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heraldic art sales

Started by Caledonian, December 23, 2018, 09:07:32 PM

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Hi! I'm selling some commissions for emblazons of existing coats of arms or the designing of new personal arms or whatever.

i hope this is visible here too

NOW the "get caledonian to scotland" sales are starting so 20% off everything!
funds to get me to move to scotland!

First and foremost, here are my commission and trade terms and conditions, serving to protect you, as my custommer (and also me a little)
-all charges made for  commissions remain yours. They will be newly drawn, and will not be used again unless agreed upon otherwise
-standard product will be in png. Other options available, ask for the possibilities
-you can get my working file after the commission is done. It will be a firealpaca file.
-commissions can take a long time. Its a lot of work and i have more to do in life, but feel free to poke me for updates
-i generally will send You updates every so often. If there is mistakes in those tell me THEN because it will be easier to fix then than later.
-only pay me when you got your final product
-PayPal only

-charges made for trades are origional and freshly drawn but will saved to be reused in other projects
-editing art disallowed
- full achievements not available through trade

Here is a link to my gallery on dA, i usually post most of my work there

Items i have for sale:
-standard "nessie style" emblazonments. Can work from a reference image or a blazon. We can discuss what will or wont be included.
-saxon emblazons, same as nessie style...but a different style
-shieldholders (an animal holding a shield. Greyscale or fullcolour)
-tiny knights (but you have to deliver some cute arms for me tk use first)
-character drawings. Ask for possibilities.

Using supporters: €50
No supporters:€35
Using supporters: €55
No supporters: €37
Full colour: €40
Greyscale: €30

shield only
Regular: €15
Saxon: €12
single charge
Full colour: €10
Lineart: €8
Saxon full colour:€8
Saxon lineart: €5

tiny knight(you provide the shield): €7
send me my sketches service: €5
Furry icon based on your arms: €15

But feel free to make me an offer if you wish for something else than listed here
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