunks turn up in all their finery...



I had similar thoughts, Miranda. But more along the lines of how humid (dare I say steamy?) it was to be wearing a lot of clobber, whether steamp8unk or wedding gear. Two of the ceremonies were in the open as well. I guess it makes stories to tell the kids. Along with the stories they might have about people dressed in freaky costumes!

Hurricane Annie

  A fabulous time had by all. That was a wonderful video.   The Adelaide Botanical Gardens look so inviting