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Elfia Haarzuilens 2019 the Netherlands

Started by Mandorian Rafael Davidson, April 25, 2019, 01:41:07 PM

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Mandorian Rafael Davidson

This year we have again travelled together with " The International Steampunk Objective " to the Kingdom of ELFIA.

Elfia is a BIG Fantasy event in The Netherlands ( if it's not the biggest in the world ) where all difrent types and themes of fantasy can be found. A event for every age. Ones known as Elf Fantasy Fair. Every year this event is organized 2 times, 1 time in Haarzuilens around April and 1 time in Arcen around September.

" The International Steampunk Objective "  is a Dutch steampunk group that sets up there encampment on many events in The Netherlands, i can proudly say i am one of the members. The Mission of this group is to objectivate the whole world, unite all steampunkers and bring steampunk to the mainstream!

There for the group made a video this year to give you an impression of this event and how steampunks in the Netherlands enjoy there time in the Kingdom of Elfia.

Don't forget to Like and Subscribe on there youtube channel to find out more about many adventures in the steampunk Community

Enjoy! cheers!
Royal Guard of The International Steampunk Objective!